Narrow-minded Extras

Released in August of 2009, there were a couple of reasons I decided to put together this collection of video outtakes and extra bits, from previous productions.

First, when I started up my Clips4Sale store, the website suggested that a clip be added every thirty days. At the time, I wasn’t sure how strict they were about this policy or if it was merely a guideline. I didn’t know if the site operators would suspend me or take measures if my store was not “active” enough. Turns out, it was only a recommendation since every time a store is updated with a new clip, the studio gets showcased on the front page. Obviously, it is in the studio owner’s best interest to keep providing new content. I think the update every 30 days is a good goal for me to work toward. I’m not there yet, but this year I have been close, with releases maybe once every 1.5 months.

Now the second reason I created “Narrow-minded Extras” has to do with the controversy surrounding my video “Eye Spy” post release. I have mentioned before that when I uploaded the outtakes video to my dailymotion account, Shira Arielle freaked out… or more accurately, her then boyfriend freaked out, because the clip showed too much of her ass and supposedly a nipple slip at some point. To be sure, Shira spends more time in the outtakes clip completely naked than in the final video.

Since I try to be nice guy, I decided to take down the clip for Shira’s sake and substituted it with a preview clip. But if I couldn’t use the outtakes as a vehicle to promote the finished production (as I have been doing for other videos ever since) then I figured I would market it as a sellable product itself. So together with 4 of my other outtakes from videos with Sativa, I created this sort of anthology.

The five videos that are showcased include

The Wine Tasting – the last part with the public nudity.

Salad Au Natural

The Little Lost Mermaid

Nice Girls Finish Last

Eye Spy  

Note in the above pictures, Shira has this grin on her face that suggests she was getting a kick out of her scene. I know that both girls had a good time during the shoot. In the outtakes, at one point I apologize to Shira for making her do multiple takes when she loses her bikini, and she comments, “It’s kinda fun!”

For those who are curious about the business and legal side of the industry, I do have all the ladies I work with sign a Model Release form at the end of each shoot. This document gives me expressed ownership of all photography and video. The purpose is to prevent exactly the type of situation where a model can come back years (or months) later and claim she doesn’t want her pictures out there. The signed Model Release form essentially says, too bad.

Narrow-minded Extras runs 13 minutes and is available at my Clips4Sale store.

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