Legal Briefs

After hibernating most of the winter, I would shoot my first video of 2011, in the middle of February. Amy had contacted me before then, but between traveling and the holidays, this would be the first opportunity for us to work on a project again. The production, “Legal Briefs”,  became my fifth video featuring Amy Starr.

I was struggling to come up with a new location, but I really wanted to make this shoot happen. So I ended up doing something I had never done before, and that is book a hotel room for the location. In all fairness, it was a nice hotel, a double suite with its own kitchen and living room area. I remember apologizing to Amy, because I know the whole photographer setting up a hotel room with his model is kind of cheesy. But she didn’t mind.

The only problem was, Amy had another shoot earlier in the day and quite a distance from our location on Long Island. In fact, she informed me that she was working with none other than Jade Indica. That turned out to open up a new opportunity, which would play into how I developed my next video. However, because of the distance and time of day, Amy ran into a lot of traffic. She did not arrive until much later, like around 9:30 PM. We were tempted to call off the whole thing, but I had not released a video since November, and was anxious to put something out. So even though she was a little tired, we went on with the show.

Now because I was using this suite, the story concept I came up with was that it would be the swanky pad of an affluent client, who Amy worked for as an attorney. Her character shows up early at the place, before Mr. Grimble and his associates were there. This of course is a reference to the classic Grimble Gang, who do not make an appearance on screen. I only used the name with the suggestion of a client who might be important and intimidating.

Amy’s character turns out to be a bit of a hapless lawyer as she is waiting in the apartment, and carelessly spills a bottle of water over her shirt. What follows is a step by step series of accidents that causes her to remove her clothes, such as burning her skirt on the ironing board while her blouse dries in the oven. In between, she receives phone calls from Mr. Grimble, who advises her that he and his associates are on their way and almost there. This is meant to add some tension and a sense of urgency as Amy figures out what to do.

By the time she answer the door for her client, Amy has lost her bra and panties. Horribly embarrassed, she seeks only to escape and streaks bare-assed nude down the hallway. While I was not terribly inspired about being confined to a hotel room for this shoot, I have to admit, those final moments with Amy were pretty exciting. It probably helped that we were shooting that last scene well after 10:00 PM.

Below is a link to download the Outtakes video. One of the funnier episodes, I think, is when she is using the hot iron for real, and sets off the fire alarm. That sure relaxed my nerves after a long day.

For the musical accompaniment, I selected the recognizable piano piece, Fur Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven. I thought its simple stated melody fit the tone I was going for, using it in the video’s introduction and filling in sections in the middle when Amy is doing more physical acting and less dialogue delivery.

The full video is over 15 and a half minutes, and is available at my Clips4Sale store.

Legal Briefs – Outtakes

10 responses to “Legal Briefs

  1. A decent video and the moment she opened that door was great. Seemed to be a nice hotel and wouldn’t have been able to tell that Starr was tired so credit to her for that.

  2. Thanks! It’s not that it was super late, but Amy had a long day of shooting earlier and then driving out here. I had planned to start around 5:30 or 6:00 in the evening, so there was a delay of a few hours and I know I was getting impatient.

    I am not certain if they have security cameras and such in hallways, but no one called to complain about her streaking through the hotel, so I guess we weren’t caught.

  3. A bit off topic, but I take it from the link that you’re a Romney supporter?

    Is Narrow Minded Productions your full time job our is this a side project for you? I ask only because every other film maker I’ve ever known has been a liberal.

    • Hi Collins,

      Because this is not a political blog, I don’t like to get into such subjects.

      Suffice to say, I am a small business owner, and I’m looking out for the best interests of Narrow-minded Productions.

      • Maybe you could make that into a video. A young lady behind the counter of her store being told, “You didn’t build that. Give it back, give it ALL back.”

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