August Re-visited

When I started out this month with my update, I was planning to shoot a new video with two models. It turns out there were numerous setbacks and frustrations, and I have not yet been able to put together this project. Normally, I don’t like to write too much about these things, as it is just part of the business and the nature of coordinating with various individuals among other logistics. But it is funny how I mused about never being able to shoot in August. That seems to be the case again.

However, in a way, that’s what this blog is for. So I figured I will document what my experience was like this month, and looking ahead to resuming production very soon.

With the concept for a video in my mind, I started by posting a casting call at the beginning of August. One part required full nudity, the other would be for the antagonist. As usual, I received responses from interested parties and followed up with them. The first lady who expressed interest in the more challenging role was from upstate New York, probably two hours away. Another girl contacted me and I liked her look for the other character, but she was from Pennsylvania. Nevertheless, she said she wanted to be part of this project. I know I should always have reservations about casting models who have a distance to travel, especially when trying to line both up for a shoot. But the initial communication went well, and I decided to take my chances.

We agreed to shoot on August 19, which was a Sunday. The first model requested that date, which I also thought made the most sense since it would make for easier traveling, not much traffic. So far so good, now I just needed to secure the location. No problem.

There is always a dilemma when I embark on a project that will involve two new models, and a brand new location. Do I rent the location first and then cast for the video, or should I lock the date and time in place with the ladies, and then go about finding a suitable venue. Obviously for this, I went with the latter. I didn’t anticipate I would have such a hard time finding somewhere to shoot with two weeks in advance.

Because of the story for the video, I was going to rent a private home as I have done in the past, and as recently as back in March, for The Rules. My first inquiry came back that the property was not available. So I kept searching and sending out requests. I did get a favorable response from one lady, however the house was only free for the week before we were going to shoot. I would not be able to book it for the desired Sunday. The photos I saw were taken from a previous autumn, so I may follow up with this contact and shoot there in a few months.

I started to realize what I was up against, right in the heat of the summer vacation season. And with Labor Day weekend fast approaching here in the US, these rental homes were becoming limited.

Moving on, I reached out to another homeowner with some gorgeous waterfront property on the north shore of Long Island. He seemed agreeable until he asked the nature of the photography.  Yes, that little detail of having a naked woman running around his house and grounds. Maybe he has a wife and kids, but unfortunately he had to turn down my request.

Now I was getting really frustrated, and anxious to find a location for this video. It was a week before the scheduled shoot. At last I came up with a suitable arrangement. I touched base with my two models again, and they were both good, still on board. I booked the location, and figured we were all set.

The whole time, I had this nagging feeling as I would be bringing in two models I have never worked with before, and both would have a long drive ahead of them. I checked in with the lady who was out of state, and asked if she wanted to take the train. This was Thursday, and she suddenly stopped returning my messages. The first model, however, was still good to go. So the worst case scenario, I thought to myself, would be a solo shoot. I hastily made plans to accommodate such a scenario.

And that was looking more like the case, until later on Friday, the first model text messaged me to say “something” came up. I knew she was going to be away for the weekend as she told me previously. And now it seemed like she would not be able to commit to the Sunday shoot. We cancelled, and the second model, I had not even received a final confirmation.

During the interim, I did hear from other interested models. So that Friday, I sent out messages to two of them, knowing it was very last minute. I wasn’t even thinking of trying to pair them up. If just one responded, I would go ahead with a solo shoot.

Alas, more frustration from these models! The networking website allows me to see the activity of the models, such as when messages have been read and even the last time they logged in. Both ladies did not see my offer to shoot throughout the whole weekend. Now that’s what really starts to make me wonder. These are people claiming to be professionals, and this is a paid assignment. They know there are possible working opportunities, and they don’t bother to log in to check their messages?

As it turns out, one of the girls did get back to me on Monday and gave me her private e-mail. We started to talk about setting something up before the end of the week. Then she asked me to discuss a little more about the shoot. When I described to her the basic idea about what was involved, suddenly she was like, “Oh, never mind… thanks, though!” It’s like some of these ladies will pose for nude photography, but the premise of video work that would require taking off or losing their clothes is somehow uncomfortable for them. Oh, well!

Now for some good news. A completely different young lady reached out to me just the other day. We had a nice chat, and she is interested in collaborating on a project. Due to her schedule, we have arranged to shoot in the middle of September. I’m really excited as she is quite cute and sounds intelligent. We will see if we can put together something fun and entertaining.

I also have other video plans lined up for September. And I will be looking to bring back Lydia Lael and Tara Rose during the fall. So while August turned out to be a little disappointing, I did make a couple of promising contacts. Next month ought to be full of surprises.

As always, stay tuned!

15 responses to “August Re-visited

  1. I imagine like in everything haste make waste. A late change in plans I am sure is reflected in the final prodcut. So rental propertys you show up site unseen often?
    A busy day/weekend. Scope out the site, meet the models, explain the script, plan your shots….quite abit of work I imagine

    • Most of the time, I have the chance to visit the property before the actual shoot. I get to meet the owner, scope out the area and make sure things go smoothly. “Endless Summer” and “Jenna at the Beach”, even the office in “To Catch a Thief”, I checked out the location first.

      I explain the script to new models as well as I can before the shoot, but at the same time, I don’t want to overwhelm them. That’s why it’s always easy to bring back the same girl again, as things get easier each time we work together.

      The day of the shoot is pretty much all business, taping the video, unless there are any travel or meal arrangements necessary.

  2. You ever get tempted just to crawl into a hole and wait till August ends? 😛 Awfully bad luck. Hopefully all your September shoots will be spectacularly lucky to even it out.

    • In hindsight, I probably should have done that! I was just overanxious to release a video every month, and it didn’t work out this time.

      Knowing what I have prepared for September, I think it will indeed even out just fine.

  3. 3 obvious suggestions.

    1 Shoot alot of videos in a short period of time with the same cast & reuse the same locations. This worked for the “Carry On” series of films & alot of others during the 70’s.

    2 I don’t know if you have any “real” female employees (or any employees) or not. But do any of them model? (I know this sounds like an idea for a video. But I have seen documentaries about the adult industry & this happened – in the documetaries not the videos.)

    3 Can any of the models/actresses you have worked with before recommend actresses or locations. You found Katy Cee because of Sativa & used Jade again because Amy said she worked with her “recently”. You have have used various girls/women because of recommendations from Sir Seph.

    • In a way, that is sort of waht happend in June, working with Lydia/Tara and then Constance so closely. Although two videos is not exactly a lot. It di afford me the luxury of quick releases in July. However, I actually like to take my time between productions and develop ideas. Also, I personally get bored with a location if I use it too many times, unless there is some interesting twist or angle I can work in.

      However to your point about setting up a series, that is something I have given serious thought to. I would love to have a large cast of reoccurring characters around a central location. Think the bar from “Cheers” or the home setting in so many TV sitcoms. That is something I would like to see happen in the future.

      My biggest dream is to get a regular “every day” type girl to agree to do one of these videos, and leave the model networking sites behind. But in my area, that is probably one of the hardest things to do. Paying a girl to take off her clothes on video does not seem to be an attractive proposal to most young ladies.

      Actually, I prefer when the model approaches me with interest in working on a project. Then at least there is no guessing game about how serious they really are. More often than not, that is the case. Briella, Kerri Taylor, Constance, even Lydia had contacted me first for all of our recent videos. And the reason why I used Sativa and Amy in so many productions, is because they genuinely followed up wanting to do more.

      • Just out of curiosity have you been contacted by any of the exhibitionists on one click chicks or is the fact that most of them would have a husband or boyfriend present, would put you off?

        For anybody else reading this I have told Helmhood that I live in the UK so can not volunteer.

  4. Honestly, I have never even thought of that, about female OCC members. Have any of them ever posted in a thread of one of the content producers? I’m not sure anyone has expressed interest. I don’t mind if they have husbands or boyfriends, although it could be a little awkward.

    By all means, if you want to send any of these exhibitionists my way, go right ahead!

  5. The best location you have used (in my opinion) so has been for “To Catch a Thief” & “My College Intern”. It was realistic office environment with lots of rooms to explore, hallways & stairs for upskirt shots, as well as opportunities for embarrassed nude females to hide behind furniture/doors/around corners. Plus all the action happened in daylight whereas “Weekend at the Office”, “Holiday Hotline”, “The History Report” & “Hacker” in an office at night.

    However my problem with it is that it did not have the complete look of a working office as the locations for “Weekend at the Office” or “Office Help” did. It would have been nice if there had been a door entry system for shots of Tara displaying her cat burglar skills or Lydia trying to get back in or Constance checking/thinking everything is all clear.

    • I’m partial to an office location myself. I think the idea of a character losing her clothes at work can be much more exciting than a home setting. The key is finding a suitable office and a time when no one else is around. I would like to rent some space at an office park, with a wide parking lot outside. If I could arrange a shoot for a quiet day like a Sunday, there are lots of possibilities to explore.

  6. That kind of planning can be quite the nightmare, I imagine.

    If you’re aiming for publishing a video a month, maybe try and have 1 or 2 completed videos in stock for a rainy day, so you can always publish monthly even though things go pear-shaped.

    And on the upside it gives me slightly more time for some musical suggestions.

    • That’s not a bad strategy. At this stage, I like to release what I shoot. I get the most enjoyment out of all this from posting a finished video, and listening to people’s reactions, good or bad. If I did have a video on hold in reserve, I imagine it would be difficult for me to keep it under wraps.

      • You might get even more reactions when people know exactly when to expect a new video. E.g. every 15th of the month or every second Tuesday. Might build anticipation as well, people would have something to look forward to, build a craving for that monthly moment of ENF. And yes, it would require some self-restraint from you 😉

  7. Peanuth, now where’s the fun in that? I like to keep folks guessing, and then surprise them with the announcement of a new video.

    But seriously, if I do get on a more consistent shooting schedule, then having a set release date would be a good idea. Maybe I can try that out for 2013.

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