The Attorney’s Assistant

In June of 2007, I had just finished shooting my video Mindy at the Gym. Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by a young woman who uses the model name London Andrews. I wasn’t sure that I was ready to shoot another video so soon, but London had seen my casting call and happened to be working very close to my location. Also, I had some reservations about her look. London indeed has a pretty face with soft features, but she is rather voluptuous, somewhat beyond just having a curvy figure. Nonetheless, it did not take much convincing since after all she was willing to take off her clothes on camera.

Immediately I realized that London was more engaging than Alicia who I had just worked with, more expressive and thus a better actress. For a quick, on the fly video concept, I came up with the idea of a girl working in an office and running into some trouble with an air-conditioning fan. I was using the same office setting that I would go on to incorporate into many future productions. At the time, though, it was only my second video at this location and the first actually playing into the office area.

I liked the idea of an District Attorney’s office for some story context. Because London was a young woman, I made her the title character of the Attorney’s Assistant. She had the simple task of delivering an important file. But the process, the electric fan switches on and starts to blow off her clothing, piece by piece. To accomplish this, I stopped after each article was removed, inserting text screens that exclaimed “Whoosh!” and even tossed her items past the camera for some shots, editing it in slow motion. It was primitive and silly, but still fun.

By the time London Andrews reaches the desk (picture her as if she was trying to walk against hurricane force winds. Her pantomime was very good.) she is completely naked. But then for a little twist, it appears the fan starts to move and chase after her.

London actually thought this was absolutely hysterical, and could not stop laughing for a few minutes. She spends the remainder of the video trying to get away, eventually running up the stairs only to be confronted with a locked door. The comedic gag, of course, is revealed at the end when it turns out the file she was delivering had to do with some kind of lawsuit involving faulty appliances. Oh, the irony!

This was a short video, running just under six minutes. I edited it in the format of a silent film, as I had initially been doing. London does not speak any lines, and there is a full music soundtrack using the baroque piece by one of my favorite composers, J.S. Bach, his Violin Concerto in E Major.  This has kind of a classy vide that might fit an upscale lawyer’s office, yet moves at a brisk pace, which I believe suited the dynamic of clothes being blown away like a kite in the wind.

For the version I released to my Clips4Sale store, I tacked on a bonus video of London walking around the backyard of the property totally in the nude. This two minute clip at the end was called simply “Jessica Outside” because Jessica was the name of the Attorney Assistant character, as far as you folks know. This was actually quite a gentle piece allowing me to give her directions from behind the camera. Some of her close-up shots came out quite nice.

10 responses to “The Attorney’s Assistant

  1. Ah yes, my favorite NMP video, with my favorite NMP actress. To quote Mr. Larrity from Code Monkeys, “Boobies, boobies, boobies, boobies! YE~HAW!”

    We need more actresses like her in these videos…

    • I am always happy to hear when people like a particular video, and a favorite actress. I haven’t reached out to London Andrews in a long time, but I could see if she is still interested.

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