Mystery Shopper

When I was contacted by Sativa Verte at the end of July, it was completely unexpected and it took a lot of effort to contain my excitement. She was coming back out to New York, and she asked if I would like to shoot. Would I! In her surprise message to me, she even mentioned that she still gets fan mail about the work we’ve done together. So it was arranged, and I even offered to pick her up at the airport upon her arrival in September.

Indeed, I felt like I was keeping the biggest secret for the next month. I attempted to carry on with other productions, trying to shoot in August, although that did not work out. But in the back of my mind, I had Sativa to look forward to. I just wanted to wait until she had touched down and made the trip before posting the news on the first of this month.

She had an early flight into New York, and as we were driving back to her place, we noticed how empty some of the stores and shopping malls were on a Saturday morning. Now this had also been Labor Day weekend, so that could have had something to do with the lack of any activity. But the two of us started to think how awesome it would be to do a video with her running around outside the mall completely bare.

We had planned to shoot in the middle of the month, and in two weeks, I picked her up outside her place again. Sativa and I were looking to get an early start on the day, just at the break of dawn. Leaving her building, it was still dark out, but rapidly growing lighter. A few blocks away, we arrived at Roosevelt Field Mall, in Garden City on Long Island. The first order of business was a drive around the perimeter to scope out the location.

It was indeed quiet, although there were a few noticeable cars parked here and there. Finally, we decided to start the scene juts outside the Nordstrom clothing store. It was now or never. A security vehicle passed us as we were pulling in, and Sativa was confident we had plenty of time before it would make its rounds again.

We established that her character had arrived early to the mall, perhaps anticipating a big sale. But she is soon confronted by locked doors, and frustrated, Sativa returns to the car. Now it was fairly windy during this time of the morning, and it was an open empty parking lot. The idea was going to be that the driver side door was blown shut, catching the side of her dress.  This proved a little tricky, but I think the point is made, and the ravishing brunette finds herself stuck and locked out of her car. She has no choice but to remove the dress, and then the fun begins!

Sativa runs up to and nearby several storefronts, including Macy’s. Along the way, she makes amusing quips, providing a running monologue about her situation. I would say this is probably the highlight, seeing her naked, and enjoying her improvised acting and spontaneous reactions. For those familiar with my previous work with Sativa, this is pretty classic stuff.

Speaking of classic, for the music soundtrack, I was provided with two piano pieces composed by our very own Peanuth O’Toole. The first one is called “Amelie”, which is dramatic with rolling arpeggios in a minor key. Later, I asked Peanuth to add a guitar track on top of the original piano. This gave it a real classic rock feel. I liked this version and how well it works for the introduction of Sativa. The other piano part is called “Etude”. A more somber melody, I used this in a few spots when I had to drop out the sound during some strong wind gusts picked up by my camera. I know some people have complained about this, but I tried to blend the music in, and I really think it is better this way.

One final note, I think the dress Sativa starts out in is stunning. With no shoulder on one side, and loose material that can easily get caught on objects, she looked wonderful. We had a couple of other wardrobe items to choose from, however I think there was no question about this selection.

The running time is just under 10 minutes, putting this in the range of Salad Au Natural and Little Lost Mermaid. It is available at my clips4sale store.


This afternoon I had a fun video shoot with a new model named Monique. Have I mentioned that I am fond of women from a Mediterranean background? I love the Italian, Spanish and Latin ladies. Monique comes from a Greek family and I think she is quite incredible. She also is very intelligent, going to school right now for philosophy and linguistics, and has excellent communication skills.

She brings a charming combination of cute and sexy, while having a very sweet personality. Although comfortable with her nudity, Monique was able to fit the part of a shy and bashful young lady. While not used in this video, she does wear glasses and would be perfect as the “nerdy turned beauty” if you can picture that character type.

Monique appears in the following videos:

Late for Work

Trick or Treat III

This is a project that will be called “Late for Work”. It is about woman who is running behind schedule, and turns out to have a string of unfortunate events, which leaves her scampering around outside and through her building completely naked.

I think her acting was good. She is a little soft-spoken, but she had nice reactions to her embarrassing developments.

Look for Monique’s video early in the Fall.

Here are some photos I took with my still camera during the shoot.

Stay tuned!

Dreams of Sativa

No, that is not the working title of this upcoming video. But rather it is what I woke up to and had ahead of me for this morning as I drove out to shoot with the beautiful young woman in various locations around a shopping mall.

Here are some pictures that I snapped with my still camera during the shoot.

I was planning on this being a bonus video for later this month, however the way our schedules worked out, I will be releasing this video first. Then Sativa and I will be shooting again, a separate video next Friday.

There was a security vehicle making its rounds, and other light traffic. We didn’t get arrested. As far as her character in the video, well…

Stay tuned!


Lunch Lady

When I last posted about Legal Briefs, I mentioned on that day working with Amy Starr, she had also been part of a shoot earlier with Jade Indica. It was four years since my previous video with Jade, and to hear that she was friends with Amy made me start putting together plans for a project that would team them up. I reestablished contact with Jade, and the next month we arranged to shoot, in March of 2011.

Now I wanted to come up with a fun story for this video. I was excited about the prospects of having Amy Starr and Jade Indica in the same production. For some time, there was a story that I was interested in called “Jenna the Lunch Lady,” written by Jenna Burlinski. It can be found in the file section of her Embarrassing Situations yahoo group. In fact, this was only the prologue, but it already had a lot of great scenes and character interaction.

The original work was about Jenna’s teenage neighbor Timmy, who manages to find her a job as a lunch lady, someone who works in the cafeteria, at the local high school. For my video, I changed the antagonist to “Tammy” since she was played by Jade, although I still gave her a tomboy look. Having worked with Amy for just about a year at this point, I cast her has the round-bottomed title character in a ponytail.

Again, the script was based on only the prologue, as the story never gets to the point of the high school scenario. Rather, the whole idea is about the set-up and premise. Jenna is out of work looking for a job, when her neighbor arrives to proudly tell her about her new employment. There is already some context of a past history here, as Amy’s character is embarrassed to work at the high school. She is very reluctant to take the position.

So Timmy/Tammy comes up with the idea to play a game of poker with Jenna to determine if she will accept the job. But to make things interesting, her neighbor announces it will be a game of strip poker! The lines of dialogue and the way the scenes played out were pretty faithful to the original story. This includes an interlude where Jenna gets herself ready before going over the other girl’s house, and is filmed with the intention of being a tease.

In the story, Timmy had some friends over to witness the game, as well as to add to Jenna’s humiliation. Here, I made reference to these off-screen characters, editing in sound files for voices at the table, but never showing them. Of course, once the poker game starts, Amy’s character loses and loses badly. It is a one-side affair, with the result of Amy ending up stark nude. Jade’s victorious character then marches her back to her house. After a video transition, the naked walk is implied when Jenna whines, “I bet a dozen people must have seen me!”

After this point, this is where the story the video was derived from ends. But I still had a few more ideas I wanted to work into this production. For starters, in communicating with Jenna Burlinski for a while, she had long wanted me to include a spanking scene in one of my videos. I had brought up this subject with Amy back in September, to see if she would go along that kind of thing, in the event a video ever called for it. Now this was no hardcore spanking fetish video. It was about a minute of playfulness, with Amy pulled across Jade’s lap. And of course, Amy is fully nude.

Now the other thing I wanted to accomplish was having two beautiful women naked on screen at the same time. (Remember, this was still a few months before I would work with Lydia and Tara.) I mean, I could not miss an opportunity to have Jade undress as well. So after the spanking scene, Amy’s character appears to get fed up with her neighbor’s antics. A brief struggle ensues on the couch, and she starts to strip off Jade’s clothing. Amy chases her around the room, grabbing at the final pieces of clothing until “Tammy” has nothing on.

The girls continue their chase, running outside of the house at night as the video comes to a conclusion.

The shoot took place just before the first day of Spring, so for the classical music selection, I naturally went with Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” and the appropriate movement. I also used a great guitar riff I found, as a motif when Jade’s character first arrives on the scene. This was to designate her as a bad-ass, someone you don’t mess around with. I would later use this guitar track again in The Rules, for Kerri’s character, with the same intention.

Of course, this being a production with multiple actresses, I continued my tradition of closing out the final scene and leading into the credits with a metal track by Liquid Overload.

Here is a framegrab from when I was at my computer in the middle of editing the video.

Of note, for me, was the reemergence of Jade since the last time I worked with her in 2007. I have written about this before, but it is always fascinating to see a young woman develop so beautifully. When I first met her, she was nineteen-years-old and cute, a little soft around the middle. Now she appears more tan and better toned and conditioned.

This was a pretty heavily scripted video as it was based on a previous work of fiction. I don’t think Jade was used to delivering this amount of prepared dialogue, but I enjoyed her effort and thought she did a good job.

Below is a link to download the Outtakes video. Both Jade and Amy had a lot of fun, getting into the spirit of the story and characters. They certainly helped make this a very entertaining production.

Lunch Lady – Outtakes

The full video is just under 15 minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.

Thoughts on September 11

I know, I know. This serious stuff is not what people come here looking to read. But as long as I have started this blog, I felt it upon my heart that I should write something. I am from New York, so I thought perhaps I could be indulged to share my perspective on the events of that day. I was there, I remember that Tuesday morning so clearly. I remember where I was, what I was doing. I remember the initial confusion, and the listening to radio reports as the horrifying details started to emerge. I’ve since been to Ground Zero. I’ve stopped and listened to an old man with a grey beard play solemn lonely notes on his flute, a haunting echo of the melody of the Battle Hymn Republic.

It is with great humility that I am going to briefly tie this subject into my work here. There is nothing special or heroic about what I do. Certainly the thousands of people who lost their lives, the police and firefighters and medical responders are to be acknowledged above all. As are those who signed up in the immediate aftermath, and in the lingering wake of this tragedy, for military service, out of a sense of honor, duty and search for elusive justice.

The simple, unimportant film-work I produce will never be approved by many people. Though tame by most standards, especially compared to the racier aspects of the entertainment industry, these are still essentially stories about young women who lose all their clothes and perform nude on video. However, the most dire of those individuals who would not approve what I do here, are persons who would gladly sever your hands for seeking this content on your computer, or stick out your eyes for watching this on your monitor. It is an Islamic ideology that would not only maim, but murder because of such an exuberant expression of freedom.

This is an ideology that ascribes to treating women as filth, to the extreme of covering up females entirely under threat of physical harm or death. This ideology can stand in no more stark contrast, the very antithesis to the content of my videos where we celebrate the beauty of women and enjoy their natural, unclothed form. And it was in the name of this ideology that airplanes were hijacked and flown into buildings, and innocent people were slaughtered.

I remember the days, the weeks and months following the events of September 11. People were afraid to fly. Everyone was waiting for the next shoe to drop, the next attack from above. The financial center of my state and country was ravaged, and people feared of economic ruin. This was three years before I dreamed of starting up my own small business.

The point is, people were afraid to fly… and yet we did, we returned to the airports and airlines. People questioned if we could recover, and yet we went on to build businesses and homes and families. This is a day to remember all the men and women who suffered from these attacks, those who sacrificed so that others could live. Today, I shoot videos in quiet communities against a backdrop that is free of gunshots ringing through the air or the exploding of bombs. I continue to make videos because, yes they are fun, and most importantly because I can. Because of a love of life and liberty instilled in me, which I can never take for granted. How foreign a concept to the jihadists who know only the spread of death and oppression.

This is a day to remember the place where I live was attacked, that people I knew were killed. But as long as we continue to enjoy our many varied interests and pursuits in freedom, it is a day to remember that the terrorists have lost.

Narrow-minded Collections

In October of 2007, I decided to put together a collection of my recent videos onto a DVD. This involved converting the .wmv files into a format that would run on a standard DVD player, with a simple menu wrapped around them. The anthology I produced was called “Narrow-minded Collections” and it featured the following four titles:

Mindy at the Gym

The Attorney’s Assistant

Weekend at the Office

The Wine Tasting

Here is the write-up I posted, giving a brief but descriptive account of the contents of the DVD:


Artistic, Erotic Video set to Classical Music

Chapter 1.           Mindy At the Gym

Inspired by McSkyy’s “Mindy the Exhibitionist”, this video features Alicia Sirabella as the title character who spends a day at the gym, and learns that she should be more careful. (Running Time: 11 minutes, 41 seconds)

Chapter 2.           The Attorney’s Assistant

Voluptuous London Andrews stars as an earnest young assistant to the District Attorney, but she runs afoul with a faulty air-conditioning appliance. (Running Time: 5 minutes, 44 seconds)

Chapter 3.           Weekend at the Office

Jade Indica is called to work over the holiday weekend. She finds herself bored, and decides to get a little daring, but the young lady is in store for a little surprise. (Running Time: 13 minutes, 53 seconds)

Chapter 4.           The Wine Tasting

Hamptons socialite Sativa Verte attends a wine tasting with high expectations, but she ends up having an unexpected adventure.

(Running Time: 17 minutes, 7 seconds)

Bonus Clip

Outtakes from the lovely Sativa, bare in public

(Running Time: 3 minutes, 12 seconds)

Total DVD Running Time: 51 minutes, 37 seconds

This DVD is available for $15.00 (plus shipping) at the website for my film Babysitting Without a Net and of course, all these videos can be found individually at my clips4sale store.

Below is a link to a short promotional clip I made with Sativa Verte back in 2008, enticing viewers with the DVD:

Narrow-Minded Collections