September 2012: Sativa Verte is Back!

I just picked up Sativa Verte from the airport this morning. We had breakfast and I brought her back to her place on Long Island.

She is here for the month, and we will be shooting soon.

Stay tuned…

30 responses to “September 2012: Sativa Verte is Back!

  1. I don’t think Inaki will be the only one with tears of joy at seeing her return. Always good to see such a talented actress again

      • I have a story idea, but Sativa and I also discussed some other possibilities. She has always been hands on, taking an interest in each project. So I value her input to whatever production we come up with.

        While we were driving around early this morning, we noticed how deserted the local area and shopping mall seemed to be. There is a chance I might get her nude outside in front of some stores…

  2. You, sir, are to be counted among the luckiest of people on this planet. To have breakfast with such beauty and talent. 🙂

    • I do consider myself fortunate in tha regard.

      By the way, Peanuth, I took the time to watch some of my recent videos with Sativa. She commented that she liked the guitar music you provided in “My College Intern”. She also thought Lydia and Tara were very funny. It was great to get her feedback on several clips.

      • Oh goodie! Glad she liked it.

        Translating Sativa to a musical instrument I’d say: cello.
        They have a similar warmth, shape, grace and spontaneity.

        (what instrument would represent Lydia, I cannot help but wonder?)

  3. I was sick of looking at my monitor (after spending about 2 days fixing problem caused by upgrading parts & software) until I read this!!!!!!

    I will have to read your latest post/update again tomorrow morning (better make that afternoon) to check it wasn’t another sleep deprived hallucination!?

    • I don’t have plans to put Sativa in the same video with Lydia and Tara, at this time. But can you imagine how intense that would be? Hope your monitor is working better now!

      Peanuth, how about a vuvuzela for an instrument representing Lydia. I’m not sure why, but that’s the first thing that came to mind. Your point about the cello for Miss Sativa is spot on.

      • Vuvuzela’s are hated by the English media, maybe you think the English hate Lydia? 😛

        Interesting to see how many remember Sativa so well, I expected strong cheers for her but slightly taken by surprise by the amount. I wouldn’t call her my favourite of your actresses, simply becuase you have some very good ones since: the duo of Lydia and Tara, Amy Starr and Jordana Leigh while Perl has potential. However like everyone else, I am delighted to see her again, she was great and it will be a pleasure to see her work once more.

      • Of course: a vuvuzela!
        Loud, slender, fun, energizing, works best when not alone and with a strong comedy element 🙂

  4. mackaie, I recall those vuvuzelas being obnoxious at the World Cup a few years ago. I guess I made the connection with some of Lydia’s characters.

    As far as bringing Sativa back, one thing I am looking forward to is using my new video camera. All her productions were from an earlier time and the quality was not as sharp. This new one should do justice to her on screen, while the story will still contain many classic elements.

    • If going further with the vuvuzela/Lydia comparison, some good comes from the annoyance. Lydia’s characters may be sometimes obnoxious but it makes the enf tales all the more fun, since you use them right. People may hate vuvuzela’s but were they so bad when it meant you couldn’t hear some of the nastier commentators or the England band?

      I’ll probably be yearning for them on Friday as we get yet another round of dambusters as we play Moldova.

  5. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! OMG!! I can’t believe she’s back!! I was undr the impression that might be it for her doing this genre. I…am…so…happy…right…now

    • Hi Wildbury,

      I am scheduled to shoot with the new girl on September 16. I will be confirming with her on Monday.

      Sativa and I are planning our shoot shortly thereafter. So I intend to release the Sativa video first, and then follow up with the video featuring the new model.

      I know it has been quiet in terms of fresh content for a while, but soon there will be new updates coming out quickly.


  6. Wildbury, I think she looks cute. But I want to wait until we have the shoot before going into details. If everything goes as planned next Sunday, I will have photos up right away.

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