Narrow-minded Collections

In October of 2007, I decided to put together a collection of my recent videos onto a DVD. This involved converting the .wmv files into a format that would run on a standard DVD player, with a simple menu wrapped around them. The anthology I produced was called “Narrow-minded Collections” and it featured the following four titles:

Mindy at the Gym

The Attorney’s Assistant

Weekend at the Office

The Wine Tasting

Here is the write-up I posted, giving a brief but descriptive account of the contents of the DVD:


Artistic, Erotic Video set to Classical Music

Chapter 1.           Mindy At the Gym

Inspired by McSkyy’s “Mindy the Exhibitionist”, this video features Alicia Sirabella as the title character who spends a day at the gym, and learns that she should be more careful. (Running Time: 11 minutes, 41 seconds)

Chapter 2.           The Attorney’s Assistant

Voluptuous London Andrews stars as an earnest young assistant to the District Attorney, but she runs afoul with a faulty air-conditioning appliance. (Running Time: 5 minutes, 44 seconds)

Chapter 3.           Weekend at the Office

Jade Indica is called to work over the holiday weekend. She finds herself bored, and decides to get a little daring, but the young lady is in store for a little surprise. (Running Time: 13 minutes, 53 seconds)

Chapter 4.           The Wine Tasting

Hamptons socialite Sativa Verte attends a wine tasting with high expectations, but she ends up having an unexpected adventure.

(Running Time: 17 minutes, 7 seconds)

Bonus Clip

Outtakes from the lovely Sativa, bare in public

(Running Time: 3 minutes, 12 seconds)

Total DVD Running Time: 51 minutes, 37 seconds

This DVD is available for $15.00 (plus shipping) at the website for my film Babysitting Without a Net and of course, all these videos can be found individually at my clips4sale store.

Below is a link to a short promotional clip I made with Sativa Verte back in 2008, enticing viewers with the DVD:

Narrow-Minded Collections

5 responses to “Narrow-minded Collections

  1. I noticed that there are sound clips of Weekend At The Office on Daily Motion. I’ve purchased the video at clips4sale. Is a sound version of this video available? I’m not dissatisfied but I wouldn’t mind a sound version as well. Thank you and keep up the good work. Mike.

    • Hi Mike,

      When you say “sound version” you mean one without the music and hearing Jade’s voice, right? I actually created the full video with the classical soundtrack for this DVD. Before that, the raw video was broken down into smaller clips. I don’t believe I have a full version, I would have to combine all those clips together.

      On my blog post for Weekend at the Office, I did upload a sample clip to show the contrast. I think I still have the earlier clips on my old computer. I’ll see what I can do…


      • Thank you so much. If it is possible, I will appreciate it. Of course I’ll appreciate your effort regardless of the result.

        Thank you Mike.

  2. #1 During a sweep of my files, the Outtakes for Jenna at the Beach came up as infected with a virus.

    #2 Have you ever had a model attempt to change her mind or get upset at what was shown?

    #3 Why did you only do one shoot with the girl from The Music Student?

    • I can re-upload the file for Jenna at the Beach to make sure there are no problems. I’ll just check on my end first.

      The closest I have come to a model changing her mind or getting upset would be the situation with Shira from “Eye Spy”, which I wrote about in previous posts. But for the most part, these ladies tend to be professionals and are on board with the project from start to finish. Some even express interest in continuing to do more videos.

      The Music Student, with Melissa… now that was a long time ago. In fact, I set it up as more of a casting call or test shoot, shortly after my completing my first independent film. This was the start of working with solo models in a less scripted, or improvised environment. As far as Melissa, she was fine, but there were a few qualities that I did not like. Or more accurately, I felt I would have the opportunity to work with more exciting model/actresses.

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