Thoughts on September 11

I know, I know. This serious stuff is not what people come here looking to read. But as long as I have started this blog, I felt it upon my heart that I should write something. I am from New York, so I thought perhaps I could be indulged to share my perspective on the events of that day. I was there, I remember that Tuesday morning so clearly. I remember where I was, what I was doing. I remember the initial confusion, and the listening to radio reports as the horrifying details started to emerge. I’ve since been to Ground Zero. I’ve stopped and listened to an old man with a grey beard play solemn lonely notes on his flute, a haunting echo of the melody of the Battle Hymn Republic.

It is with great humility that I am going to briefly tie this subject into my work here. There is nothing special or heroic about what I do. Certainly the thousands of people who lost their lives, the police and firefighters and medical responders are to be acknowledged above all. As are those who signed up in the immediate aftermath, and in the lingering wake of this tragedy, for military service, out of a sense of honor, duty and search for elusive justice.

The simple, unimportant film-work I produce will never be approved by many people. Though tame by most standards, especially compared to the racier aspects of the entertainment industry, these are still essentially stories about young women who lose all their clothes and perform nude on video. However, the most dire of those individuals who would not approve what I do here, are persons who would gladly sever your hands for seeking this content on your computer, or stick out your eyes for watching this on your monitor. It is an Islamic ideology that would not only maim, but murder because of such an exuberant expression of freedom.

This is an ideology that ascribes to treating women as filth, to the extreme of covering up females entirely under threat of physical harm or death. This ideology can stand in no more stark contrast, the very antithesis to the content of my videos where we celebrate the beauty of women and enjoy their natural, unclothed form. And it was in the name of this ideology that airplanes were hijacked and flown into buildings, and innocent people were slaughtered.

I remember the days, the weeks and months following the events of September 11. People were afraid to fly. Everyone was waiting for the next shoe to drop, the next attack from above. The financial center of my state and country was ravaged, and people feared of economic ruin. This was three years before I dreamed of starting up my own small business.

The point is, people were afraid to fly… and yet we did, we returned to the airports and airlines. People questioned if we could recover, and yet we went on to build businesses and homes and families. This is a day to remember all the men and women who suffered from these attacks, those who sacrificed so that others could live. Today, I shoot videos in quiet communities against a backdrop that is free of gunshots ringing through the air or the exploding of bombs. I continue to make videos because, yes they are fun, and most importantly because I can. Because of a love of life and liberty instilled in me, which I can never take for granted. How foreign a concept to the jihadists who know only the spread of death and oppression.

This is a day to remember the place where I live was attacked, that people I knew were killed. But as long as we continue to enjoy our many varied interests and pursuits in freedom, it is a day to remember that the terrorists have lost.

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