Lunch Lady

When I last posted about Legal Briefs, I mentioned on that day working with Amy Starr, she had also been part of a shoot earlier with Jade Indica. It was four years since my previous video with Jade, and to hear that she was friends with Amy made me start putting together plans for a project that would team them up. I reestablished contact with Jade, and the next month we arranged to shoot, in March of 2011.

Now I wanted to come up with a fun story for this video. I was excited about the prospects of having Amy Starr and Jade Indica in the same production. For some time, there was a story that I was interested in called “Jenna the Lunch Lady,” written by Jenna Burlinski. It can be found in the file section of her Embarrassing Situations yahoo group. In fact, this was only the prologue, but it already had a lot of great scenes and character interaction.

The original work was about Jenna’s teenage neighbor Timmy, who manages to find her a job as a lunch lady, someone who works in the cafeteria, at the local high school. For my video, I changed the antagonist to “Tammy” since she was played by Jade, although I still gave her a tomboy look. Having worked with Amy for just about a year at this point, I cast her has the round-bottomed title character in a ponytail.

Again, the script was based on only the prologue, as the story never gets to the point of the high school scenario. Rather, the whole idea is about the set-up and premise. Jenna is out of work looking for a job, when her neighbor arrives to proudly tell her about her new employment. There is already some context of a past history here, as Amy’s character is embarrassed to work at the high school. She is very reluctant to take the position.

So Timmy/Tammy comes up with the idea to play a game of poker with Jenna to determine if she will accept the job. But to make things interesting, her neighbor announces it will be a game of strip poker! The lines of dialogue and the way the scenes played out were pretty faithful to the original story. This includes an interlude where Jenna gets herself ready before going over the other girl’s house, and is filmed with the intention of being a tease.

In the story, Timmy had some friends over to witness the game, as well as to add to Jenna’s humiliation. Here, I made reference to these off-screen characters, editing in sound files for voices at the table, but never showing them. Of course, once the poker game starts, Amy’s character loses and loses badly. It is a one-side affair, with the result of Amy ending up stark nude. Jade’s victorious character then marches her back to her house. After a video transition, the naked walk is implied when Jenna whines, “I bet a dozen people must have seen me!”

After this point, this is where the story the video was derived from ends. But I still had a few more ideas I wanted to work into this production. For starters, in communicating with Jenna Burlinski for a while, she had long wanted me to include a spanking scene in one of my videos. I had brought up this subject with Amy back in September, to see if she would go along that kind of thing, in the event a video ever called for it. Now this was no hardcore spanking fetish video. It was about a minute of playfulness, with Amy pulled across Jade’s lap. And of course, Amy is fully nude.

Now the other thing I wanted to accomplish was having two beautiful women naked on screen at the same time. (Remember, this was still a few months before I would work with Lydia and Tara.) I mean, I could not miss an opportunity to have Jade undress as well. So after the spanking scene, Amy’s character appears to get fed up with her neighbor’s antics. A brief struggle ensues on the couch, and she starts to strip off Jade’s clothing. Amy chases her around the room, grabbing at the final pieces of clothing until “Tammy” has nothing on.

The girls continue their chase, running outside of the house at night as the video comes to a conclusion.

The shoot took place just before the first day of Spring, so for the classical music selection, I naturally went with Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” and the appropriate movement. I also used a great guitar riff I found, as a motif when Jade’s character first arrives on the scene. This was to designate her as a bad-ass, someone you don’t mess around with. I would later use this guitar track again in The Rules, for Kerri’s character, with the same intention.

Of course, this being a production with multiple actresses, I continued my tradition of closing out the final scene and leading into the credits with a metal track by Liquid Overload.

Here is a framegrab from when I was at my computer in the middle of editing the video.

Of note, for me, was the reemergence of Jade since the last time I worked with her in 2007. I have written about this before, but it is always fascinating to see a young woman develop so beautifully. When I first met her, she was nineteen-years-old and cute, a little soft around the middle. Now she appears more tan and better toned and conditioned.

This was a pretty heavily scripted video as it was based on a previous work of fiction. I don’t think Jade was used to delivering this amount of prepared dialogue, but I enjoyed her effort and thought she did a good job.

Below is a link to download the Outtakes video. Both Jade and Amy had a lot of fun, getting into the spirit of the story and characters. They certainly helped make this a very entertaining production.

Lunch Lady – Outtakes

The full video is just under 15 minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.

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