Dreams of Sativa

No, that is not the working title of this upcoming video. But rather it is what I woke up to and had ahead of me for this morning as I drove out to shoot with the beautiful young woman in various locations around a shopping mall.

Here are some pictures that I snapped with my still camera during the shoot.

I was planning on this being a bonus video for later this month, however the way our schedules worked out, I will be releasing this video first. Then Sativa and I will be shooting again, a separate video next Friday.

There was a security vehicle making its rounds, and other light traffic. We didn’t get arrested. As far as her character in the video, well…

Stay tuned!


12 responses to “Dreams of Sativa

  1. I am glad my favourite actress is back. I am waiting impatiently what will come out.
    You are amazing and let’s say you work like an ant. Not that the work is unpleasant but so many years and new projects are still going on.

    • That’s a good question. For me, I know it has been the longest in all the times I’ve worked with her. Since there are not too many public nudity videos starring Sativa out there, I would guess that this is up there in terms of risky exposure.

      Keep in mind, she did have a pull-over dress nearby, and we made frequent stops in the car, while staying on the lookout for inquisitive security guards and such. It might have been nerve-racking, but doing this with Sativa was fun. She had a good time with the whole episode.

    • Hey mackaie, I did some internet searching but couldn’t find any information. It’s a statue of an angel affixed on the side of one of the store buildings. I’m not sure of the significance.

      But I do like the image of an angel above, and our angel Sativa directly below it. If I wanted to go in a sci-fi/fantasy direction, I could see her as the angel come to life, emerging from very sculpted stone. And of course, without any clothes on.

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