This afternoon I had a fun video shoot with a new model named Monique. Have I mentioned that I am fond of women from a Mediterranean background? I love the Italian, Spanish and Latin ladies. Monique comes from a Greek family and I think she is quite incredible. She also is very intelligent, going to school right now for philosophy and linguistics, and has excellent communication skills.

She brings a charming combination of cute and sexy, while having a very sweet personality. Although comfortable with her nudity, Monique was able to fit the part of a shy and bashful young lady. While not used in this video, she does wear glasses and would be perfect as the “nerdy turned beauty” if you can picture that character type.

Monique appears in the following videos:

Late for Work

Trick or Treat III

This is a project that will be called “Late for Work”. It is about woman who is running behind schedule, and turns out to have a string of unfortunate events, which leaves her scampering around outside and through her building completely naked.

I think her acting was good. She is a little soft-spoken, but she had nice reactions to her embarrassing developments.

Look for Monique’s video early in the Fall.

Here are some photos I took with my still camera during the shoot.

Stay tuned!

21 responses to “Monique

    • There was equipment in the exercise room that made some good hiding places. Monique, I think, has the quality I’ve been searching for in a fresh face, a sort of girl-next-door innocent look about her. I enjoyed her expressions, which I hope comes across on video.

  1. First I see the return of Sativa (who still looks awesome). Then I’m thinking how can he top this? Then I see the lovely Monique! In baseball terms you, Helmhood, have just gone back-to-back!

    • Monique is the model who contacted me back in August after I had all the difficulty with scheduling a shoot. I had to wait a few weeks to work with her, but I think it was worth the wait. It is interesting how with a positive outlook, even temporary set-backs and moments of frustration can work out for the best. You might be on to something about that lottery ticket…

  2. How come that you find so beautiful girls. Monique has became another pearl in the crown. And she is not the first one whom I think of as godess. Congrat for a choice and taste – I don’t know your profession but your mind is an artist’s one ( like painter, musician , sculpter – i don’t know ) guessing from most of your actresses.

    • Thank you for your kind words, stach. I do try to present these actresses in an artistic quality, the music is a big part of it. That is exactly what the videos are supposed to be, a celebration of beautiful women.

  3. Just a few comments from me. First, Monique looks gorgeous. And I think she really nails a look of nervousness in the pics you took. If she is that way on the video, I think it’ll be really good. Also, on a personal note, she reminds me a little of someone I went to school with for a short time. Always a plus. lol. Thanks (again) and can’t wait for this.

    • I’m glad she came across that way. My impression is that she does not look like a model, or act like one on screen. She has a very natural way of carrying herself, very approachable. I don’t know if I’m choosing the right words. But she would absolutely look like the girl in your class or the neighbor down the street. I hope this translates into making her performance more believable.

  4. Please tell us there will be more of Monique! The video was great, she is gorgeous, and I’d love to see her with glasses too — that can be very hot! You found the perfect beauty for this shoot.

    • Hi Rob,

      Thank you very much! Monique arrived wearing glasses, and I thought she looked fantastic. In a future video, I want to use that as part of her character. And when she gets down to wearing only glasses, I think that is very sexy, too.

      Hopefully we can shoot again soon.

      • Hey, been wondering for a while but just have not got around to asking. Do you know Moniques modeling profile, or if she has done any other work apart from your really entertaining videos.

  5. Hey, been wondering for a while but just have not got around to asking. Do you know Moniques modeling profile, or if she has done any other work apart from your really entertaining videos.

    Sorry for the report but would you mind replying to this comment instead of the first so I may be notified by email if a reply is made. Thanks.

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