Mystery Shopper

When I was contacted by Sativa Verte at the end of July, it was completely unexpected and it took a lot of effort to contain my excitement. She was coming back out to New York, and she asked if I would like to shoot. Would I! In her surprise message to me, she even mentioned that she still gets fan mail about the work we’ve done together. So it was arranged, and I even offered to pick her up at the airport upon her arrival in September.

Indeed, I felt like I was keeping the biggest secret for the next month. I attempted to carry on with other productions, trying to shoot in August, although that did not work out. But in the back of my mind, I had Sativa to look forward to. I just wanted to wait until she had touched down and made the trip before posting the news on the first of this month.

She had an early flight into New York, and as we were driving back to her place, we noticed how empty some of the stores and shopping malls were on a Saturday morning. Now this had also been Labor Day weekend, so that could have had something to do with the lack of any activity. But the two of us started to think how awesome it would be to do a video with her running around outside the mall completely bare.

We had planned to shoot in the middle of the month, and in two weeks, I picked her up outside her place again. Sativa and I were looking to get an early start on the day, just at the break of dawn. Leaving her building, it was still dark out, but rapidly growing lighter. A few blocks away, we arrived at Roosevelt Field Mall, in Garden City on Long Island. The first order of business was a drive around the perimeter to scope out the location.

It was indeed quiet, although there were a few noticeable cars parked here and there. Finally, we decided to start the scene juts outside the Nordstrom clothing store. It was now or never. A security vehicle passed us as we were pulling in, and Sativa was confident we had plenty of time before it would make its rounds again.

We established that her character had arrived early to the mall, perhaps anticipating a big sale. But she is soon confronted by locked doors, and frustrated, Sativa returns to the car. Now it was fairly windy during this time of the morning, and it was an open empty parking lot. The idea was going to be that the driver side door was blown shut, catching the side of her dress.  This proved a little tricky, but I think the point is made, and the ravishing brunette finds herself stuck and locked out of her car. She has no choice but to remove the dress, and then the fun begins!

Sativa runs up to and nearby several storefronts, including Macy’s. Along the way, she makes amusing quips, providing a running monologue about her situation. I would say this is probably the highlight, seeing her naked, and enjoying her improvised acting and spontaneous reactions. For those familiar with my previous work with Sativa, this is pretty classic stuff.

Speaking of classic, for the music soundtrack, I was provided with two piano pieces composed by our very own Peanuth O’Toole. The first one is called “Amelie”, which is dramatic with rolling arpeggios in a minor key. Later, I asked Peanuth to add a guitar track on top of the original piano. This gave it a real classic rock feel. I liked this version and how well it works for the introduction of Sativa. The other piano part is called “Etude”. A more somber melody, I used this in a few spots when I had to drop out the sound during some strong wind gusts picked up by my camera. I know some people have complained about this, but I tried to blend the music in, and I really think it is better this way.

One final note, I think the dress Sativa starts out in is stunning. With no shoulder on one side, and loose material that can easily get caught on objects, she looked wonderful. We had a couple of other wardrobe items to choose from, however I think there was no question about this selection.

The running time is just under 10 minutes, putting this in the range of Salad Au Natural and Little Lost Mermaid. It is available at my clips4sale store.

21 responses to “Mystery Shopper

    • I like to give myself a deadline of a week to finish a video. If I shoot before a weekend, I might take 10 days.

      In addition, a couple things to keep in mind with this one, it was pretty straightforward and simple shoot. Sativa is a pro, so it did not take much effort during the actual recording. There were some bits of bouncing ideas off one another in between takes, which I will show in the outtakes video. But she is makes the material I capture very easy to work with.

      Also, it helped having the music picked out and planned ahead of time. That is often something I save for the end, which delays completing a production. Also, a story with one girl is much quicker to put together than a scripted production with multiple models.

      I only wish this one was longer. But we did shoot a new video last night…

      Thanks for downloading, and hope you enjoy!

  1. Was hoping I would have a chance of seeing a new video of yours just before I moved house and was offline for a few weeks. So yay, wishes do come true! Glad you mentioned it was just under ten minutes as my first download did five so was able to quickly download it again.

    The dress looks nice, orange rarely works in my experience but the colour was toned down by the brown, with the odd hints of black, and the way it hangs off the shoulder suits her. As a bonus, it helped illustrate, as well as the sound (you did well to ensure the wind was never too loud), how strong the winds were as it bellowed. Pink bag, not such a fan! You seemed to know when to use the music and when not to, a few passages of it that sounded… hard I suppose but quite liked O’Toole’s work, loved it when it mixed classical with a bit of rock. The screen ripple effect was a decent way of going from uncaught dress to caught dress, was going to suggest using it for fantasy/Halloween type stuff but then remembered that you had.

    Once the dress was lost, which was a nice enough scene, I really found myself getting into the film. I felt doing it scene by mini scene worked well for this story, allowing us to see the best bits of her journey, keeping it fast paced. Wish we had seen her pick up the flower would by only suggestion on that front, otherwise felt the scenes fitted together well. Liked the ending and the way you did it seemed to fit in with the light-hearted sense the video gave thanks to the dialogue, her whines and frustrations at things like the modern shopping economy were done in such a way as to be funny. This kind of enf tends not to be my particular kind of thing perhaps but the way this was done, I loved it. Pretty lady, humour, good pace, enf action and thoroughly enjoyable from first to last.

    Verte, let me first start with the slightly negative then join in the likely praise. Started well with her frustration and the real way she chatted on the phone then found she became erratic in terms of voice delivery. Dress caught moment for example, some of her delivery was a frustrated lady was excellent, some (like the first line when she realises) just came a little… off? Forced perhaps, maybe like she was trying a bit too hard to sound desperate. Once it was streaking through the mall, it got better for me, one or two slightly off delivered lines but most were done with the right amount of frustration/embarrassment/desperation but in a way that also gave it humour.

    You have had several good enf actresses but Verte just took it to another level from the moment she, while crouching, turned sideways then her backward crab like walk away. The two of you seemed to have an excellent understanding so she could (like in the next scene) wander in and out of shot while, in that same shot, you both showed an excellent appreciation of props. You have always had an eye for them helmhood but not always had a cast who can use a prop properly, rarely have one such as Verte who uses her body with the prop to such an extent. Excellent use of street signs, loved the way, for example, she hide her body behind the first pole she saw. Or her use of door handles to swing like a monkey, it was funny, utterly surprising and it allowed the two of you to show off her body. Or the way she poked out of that early hedge! As well as helping provide humour, showing an excellent appreciation for both how to use her body and how to use props, tricks or two, she provided an energy and sense of urgency as she hared about (as of course did your pacing). Something I also loved is the willingness to throw a little tantrum, once or twice just jumping up and down with the verbal equivalent of it’s not fair. It was an excellent enf performance, perhaps the best I have ever seen.

    • Thank you, as always, mackaie. A splendid write-up and great feedback. I enjoy your take on details like the dress. It’s the first ( and only!) thing we see Sativa wearing, and becaomes a focal point at the very end. The viewer is meant to imagine the police finding the article of clothing snagged on her car, flapping in the breeze, and bringing it back to the station where they hold the frustrated young woman.

      My concern was that this video would be too short, but the pacing was brisk and I think we fit enough entertaining moments without dragging the scenes. This was due of course to the “hit and run” nature of the shoot, quickly taping while it was clear and then scrambling back to the car.

      There’s not much more to say about Sativa at this point. She is simply special, and truly gets the comedy of ENF, while displaying natural instincts when performing in front of the camera. She has excellent presence, knowing when to be in the right spot at the right time.

      I think you will also enjoy some of the in-between takes I will upload, showing how we set up some of the shots.

      Good luck with the move, and thanks for downloading and watching!

  2. Fanmail? I don’t think I would ever send fanmail to a girl from an ENF video. What would you even say, “Gee I love how naked you got in public.” :p

  3. I have to admit, this is about the sexiest I’ve ever seen Sativa be. There was something different about this that I haven’t seen in her videos in the past. Thanks so much for offering this one for free as well! Very generous of you.

    • Thanks. I believe part of it is that my earlier videos with Sativa were 4 years ago when I was using a different camera and different software. So technically I think this is the best she has looked. Also, the whole premise and nature of this outdoor public shoot is very exciting.

  4. I really enjoyed it!! But I think I need a little bit…more, you know? Something more than…erotic. Because Sativa is sooo sensual and I think she can give a lot more than just stripping and running around naked. It’s only my opinion! 😉

    • Hey, I am glad you enjoyed the video! I remember how emotional you were when I first announced the return of Sativa. Yes, I think with the right story, she could have the opportunity to play up her natural sensuality. There have been a few moments in past videos that reflect this.

      I will have the second video I shot with Sativa ready in a couple of weeks. Maybe that will be hotter.

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  10. Wow! I loved this one. And I like the girl getting caught and arrested naked lol. Sounds twisted yeah but what can I say? I’d like to maybe see that happen again but where we actually see the cop catching her. I’m sure someone would be willing to play the cop for free (I sure would if I could arrest a naked Sativa).

  11. Oh I forgot to complement Sativa. She’s just so unbelieveably cute and funny! lol. And she plays the part so perfectly. I love how she seems to seriously believe that her only option is to go running off stark naked. Sure, she could wait for help but she’s such a goofball that she only sees one option. And of course that option just happens to be the worst for her, but not for us! Love it.

    • Hi J Prine,

      Thank you for your comments. Sativa is superb at this kind of comedy, especially exaggerated to the point of cartoonish. Or maybe her characters have bad luck! I have had other models who play the part reacting to their situation with frustration and annoyance. But Sativa brings it to a whole level of comical brilliance.

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the video.

  12. I have a few questions. The first one is where exactly was Sativa running to near the end of the video? Second, what would have happened after they caught her?

    • At the end of the video, Sativa is just running away from the scene of the location, whether to hide or try to find something to cover up with. The story implies it is at this point she is caught and picked up by the police.

      As for the aftermath, I’ll leave it up to the viewer’s imagination. I like to think she got spanked and sent home with a warning!

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