Happy Halloween

I didn’t want to let this year’s Halloween pass without having something to share.

So a couple of weeks ago, I had Monique over my place and we captured a few photos as well as some video, which will happen to feature the return of the Grimble Gang.

While not as epic as the original and its sequel, I am pleased to announce there will be a “Trick or Treat 3”. I am near finished editing the video, so might have it ready for the weekend. The story will be about Monique at a party with Bananas and company. Something short and fun, it should run just under 10 minutes.

Here are some still images as a tease…

Stay tuned!

Outtakes Video: Miss Me Yet?

I have an 8 minute clip of outtakes from my previous video featuring Sativa Verte, called Miss Me Yet?

A lot of times, what I reveal in clips like these is me giving direction in between takes in order to see the girl’s reaction, or capture an out of character moment and other funny scenes.  In this case, I actually have at the end of the clip, a couple of takes that were not used in the final production. One was an alternate way to shoot the ending, and the other was something comical but I thought a little too over the top. Besides, I knew I would be adding these bits to the outtakes video anyway.

For those who are curious, I often have multiple takes for a scene or a line of dialogue delivered. But in my experience, I have found the first take is usually the best one from the actress. Unless she really messed up, I’m talking about slight variations. Once you start telling the actor to try something in a different way, I think they almost focus too hard and it does not come out as well. I would rather go with the motions and delivery that came to her naturally.

As I mentioned briefly in the original video post, this was filmed on location at Sativa’s apartment building. Hence the personal artifacts, which we tied into the story by creating a mystery of why they were in a stranger’s place. We shot this on a Friday night, around 7:30 or 8:00 in the evening.

Here is the link to download the outtakes video:

Miss Me Yet – Outtakes


Miss Me Yet?

At the end of September, I worked with Sativa for the second time that month. The video we produced breaks the tie she was in with Amy Starr for the most appearances with Narrow-minded Productions. We were able to use Sativa’s own apartment building, which made shooting this one pretty easy.

The story of “Miss Me Yet?” starts out fun and playful. Sativa has returned home after being away for several years. (Art imitates life.) She thinks to surprise her friends by dropping in at their place. When she finds that no one seems to be home, she decides to take a bath while she is waiting. It is only through an exchange of instant messages that Sativa learns otherwise, that she has arrived at the wrong address. And what’s worse, she has already taken off all her clothes in a stranger’s apartment!

The video takes a suspenseful turn, as Sativa discovers her clothes missing (of course) and has to sneak around trying to figure out what is going on, while formulating a plan for an escape. This encompasses the second half of the story.

I have had the pleasure to work with Peanuth O’Toole for the music selection again. The first piece he composed, used here as an introduction and throughout the first part, is sweet cello melody. This was chosen as the cello is suggestive of Sativa’s curvaceous figure, as well as creating a simple, unassuming tone. It is called “A Party Awaits”.

The other music used in the middle part, is more of the plucking of strings. It evokes the image of dripping water… or a naked woman tiptoeing around an unfamiliar setting. This track is called “Suspense in the Bath”.

The full video came out to be approximately 22 minutes in running time. It is available in 3 parts at my clips4sale store.


Outtakes Video: Late for Work

I have uploaded a clip of outtakes from my video with Monique. It runs about 6 and a half minutes. But first I want to talk about some of the creative process behind this production.

Monique contacted me back in August, and we scheduled the shoot for a Sunday afternoon in the middle of September. We were supposed to start around 1:00 PM. She was driving from New Jersey, however, and ran into some unexpected heavy traffic.  Not only was her character “Late for Work”, but poor Monique was also late for the shoot. I just love the irony. We did not get started until closer to 5:00 PM.

I did utilize the time to make myself familiar with the hotel location, scouting out rooms and hallways where I thought it would be safe to shoot. Also, I drove out to the outdoor location, which was just down the road to make sure it would be safe. It turns out, that it was probably better we did this later in the day rather than in the early afternoon.

Going into the set-up for the story, there were a couple of objectives I had in mind. I wanted to capture Monique wearing the Hello Kitty panties. Yes, I used them before in my video The Rules. But this time, it would be as a result of her character not having any other choice of underwear. I came up with the fever premise to give her an excuse to lie down, and also I wanted to use a thermometer prop. This leads to Monique waking up abruptly, realizing she is late for work.

I love the idea of a woman being oblivious to her embarrassing condition. Another example could be a girl lying out in the backyard for some topless sunbathing and falling asleep. But the sound of a doorbell wakes her up, and she answers the door forgetting that she is not wearing a top. In this video, Monique forgets that she has not yet put on a skirt, and furthermore, her selection of underwear is quite childish. She leaves her building in such a state. And while we do not see any extras on screen, one can imagine the stares she would receive from people her character would pass.

Now, onto the controversial woods scenario…  A few days before the shoot, I watched an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. This was episode 8 from the 6th season, called “The War at Home”. It involves a scene where a very pretty young woman goes missing after a night of clubbing. The detectives are searching a wooded area, and find a pair of heels. As they continue the search, the come across item by item…  the hot dress she was wearing, her bra, and even her panties. As the viewer, we know what the girl looked like before her disappearance, and can only come to the conclusion she must now be naked. Like the detectives, we are left to wonder what exactly happened, and try to piece together the clues of her clothing. Here is a fan review that pretty well sums up the scene:

“There they find a purse in the nearby woods, and so a search is launched. Soon her shoes are also found in the woods, and so her friend is brought to the scene for questioning. There she confesses that she, Amanda and another Army friend all went into the city for the night…. Soon Amanda’s underwear is found in the woods and so is her dress. All of her clothing from that night have been recovered, so where is Amanda? Or worse still where is her body? Soon the team believes that Amanda herself may have scattered the clothes and has now gone AWOL.”

The element I wanted to introduce was someone (my hands from behind the camera) stumbling across the discarded clothes. I have called this concept “implied action”, that is, the fact that Monique’s items are snagged and torn off is not shown explicitly on camera, but is a conclusion that must be reached by the viewer. We do get to see the result. The next time we fade in to Monique, she is picking her way bare-assed naked through the woods.

Now of course, my video is played for comedy, not the drama of a Law & Order episode. I added the part about Monique hearing a bear because that subject was discussed on the OCC forums several months ago. My intention was not to portray a bear chase as the sole reason she was running and had lost her clothes. The problem was the ground would make it very difficult for her to actually run, which would have been more realistic. I think her character was more concerned about making her way back home after her car broke down, and the bear was just one more misfortune in a day when everything goes wrong.

When Monique and I returned to the hotel, we then prepared to shoot the remaining scenes that took place outside the room. I let her clean up first, and she was comfortable walking about the halls in just a towel. The place did have a pool, so it would be a reasonable excuse. I wish the second half was more balanced in length, but due to the risky nature of shooting her nude scenes, it happens pretty quick. Much faster than what I thought until I reviewed the video for editing. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun, sneaking about the work-out room and aforementioned pool area as well as getting Monique to run down the hallway completely nude.

I have to say, she did keep a very sharp lookout for security cameras. That is why she did not go out all the way toward the pool, or why we only used the one side of the gym. It was a curious combination of her being comfortable with her nudity, but also cautious and kind of shy. She did not want to get caught, although I told her if anyone, I would be the one to get in trouble.

Also, I wanted to mention that while we were outdoors, the path through the woods led to an open soccer field. At the time we were shooting the scene, we saw there were some people on motor-bikes in the distance. She makes a quick reference to this in the outtakes video. If she had been feeling up to it, in hindsight, I should have approached these people and asked if they would let Monique run by them. What I like about this cute young woman, is she seems willing be adventurous, as long as it is within reason.

Here is the link to download the outtakes clip:

Late for Work – Outtakes


Late for Work

This is the video from the shoot I had in September with a cute new model named Monique.

The story begins with the young lady in the middle of getting dressed for work one morning. She is a little dismayed to discover that the only clean underwear in her drawers are an embarrassing pair of childish “Hello Kitty” panties. Monique reluctantly puts these on, only to find herself not feeling very well.

Checking her temperature, she learns that she does indeed have a slight fever, and decides to lie down for a bit. Unfortunately, the young lady falls asleep. Upon waking up, Monique is frantic about being late for work.

In a hurry to leave her apartment, she pulls on her heels and grabs her bag, but neglects to throw on a skirt. Oblivious to how she looks below the waist, Monique starts off on her day. But from there, events take an unexpected turn…

This video features a musical soundtrack of violin music by J.S. Bach, his Concerto in A minor. The reason I selected this, is because there was in fact the sound of violin strings outside in the hallway. We were not sure if this was being pumped in through the hotel sound system, or if it was coming from the room next door. Also, I wanted to give this production more of an artistic style and play up the classiness of Monique. She is a lovely young woman, to be sure, but also retains a girl-next-door quality.

I used the music soundtrack quite a bit throughout, as it was necessary to mask background noises at some points, or Monique getting caught up in her performance while I was still in the middle of giving direction. As a result, in some stretches of the video, it may feel more like there was a running classical score, interrupted only to allow the actress to deliver a few lines.

Without divulging the plot, I will mention that this video includes an outdoor interlude before we return to the hotel, which is used as an apartment building setting. The remainder showcases some public nudity in the sense that we were in common areas where anyone could have walked in on us, before Monique makes her way back to her room.

The full video is approximately 13 minutes and is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.