Late for Work

This is the video from the shoot I had in September with a cute new model named Monique.

The story begins with the young lady in the middle of getting dressed for work one morning. She is a little dismayed to discover that the only clean underwear in her drawers are an embarrassing pair of childish “Hello Kitty” panties. Monique reluctantly puts these on, only to find herself not feeling very well.

Checking her temperature, she learns that she does indeed have a slight fever, and decides to lie down for a bit. Unfortunately, the young lady falls asleep. Upon waking up, Monique is frantic about being late for work.

In a hurry to leave her apartment, she pulls on her heels and grabs her bag, but neglects to throw on a skirt. Oblivious to how she looks below the waist, Monique starts off on her day. But from there, events take an unexpected turn…

This video features a musical soundtrack of violin music by J.S. Bach, his Concerto in A minor. The reason I selected this, is because there was in fact the sound of violin strings outside in the hallway. We were not sure if this was being pumped in through the hotel sound system, or if it was coming from the room next door. Also, I wanted to give this production more of an artistic style and play up the classiness of Monique. She is a lovely young woman, to be sure, but also retains a girl-next-door quality.

I used the music soundtrack quite a bit throughout, as it was necessary to mask background noises at some points, or Monique getting caught up in her performance while I was still in the middle of giving direction. As a result, in some stretches of the video, it may feel more like there was a running classical score, interrupted only to allow the actress to deliver a few lines.

Without divulging the plot, I will mention that this video includes an outdoor interlude before we return to the hotel, which is used as an apartment building setting. The remainder showcases some public nudity in the sense that we were in common areas where anyone could have walked in on us, before Monique makes her way back to her room.

The full video is approximately 13 minutes and is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.

20 responses to “Late for Work

  1. Was a very nice video! My only criticism would be that there was not much a story as to why she lost her clothes. Did she have a fever and was confused?

    Other than that, really enjoyed it. Monique is absolutely beautiful and she has a very nice camera presence.

    • Thank you very much! I am going to talk about inspiration for the story in my next post. What I was trying to imply was that after Monique’s car breaks down on the way to work, she starts walking through the woods. First she takes off her shoes, and then her other articles of clothing get snagged on branches. This is all off camera of course, and introduces the unsuspecting stranger who happens along the path to find her clothes… wondering much like the viewers, what exactly happened.

      Monique does have wonderful screen presence, I thought, and is very photogenic. The sense I have from your comments and others is that her beauty carried this production, more so than the story.

  2. I am not saying anything disparaging about Sativa, she is just as lovely and just as great as ever, but the ENF torch seems to have been passed rather well to Monique! As far as a storyline goes, it is important in my opinion to know how and why the lady loses her clothes but A gorgeous naked lady scampering around usually kicks storyline butt! Great video. Thanks, Helmhood.

    • Thank you, Kevin. I thought it would be a little unfair to sandwich Monique in between two Sativa videos (I have a second one coming out this month) but she holds her own pretty well for the first time doing this kind of video. They both have their own style. Sativa is better at verbalizing and spontaneous reactions, but Monique has the worried expression and body language down well. And she looks great!

  3. I wouldn’t say that Monique’s beauty “carried this production”. She is beautiful. Her acting reminded me of Tara’s but without Lydia to play of. The story was good, it just need the blanks filled in better.

    Some viewers may not have read the part of your thread at OCC about bears being scared of naked people? Maybe you should look up a game show called “Blankety Blank” to see what stupid conclusions people jump to.

    Maybe you should have included a caption as well as having the actress fill in the blanks.

    Maybe inserting a clip of an abandoned car with the hazard lights fashing or the hood (bonnet in the UK) up with steam or smoke pouring out it. Then cut to Monique running & hiding.

    Some viewers may have missing the explanation (6 minutes & 48 seconds to 7 minutes & 28 seconds approximately during part 1) – the last part of which is “To top it off I am naked” is difficult to hear & Monique’s back is turned to the camera. The explanation is broken into 3 parts. After the first part of the explanation we hear the sound of what we are told is a bear (because I live in the UK I have no idea what a bear sounds like). After the second part of the explanation is the music & quickly following the third part of the explanation more music. Maybe there should have been a second clip of a bear growling to explain why she went back to the trail, when she was clearly trying to hide & maybe crossing open ground (during daylight) rather than hiding in the woods until it was dark before heading home.

    • I also made the connection to a similarity with Tara. The way Monique expresses frustration or disbelief, with lines like “Seriously?” Her character’s response to the bear epsiode is definitely deadpan, and more of a “Oh, this is just great”, kind of wry sarcasm.

      That was a great idea about switching to a shot of the car with the front hood up. Actually, I think I felt rushed for time, wanting to get the outdoor shot done and then head back to the hotel for the remaining scenes.

      No question, the epsiode left room for improvement.

      Also, I wanted to answer a question you had on the OCC forum. Yes, Monique does claim to have some acting experience. But I don’t think she has often been put in a position to adlib or improvise, certainly not like the outrageous set-up of this video.

      Thanks again for downloading and watching!

  4. And yet another great video! Thanks!

    Props to J.S. Bach for providing the world with such fine music, even after all these centuries it still sounds fresh.

    • Hey, Peanuth, glad you enjoyed this one.

      I like Bach’s baroque style, vey simple and straightforward, but still profound.

      Did you happen to pick up in the scene when Monique first walks out of the room into the hallway, there was the sound of violin strings, which I had mentioned. Those were actually playing on the spot, and were not a soundtrack that I added in. I thought it blended in well with the rest of the music.

  5. Yes, I did pick that up. Mainly because you don’t normally blend background noise and music. It’s usually one or the other. 😉

    Brilliant timing though!

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  8. Great photo’s here and outakes.

    Nice use of the trees early on, glad the strings meant you chose the lovely Bach music, loved the blurred camera shot in the hall, it was a lovely shot video. I liked the panties, cute and childish and was torn between wanting the shirt to be shorter to expose more or to enjoy the current sized shirt. Which was a good side. Personally would have liked to have seen her caught in said panties but that’s just an issue of my tastes on the subject. Nice voice effect in the pool area, the towel scene was a little unconvincing though. It’s a nice video overall, I enjoyed myself, it felt gentle with soothing music and a lovely lady.

    As for the story, it doesn’t quite feel cohesive as it jumps about a little but serves it’s purpose. I think the story could have been helped by more dialogue at certain points. The man finding underwear in the forest, why does the finder make no comment? After Monique has dashed across the field in risk of view/streaked through the pool area/seen the building man, she doesn’t speak of it. I think her reactions after the event would help the imagination of what happens in the bits we can’t see.

    As for Monique herself….as I believe I have said before, long nudity/streak tends not to be my thing yet she held my attention throughout the video. She is a very beautiful lady but you have had plenty of attractive models and it is rare my attention doesn’t waver during a streak/stealth enf video so not quite sure what it is. She seemed guilty of looking at the camera and smiling as if a joke had just occurred once or twice but otherwise did a fairly good expression of an unhappy, naked lady. There was a flat patch with dialogue, roughly from having hello-Kitty on to leaving the house but only one patch. Thought her general delivery was solid/decent, not quite drawing me into the character so wouldn’t say good but no complaints outside the earlier one. Maybe one of those times where it just doesn’t quite click for me, I quite liked some of her moans at her situation. Thought she was very good when she realized she didn’t have a key and slumped against the door.

    • Thanks for the great write-up again, mackaie!

      The trees were a foreshadow of the woods episode. I amuse myself doing things like that, makes me feel clever.

      You touched on something I had written about in August, that I was looking for more of a fine art model rather than a fetish model. It was what I was most delighted about with Monique. She is just lovely, no tatoos, and very natural. I appreciate that you enjoy all the attractive ladies I have had an opportunity to work with, it is truly the objective I have in mind with these videos.

      I should have done a better job with her out of character moments, but she has a cute smile, too.

      Again, I think this is a girl who would do very well and even needs a script to memorize and deliver a strong acting performance. Otherwise, it was just an odd situation for her, I guess, and was not able to think of appropriate quips on her feet. But generally, I thought she did well.

      A gradual strip in other types of videos can be a lot of fun, even dramatic building up the anticipation. I am a big fan of those, too. Sometimes, I can’t help but see how long I can keep up a scene with an actress not wearing any clothes.

      As always, the feedback is most welcome.

      • Foreshadowing, as long as it isn’t too heavy, does make a nice touch.

        Yes, Monique is certainly a lady who looks like she could be a fine arts model. I also think there is an element of the girl next door with her as well, she looks sweet and innocent sort of thing. I also agree that she does seem to be someone who needs a script to get the best out her, some aren’t adlibbers and that’s fine.

        I realize I often mention my tastes, like preferring slow strips to streaking enf, a bit too often, sorry. I just mean it, usually, to explain where I come from with my reviews. In this case, I was trying to highlight how Monique held my attention.

      • I enjoy hearing about people’s different tastes. I know I have my own favorite styles and way these stories play out, but I also like to vary things a bit. Monique is very photogenic, and I’m pleased to hear that her performance was able to keep it interesting.

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