Miss Me Yet?

At the end of September, I worked with Sativa for the second time that month. The video we produced breaks the tie she was in with Amy Starr for the most appearances with Narrow-minded Productions. We were able to use Sativa’s own apartment building, which made shooting this one pretty easy.

The story of “Miss Me Yet?” starts out fun and playful. Sativa has returned home after being away for several years. (Art imitates life.) She thinks to surprise her friends by dropping in at their place. When she finds that no one seems to be home, she decides to take a bath while she is waiting. It is only through an exchange of instant messages that Sativa learns otherwise, that she has arrived at the wrong address. And what’s worse, she has already taken off all her clothes in a stranger’s apartment!

The video takes a suspenseful turn, as Sativa discovers her clothes missing (of course) and has to sneak around trying to figure out what is going on, while formulating a plan for an escape. This encompasses the second half of the story.

I have had the pleasure to work with Peanuth O’Toole for the music selection again. The first piece he composed, used here as an introduction and throughout the first part, is sweet cello melody. This was chosen as the cello is suggestive of Sativa’s curvaceous figure, as well as creating a simple, unassuming tone. It is called “A Party Awaits”.

The other music used in the middle part, is more of the plucking of strings. It evokes the image of dripping water… or a naked woman tiptoeing around an unfamiliar setting. This track is called “Suspense in the Bath”.

The full video came out to be approximately 22 minutes in running time. It is available in 3 parts at my clips4sale store.


20 responses to “Miss Me Yet?

    • Hey mackaie, it’s good to see you back.

      The bath photo is great, I love her facial expression in that one. Persoanlly, I’m partial to the one with her holding a frame that has a license plate with her own name on it. That just struck me as humorous.

      Thank you for downloading, and hope you will enjoy the video!

      • Been a busy week but looked forward to seeing this. Also cold weather here so I hate the character for complaining of bath being too hot! 😛

        Lovely opening music so thanks to Peanuth O’Toole, second piece was a little strong at first hearing but was good as the sneaking got under way. Loved the first shot of the apartments with the light on in only one but when “locked out”, was a bit too dark. Early bit where you seemed to have to edit two or three times in a very short period which made it a little jerky for 20 seconds, thankfully not an issue elsewhere. Loved the choice of clothing, never thought I would say that about orangey/pinky shorts, but it suited Sativa’s looks and a returning from travel character.

        Took me, perhaps partly the cold weather, a minute or two to get into the video but once bath started to be run, I found myself drawn in. It was a nice if perhaps slightly too long set up, nicely hinting that the lady was wrong and thought the computer messaging was well done. Then the use of objects to partly cover the nudity, the little scenes in the bathroom (the sock bit was funny) and nice use of number plate. Did wonder why the host didn’t take away the small towel or Sativa use them? Loved the bike scene and the ending was a nice little way to finish it, felt you managed to create a bit of tension throughout the sneaking scenes.

        Loved the way Sativa does fistpumps and little celebratory movements, she used her body well (like the last running scene). Slightly felt she was feeling her way into the role, or at least got stronger after the first few minutes, her puzzlement/jealousy/celebrations were good, did well on the computer thing till the “woah, woah woah” bit which seemed a bit off. Once off the computer, she was back into form with good use of hands and objects to cover, knowing when to play it straight or, like the sock scene, be slightly over the top. Loved the way she reacted when she turned to see her clothes had gone from the bathroom, good when locked out but a bit flat on the briefcase scene. It was an enjoyable and very good performance despite one or two slightly flat moments

        Enjoyed this video so thanks Helmhood

  1. Hi, mackie. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

    The outside scene when we were on the balcony did come out too dark. I tried to brighten it as much as I could in the editing, while still keeping the feel of the night. Also, when I first started to review the raw video, I was not comfortable with how I positioned the opening scene. But Sativa in those shorts, bending over, and then doing those stretches… I found myself thinking, how incredible is this girl! So, yes, I let that run probably longer than I should, because I wanted to linger on her body.

    The use of the computer for instant messaging was very important to me, because I wanted to avoid using a cell phone to contact her friends. I felt that was done too many times already, I even had her on the phone early in “Mystery Shopper”. The premise of using a stanger’s computer to IM her firiends was a stretch, but I got to shoot her lying on her tummy on the bed, one of my favorite positions for a naked woman!

    The same with the towels. I should have taken better care to clear the area, however at that point, I was caught up in Sativa’s nudity. If it helps with the suspension of disbelief, I would suggest her character was more upset and distracted about where her clothes went, to think about finding something else to cover up with.

    Glad you liked the effort made to create some tension. Always difficult without another actor. Probably could have set up the camera to record myself walking around other parts of her place, as if the owner and Sativa were just missing each other. But generally, that’s not my thing.

    I appreciate the details you point out, so i can look for ways to make improvements.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for making these video’s and allowing me to be honest.

      I agree the computer idea was a nice change from using the phone and you used it well, I quite liked the scene. Given Sativa thought it was her friends computer, thought it made sense.

      Things like the towel happen, don’t worry. It was just a brief moment of puzzlement rather then a scene ruiner. I think part of me was hoping for her to try and use it but for the towel to be too small.

      I honestly felt it worked well without another actor anyway but I appreciate the difficulty of selling the idea about someone in the apartment. Maybe sound effects or a still camera with you creating noise off camera?

      I worry when I do make these mentions that it gives the impression I don’t enjoy your stuff.

      • Ha ha… never worry about that. It really is great! When I share the comments with Sativa, she loves the attention to details. I shows that the viewer cares enough to be invested in the production. She says no one else gives her feedback on her other work like what she receives on these videos.

        So thank you, from both of us, and please keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the thanks, mackaie!

    For years I’ve watched helmhood’s videos, seen them grow in quality. And now I can actually contribute. I do so enjoy being part of such magical stuff.

    Sativa certainly is amazing in this one. The bed scene is simply stunning. Was her body always this flawless or is it the new and improved camera that captures some more of her natural beauty and radiant personality? 😉

    • Hi, Peanuth! We are glad to have you part of these production. Your work has helped to take the music selections to a new level. I still get goosebumps when I hear the piano/guitar at the beginning of “Mystery Shopper”. I could have never found a better accompaniment.

      Mackaie beat me to it in his reply below, but yes, I believe Sativa has always been flawless from the moment I first worked with her.

  3. Thanks O’Toole and Sativa for the encouragement.

    The lady was always flawless! Maybe my memory is bad (it is), but it seems to me her sense of personality comes out a bit more in the latest video’s and it is something I am enjoying about them.

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  5. Congratulations!!! It’s awesome watching another video of Sativa, the greatest erotic actress in the world!!!
    But (in my opinion) I think it’s time to take a step forward in the videos. I mean, we all love your videos, because we love this kind of… erotic stuff, you know. But I wish, if you could just, maybe…give us a little bit more. Something like “My College Intern”, a video in which you gave us an excellent kinda “sex” scene…

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