Outtakes Video: Miss Me Yet?

I have an 8 minute clip of outtakes from my previous video featuring Sativa Verte, called Miss Me Yet?

A lot of times, what I reveal in clips like these is me giving direction in between takes in order to see the girl’s reaction, or capture an out of character moment and other funny scenes.  In this case, I actually have at the end of the clip, a couple of takes that were not used in the final production. One was an alternate way to shoot the ending, and the other was something comical but I thought a little too over the top. Besides, I knew I would be adding these bits to the outtakes video anyway.

For those who are curious, I often have multiple takes for a scene or a line of dialogue delivered. But in my experience, I have found the first take is usually the best one from the actress. Unless she really messed up, I’m talking about slight variations. Once you start telling the actor to try something in a different way, I think they almost focus too hard and it does not come out as well. I would rather go with the motions and delivery that came to her naturally.

As I mentioned briefly in the original video post, this was filmed on location at Sativa’s apartment building. Hence the personal artifacts, which we tied into the story by creating a mystery of why they were in a stranger’s place. We shot this on a Friday night, around 7:30 or 8:00 in the evening.

Here is the link to download the outtakes video:

Miss Me Yet – Outtakes


6 responses to “Outtakes Video: Miss Me Yet?

  1. Reminded me that I liked how Verte did a whispering tone during some scenes. Was going to ask where you got the sign but guessing it is something she owns?

    Seems like the two of you had fun (loved the celebration when she found the dress), agree with your cutting choices. Always intresting to hear about how you work, thinking about it I can certainly understand what you mean about going for natural over instructed.

  2. That was a personal license plate she had made for her and framed. She can be eccentric like that.

    Yes, definitely was a fun shoot. Always a good time with Sativa. Now I want to pair her up with another actress for our next video. While I enjoy her solo performances, it is nice to stretch her acting abilities.

    • That would be awesome to have all three of them them together. It might possibly be the Greatest Video Ever. I can’t make any promises yet, but perhaps something could be arranged for a Narrow-minded Christmas Special.

    • The flip side is, depending on travel schedules, I think Sativa has a model that she shoots with when she is out here, so I might team her up with a face new to these productions. I’ll see how things work out. It will be as much a surprise to me as anyone at this point!

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