Outtakes Video: After School Special

I have created a six and a half minute clip of outtakes from my latest video with Briella. Some of what I captured here are the takes that I could not use because I did not position the camera or frame the scene right. I was using the hotel room and improvised it as a three-in-one location, serving as the waiting area, Principal’s office, and Briella’s bedroom. As such, I had to be careful not to shoot the bed when I was trying to get only the desk. Another bit is where I was standing on the stool, and caught part of my reflection in the mirror. Overall, this was a little too cramped for my comfort.

Also included are some takes when we were outdoors. There was another building I attempted to work into the video first, but Briella thought it was not a safe place to shoot. It turns out, the other location was much better and had more of a “school” feel to it.

The music featured at the beginning and end is a tease of Peanuth O’Toole’s “Delta Kappa Gamma”. The length of the guitar track is played in the full video.

Here is a link to download the clip:

After School Special – Outtakes

How sweet does Briella look in the bed picture below!

After School Special

A few months ago, Briella Jaden contacted me and we arranged to shoot another video on the first weekend of November. The idea for this production was to piggyback on the one we did previously, First Day at a New School. That video had ended with Briella forced to undress because she did not have the proper uniform, and was sent to the Principal’s office. While this installment is not meant to be a direct continuation, it does however pick up with Briella in the office only now with a borrowed uniform.

It is the end of the school day, and the Principal requires that she return the school’s property.

There are some continuity issues, due to the fact that the original video was shot back in February. Since then, Briella has cut her hair, which looks adorable but does create an inconsistent timeline. I would suggest this story does not take place the same day, but rather later in the week, after she has been allowed to wear a substitute uniform.

Once she is forced to undress in front of the Principal, she is then sent on her way home, without so much as a spare change of clothing. This would also help explain why she was not able to retrieve her original outfit. The borrowed skirt and sweater combination was all she came to school with on this day.

There is a little bit of outdoor nudity as Briella makes her way to her car outside the school building. While not as extensive as other videos, the scene was still a lot of fun to shoot.

Finally, Briella returns home and slumps down in her bedroom. Exhausted, mentally and physically, the beautiful girl is overwhelmed by the experience and the spectacle of being seen naked by so many people. This leads into an escalation of her arousal, which I hope was done tastefully enough.

The music selections were very important to make this production complete. As noted previously, Briella is not the strongest actress, although she has her moments. I believe the musical element helped fill in the gaps and tie everything together.

I was very happy again with the contribution of Peanuth O’Toole, a guitar track called “Delta Kappa Gamma”, which has an AC/DC vibe to it. Awesome! When this soundtrack plays, the video reminds me of a high school teen comedy from the 1980’s. In addition, we were discussing how the instrument that best represents Briella is an electric guitar, probably the flying-V style.

Then there is a contrast in the use of Chopin’s piano opus, “Scherzo in B flat minor”, which I used for interludes during the scenes in the Principal’s Office. Without this accompaniment, I think the overall feel would be too empty.

On a side note, the Saturday we shot this video was shortly after the hurricane that devastated parts of Long Island. I was grateful that Briella was dedicated enough to make the long trip out here, as she was driving. On top of that, we were facing a critical gas shortage like has not been seen since the 1970’s. I had enough fuel to get me through the rest of the weekend, and fortunately Briella was able to fill up afterward on her way to Connecticut.

And yes, I did put myself in this as the Principal, filmed from behind. I thought it was necessary to give Briella someone on screen to react to. Normally, I don’t like to call attention to myself this way, as Briella should always remain the star attraction.

The full video runs over 16 minutes. It is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.

Mid-November Update

Hey everyone,

I shot a new video earlier this month. My intention was to have it finished and posted this weekend. However, I have had a busy past few days. The editing is almost done, and I am working on the final scene. Then I just have to add credits and music, which has already been chosen, with thanks to Peanuth O’Toole. Definitely, I would think to have the video ready by Thanksgiving.

I’m not going into any details, since the release should be very soon. But here is a tease screen capture.

Stay tuned!

Trick or Treat 2 (2009)

When I decided to do a sequel to Trick or Treat in October of 2009, I brought in the talent of Jordana Leigh. This would be the first time for us working together. As this featured another Grimble Gang story line, I had pitched the idea to her in advance, and she was interested. I had a feeling that Jordana possessed the sense of humor and ability to pull off something silly like this. Because it was our first time and the concept was a little unusual, I wrote out a full script, detailing the scenes and providing dialogue for both her character and the Gang. The structured direction helped the shoot go very well.

For the location, I returned to the same house as used previously. Only this time, because I wanted to incorporate different locations, I made use of the full living area instead of just the office downstairs. That is one thing that would stand out about this sequel. Also, the story had more of a literal Halloween application, with Jordana dressed up as a sexy schoolgirl, going out for some trick-or-treating. It was raining earlier in the day and cloudy, which is why the young woman makes reference to the weather as she walks up the long driveway in the opening scene. This also suggests an alternative motivation in that she was seeking shelter, not just to add to her bucket full of candy.

Jordana’s reaction when her character first encounters the Gang is priceless. She is startled, looking down at the little guys on the floor, and appropriately flustered in her short skirt with them staring all the way up her legs. Bananas is in rare form, addressing her as “toots” and “honey”, and ready to dismiss her from the house. However, she already has a bucket full of treats, and this will soon become a point of interest.

The Gang directs Jordana downstairs, which has some nice B-movie horror overtones such as a descent down the stairs in black and white, and then being seated in a dank boiler room. But once Bananas has secured her bucket of candy, the characters suddenly vanish. This starts Jordana on a mission, determined to find and get back the treats that belong to her. One by one, she tracks down the members of the Grimble Gang in various rooms throughout the house. They agree to help and give her clues about where to find her candy, but at the cost of an article of clothing each time!

The story unfolds and develops, as Jordana undresses, leading up to a climactic confrontation with Cluck-cluck the warlock chicken. Because of the way this was scripted, the production features a slow and gradual stripping. She does not lose the last items until the final scenes. Nevertheless, Jordana looked great in her red thong panties, which are on display for about half the video. Her body is delightful, even if I am personally not a big fan of tanlines.

I think Jordana did a marvelous job with her acting performance, expressing embarrassment, bewilderment, frustration and even anger. And she had some impressive figurative shoes to fill considering the actress she was replacing. Jordana’s interactions make this fun to watch.

The soundtrack of course uses the Toccata and Fugue by J.S. Bach. But this time, I cut it in certain parts, and mostly played the music when Jordana did not have any spoken lines.

The full video runs 18 and a half minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.

Below in a link to download the 3 minute trailer, which includes a few outtakes at the end.

Trick or Treat 2 – Trailer

Trick or Treat (2008)

In light of my latest installment of the Halloween video series called “Trick or Treat”, I wanted to go back and post about the original production.

This video features Sativa Verte after I had been working with her for one year. We shot this in October of 2008, and the story uses the Grimble Gang characters, which she has interacted with previously. In this episode, Sativa is given the address of a therapist recommended by a friend. However, she arrives at the wrong office and is treated for her visit by Doctor Bananas. Things start to get a little strange when she lies down on the black leather couch, thinking to tell the shrink her problems, when suddenly the lights go out! This happens two more times, each occasion results in some articles of clothing missing when the lights go back up.

This is something specific that I had wanted to try, a scene going dark, and then showing the woman undressed when the lights are back on. It is a comedic trick that was used in a Benny Hill sketch some time ago. Thinking back, it is also sort of the implied action that I was talking about in my first video with Monique.  The viewer does not actually get to see the stripping, but witnesses the result. In fact, Sativa’s character makes quips and comments of frustration suggesting that playful hands are at work, making off with her items when the lights are out. And that is in fact what has happened.

Only at the very end is it revealed that Grimble characters Hound, and introducing Cluck-Cluck the magic chicken, have been enjoying their ill-gotten treasures of Sativa’s outfit, bra and panties and all. Tee hee!

Speaking of her wardrobe, Sativa looked pretty sleek and sexy in her black jacket, and the matching skirt she picked up the morning of the shoot. We had gone shopping before getting to work, and she also picked out the adorable matching polka-dot underwear set.

Another detail I liked was near the beginning, when Doctor Bananas consults the calendar to confirm he has an appointment. It was hilarious that the October 2008 page had a couple of gorillas for the wildlife photo.

For the music, I naturally went with the Toccata and Fugue by J.S. Bach, for the creepy horror movie feel. However, I kept the organ track running the entire time, even looping it when the piece ends after seven minutes. Later, I received feedback that the constant music was a distraction and detracted from when Sativa spoke her lines. So for the next two “Trick or Treat” videos, I would drop the music accordingly once the dialogue starts, or else used it sparingly in between. Also, another effort I made to create some atmosphere was using an old black and white film reel visual effect on the opening shot of the house. I actually thought it came out rather well.

This video was fun to shoot, and it was also a nice day spent with the beautiful young woman. As I mentioned, we had made some store purchases in the morning and also stopped for breakfast. In the video, I included a brief outtake after the end credits where Sativa has the giggles. I told her it must have been the oatmeal. That was one of the few times, I believe, I included extra video after the credits. Just to give folks a reason to watch all the way through!

This light-hearted production runs 12 minutes, and is available at my clips4sale store.

Below is a link to download two minutes of outtakes from the video.

Trick or Treat – Outtakes


Trick or Treat III

I have put together a video featuring Monique, called “Trick or Treat III”

In the tradition of bad horror movie sequels, this sexy comedy continues the adventures of the Grimble Gang as every Halloween they find a beautiful young woman to have some light-hearted fun with, often causing the total loss of her clothing.

This time around, it is Monique invited to a party by Bananas and friends. Soon, the young lady is given a dare to go trick-or-treating. Completely in the nude. She refuses, of course. However, after much peer pressure (and perhaps some of that drink that was in her glass) she agrees to do this outrageous thing, but more so to just get the Gang off her back. The hosts of the party still have a surprise waiting for her.

The video starts out with the iconic organ music of J.S. Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor. The opening scene then picks up with some generic techno music looped in the background. I am not a great fan of this style of music, but it was meant to establish the location as a place where a party was going on. I reduced the music volume, but have it running continuously for about the first four minutes, until Monique is ready to leave the house.

The full video is about 9 and a half minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.