Trick or Treat III

I have put together a video featuring Monique, called “Trick or Treat III”

In the tradition of bad horror movie sequels, this sexy comedy continues the adventures of the Grimble Gang as every Halloween they find a beautiful young woman to have some light-hearted fun with, often causing the total loss of her clothing.

This time around, it is Monique invited to a party by Bananas and friends. Soon, the young lady is given a dare to go trick-or-treating. Completely in the nude. She refuses, of course. However, after much peer pressure (and perhaps some of that drink that was in her glass) she agrees to do this outrageous thing, but more so to just get the Gang off her back. The hosts of the party still have a surprise waiting for her.

The video starts out with the iconic organ music of J.S. Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor. The opening scene then picks up with some generic techno music looped in the background. I am not a great fan of this style of music, but it was meant to establish the location as a place where a party was going on. I reduced the music volume, but have it running continuously for about the first four minutes, until Monique is ready to leave the house.

The full video is about 9 and a half minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.


10 responses to “Trick or Treat III

  1. Monique is a doll! I hope she will make many more appearances. I must live in the wrong neighborhood, I never had a trick or treater like that!

    • Thanks, Kevin. I appreciate that you enjoyed this video. Seems like Monique fits right in with the Grimble Gang! It would be fun to see someone like her being sent on various errands through town.

  2. Halloween music for start and credits, the early music did feel like a good rhythm for a Halloween based arcade game. Don’t think it quite sells it as a party though it was a good idea, the scene just felt like a small drinking thing between friends. Also bear looks adorable in his chef hat.

    Decent video, a nice amount of fun though not a particular favourite. Liked the blurry look for the glass, it was an intresting view point as was when she clambered up in the playground with the camera below, nice conservative costume and good use of her long hair. Found the transition from “I don’t show skin, I’m classy” to stripping off to be rather quick. That and never quite being sure of Monique characters (see below) feelings on the subject meant it took me a minute or two to get into it. I admit I’m not quite sure, beyond trickery (which changes mood) or poker (takes too long I suspect) what could have been done to make the transition smoother. Ending felt slightly inconclusive for some reason, you have done good endings which leaves someone streaking home before but this one felt

    In regards Monique, plenty I liked and one or two things that she could do better on but I like her and hope to see more from her. I thought she went from a character who was, while slightly embarrassed, having fun doing her friends demand then suddenly a lot more embarrassed at having to streak back home. Thought she was a lot of fun in the set up, a nice amount of reluctance and chattiness as if to friends daring her. During the fun/enf, her smiles and her demeanour certainly sent the vibe of fun, she delivered her lines well and she played well off the gang/invisible people. When she spoke of being embarrassed, those were the only times she founded flat rather then insincere/fake when delivering the dialogue and any arm/item use to hide her body seemed token. Which is what I imagine you were going for but didn’t work that out for a bit. She did have a habit in the first half of seeming to look rather high rather then at the gang or the camera, as if looking at you but not sure if that was just me?

    When the attitude changed to the real enf scenes, she only smiled once (between pot and waddling duck) and she did a decent job, if slightly stiff, in pure enf. In the playground was the first time she used the words embarrassed and had the sentence sound real though she struck me as a tad hesitant in the playground. Again she delivered her lines well, sounding increasingly frustrated with her friends, her face was of a woman suddenly embarrassed, she scampered well as we get the first shot of her racing through the night.

    As for the big question: I would slightly say she makes more of an Eve then a Godiva in my view. Not that she would make a bad Godiva

  3. Spot on in your observations, mackaie. This was something I put together quick and on the fly, if you will. There were a couple of changes of schedule, before Monique was able to make it out that night.

    It think it is evident that Monique is a bright young lady and well spoken. But she does not do as well in the ad-lib/improvisation department. I have a sense that she would be much better given a fully realized script and specific lines to deliver.

    It’s funny you mention about her embarrassment seeming more genuine out on the playground. Again, like when we were at the hotel, she seems to take a cautious approach if there is some risk involved. Nervous, but certainly up for the scene. I just wish I could translate that emotion into the video.

    I can toally see her as Eve in a garden. I would have to get her up on a horse to judge how well she could play Lady Godiva!

    Thank you for all the comments.

    • Just realized there was a sentence I didn’t finish in that review. Ah well, think the point got across anyway.

      I would, admittedly having only seen her once, agree with your thoughts on Monique. She does like someone who, at least at this stage, needs to know what she is meant to be doing.

      That sense of nervous and up for it… She did both, just at separate times. I mean I didn’t get the impression she was uncomfortable with doing the scene but yeah, be intresting to see if she can combine the two sides she showed.

      I suspect Godiva is the history/folktale with an enf twist that is the trickiest one to do. One can fake a crowd for, say, the Empress New Clothes, Eve seems relatively simple. It’s the being mounted on something like a horse or a bike/car that seems difficult about the Godiva tale.

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  6. What happened at the end of the video? Why was she outside again? What was the toy chicken doing again?

    • Hi Phillip,

      This is a Halloween video, so it is meant to be a little strange. At the end, Monique is frustrated about not finding her clothes and asks, “How am I supposed to get home?” It then cuts to the chicken moving around while creepy music plays. The next thing we see, Monique is running outside stark naked.

      The chicken is a character from the Grimble Gang, who was introduced in the first Trick or Treat. The story is that he is able to use magic. So in the video, there are two possibilities. After Monique makes her comment, either he cast a spell that sent her outside. Or else she was totally freaked out by the chicken, and just streaked out of the house!

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