Trick or Treat 2 (2009)

When I decided to do a sequel to Trick or Treat in October of 2009, I brought in the talent of Jordana Leigh. This would be the first time for us working together. As this featured another Grimble Gang story line, I had pitched the idea to her in advance, and she was interested. I had a feeling that Jordana possessed the sense of humor and ability to pull off something silly like this. Because it was our first time and the concept was a little unusual, I wrote out a full script, detailing the scenes and providing dialogue for both her character and the Gang. The structured direction helped the shoot go very well.

For the location, I returned to the same house as used previously. Only this time, because I wanted to incorporate different locations, I made use of the full living area instead of just the office downstairs. That is one thing that would stand out about this sequel. Also, the story had more of a literal Halloween application, with Jordana dressed up as a sexy schoolgirl, going out for some trick-or-treating. It was raining earlier in the day and cloudy, which is why the young woman makes reference to the weather as she walks up the long driveway in the opening scene. This also suggests an alternative motivation in that she was seeking shelter, not just to add to her bucket full of candy.

Jordana’s reaction when her character first encounters the Gang is priceless. She is startled, looking down at the little guys on the floor, and appropriately flustered in her short skirt with them staring all the way up her legs. Bananas is in rare form, addressing her as “toots” and “honey”, and ready to dismiss her from the house. However, she already has a bucket full of treats, and this will soon become a point of interest.

The Gang directs Jordana downstairs, which has some nice B-movie horror overtones such as a descent down the stairs in black and white, and then being seated in a dank boiler room. But once Bananas has secured her bucket of candy, the characters suddenly vanish. This starts Jordana on a mission, determined to find and get back the treats that belong to her. One by one, she tracks down the members of the Grimble Gang in various rooms throughout the house. They agree to help and give her clues about where to find her candy, but at the cost of an article of clothing each time!

The story unfolds and develops, as Jordana undresses, leading up to a climactic confrontation with Cluck-cluck the warlock chicken. Because of the way this was scripted, the production features a slow and gradual stripping. She does not lose the last items until the final scenes. Nevertheless, Jordana looked great in her red thong panties, which are on display for about half the video. Her body is delightful, even if I am personally not a big fan of tanlines.

I think Jordana did a marvelous job with her acting performance, expressing embarrassment, bewilderment, frustration and even anger. And she had some impressive figurative shoes to fill considering the actress she was replacing. Jordana’s interactions make this fun to watch.

The soundtrack of course uses the Toccata and Fugue by J.S. Bach. But this time, I cut it in certain parts, and mostly played the music when Jordana did not have any spoken lines.

The full video runs 18 and a half minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.

Below in a link to download the 3 minute trailer, which includes a few outtakes at the end.

Trick or Treat 2 – Trailer

6 responses to “Trick or Treat 2 (2009)

  1. Not a huge fan of tanlines but they do draw attention to certain area’s.

    Ah yes, this was my favourite of the Halloween video’s I believe. The gang were awesome, there was a Halloween feel to it with a side order of humour, Leigh put in a strong performance.

    • Now that I have a nice trilogy of this series, I would have to say this one is definitely the best out of the “Trick or Treat” videos. The running time is a product of a planned out script and Jordana executed her part near perfectly.

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