Mid-November Update

Hey everyone,

I shot a new video earlier this month. My intention was to have it finished and posted this weekend. However, I have had a busy past few days. The editing is almost done, and I am working on the final scene. Then I just have to add credits and music, which has already been chosen, with thanks to Peanuth O’Toole. Definitely, I would think to have the video ready by Thanksgiving.

I’m not going into any details, since the release should be very soon. But here is a tease screen capture.

Stay tuned!

10 responses to “Mid-November Update

    • Briella cut her hair since our last video, almost down to shoulder-length. I think it looks cute.

      I’m saving the high-resolution digital photos for the post when the video is finished.

      • The blurry thing wasn’t a complaint. The haircut does look nice

        A sequel, or part sequel, of her last video would be fun. We don’t often have enf sequels now I think about it, might be nice to someday do a sequel with the lady still embarrassed over what happens in first video?

    • Yes, Briella plays a schoolgirl. That should suggest a sequel of sorts to the classroom video from earlier this year.

      I am working on a Preview clip for Trick or Treat III, as there were not too many actual outtakes. Although I had a few funny moments with Monique, which I will share. But anyway, I fell way behind schedule with the Briella shoot and now putting that one together. Just trying to wrap things up before the end of the year.

  1. mackaie,

    For a photograph (I know, it’s only a screen capture) it is interesting that she appears more in the background, which would make sense for a blurry distant shot with the foreground being more clear. I haven’t really done much of that, even when photographing two ladies. That is having another person out of focus in the back.

    For this video, there are allusions to the earlier classroom episode. Hopefully Briella was able to show that she is still embarrassed about what happened.

  2. The new haircut suits me better. I am so glad that you are still here and working ( like an ant ). All the more that today when I clicked on my link I found the page unavailable because of violation of terms. But they were probably only temporary misunderstandings.

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