After School Special

A few months ago, Briella Jaden contacted me and we arranged to shoot another video on the first weekend of November. The idea for this production was to piggyback on the one we did previously, First Day at a New School. That video had ended with Briella forced to undress because she did not have the proper uniform, and was sent to the Principal’s office. While this installment is not meant to be a direct continuation, it does however pick up with Briella in the office only now with a borrowed uniform.

It is the end of the school day, and the Principal requires that she return the school’s property.

There are some continuity issues, due to the fact that the original video was shot back in February. Since then, Briella has cut her hair, which looks adorable but does create an inconsistent timeline. I would suggest this story does not take place the same day, but rather later in the week, after she has been allowed to wear a substitute uniform.

Once she is forced to undress in front of the Principal, she is then sent on her way home, without so much as a spare change of clothing. This would also help explain why she was not able to retrieve her original outfit. The borrowed skirt and sweater combination was all she came to school with on this day.

There is a little bit of outdoor nudity as Briella makes her way to her car outside the school building. While not as extensive as other videos, the scene was still a lot of fun to shoot.

Finally, Briella returns home and slumps down in her bedroom. Exhausted, mentally and physically, the beautiful girl is overwhelmed by the experience and the spectacle of being seen naked by so many people. This leads into an escalation of her arousal, which I hope was done tastefully enough.

The music selections were very important to make this production complete. As noted previously, Briella is not the strongest actress, although she has her moments. I believe the musical element helped fill in the gaps and tie everything together.

I was very happy again with the contribution of Peanuth O’Toole, a guitar track called “Delta Kappa Gamma”, which has an AC/DC vibe to it. Awesome! When this soundtrack plays, the video reminds me of a high school teen comedy from the 1980’s. In addition, we were discussing how the instrument that best represents Briella is an electric guitar, probably the flying-V style.

Then there is a contrast in the use of Chopin’s piano opus, “Scherzo in B flat minor”, which I used for interludes during the scenes in the Principal’s Office. Without this accompaniment, I think the overall feel would be too empty.

On a side note, the Saturday we shot this video was shortly after the hurricane that devastated parts of Long Island. I was grateful that Briella was dedicated enough to make the long trip out here, as she was driving. On top of that, we were facing a critical gas shortage like has not been seen since the 1970’s. I had enough fuel to get me through the rest of the weekend, and fortunately Briella was able to fill up afterward on her way to Connecticut.

And yes, I did put myself in this as the Principal, filmed from behind. I thought it was necessary to give Briella someone on screen to react to. Normally, I don’t like to call attention to myself this way, as Briella should always remain the star attraction.

The full video runs over 16 minutes. It is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.

14 responses to “After School Special

    • I had the idea because I wanted to explore more of the embarrassment leads to the girl getting turned on. But I also knew Briella would be comfortable with that. So this was the video to do it.

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    • This was a shoot that had it’s challenges, but Briella carried on like a trooper.

      I get the feeling that she earnestly tries her best on the acting side. It’s just this kind of enf material is demanding and she probably needs more coaching. She also kind of has a pouting, baby voice, at least in this one, doesn’t she? Maybe she was trying to play a brat, which could have worked for a school storyline. A characteristic that I noticed, and might have put off some viewers.

  2. That was fun, enjoyed the slow stripping and the pleasure session was better then I expected, loved it when she turned into the pillows and watching her squirm with her back to us. Wasn’t a fan of the opening music but liked Scherzo in B flat minor, skirt was amusing short but wondered how uncomfortable the shirt/blouse would be if one all day. Thought the pink panties looked nice on her.

    First part was fun as as I said. It was good to have Jaden reacting to someone, the strip tease was well done with the unusual uniform a useful device. Good lines between the principle and the student, his amusing demands and her complaints. worked well though the coffee line was a bit weird. The scampering outside was quick and her delivery at the car was off for me. Liked the way she flumped down on the bed and as I said, loved her turning her back on camera, muffling herself with the pillows and squirming. Would have liked her being descriptive about her day during the bed scenes, a bit more dialogue.

    Thought Jaden was enjoyable if a tad erratic. She did excellent nervousness with her body, using her fists to good effect though she seemed a tad unsure when doing hands to face. At times she did a good whine or complaint, good pouts, I liked the brattyness and she starred during the last parts but other times her voice or facial acting was a little over the top, a bit prone to smiling or sultry looks when doing an enf pose. Also found her voice a bit too quiet but may just be me.

    • Hi, mackaie, thank you for your comments! If it was up to me, I would rather go with a traditional school uniform, proper length plaid skirt and blouse, maybe even white socks and black buckle shoes. But all Briella had with her were those skimpy fetish wear. At least we worked it into the story that it was all the school had for her to borrow, and in fact enhanced her embarrassment. Glad to hear the outfit worked for you.

      Yes, the coffee scene was a bit forced. I probably would have left it out, but I wanted to reach a certain running time for this video.

      As far as Briella’s speech patterns, she just doesn’t seem to project as well as other actors I’ve worked with. Or she is inconsistent with it. Wish she would have ad-libbed more, or I had given her lines during the bed sequence. I wasn’t quite sure how to direct that. Her giving descriptions of the day would have been a good idea.

      Thanks for downloading and watching!

      • Thanks for making it.

        I would go inconsistent with a tendency to go a bit too over the top. I can see how the bed scene must be awkward to direct and knowing quite whether to give instructions or not.

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