Outtakes Video: After School Special

I have created a six and a half minute clip of outtakes from my latest video with Briella. Some of what I captured here are the takes that I could not use because I did not position the camera or frame the scene right. I was using the hotel room and improvised it as a three-in-one location, serving as the waiting area, Principal’s office, and Briella’s bedroom. As such, I had to be careful not to shoot the bed when I was trying to get only the desk. Another bit is where I was standing on the stool, and caught part of my reflection in the mirror. Overall, this was a little too cramped for my comfort.

Also included are some takes when we were outdoors. There was another building I attempted to work into the video first, but Briella thought it was not a safe place to shoot. It turns out, the other location was much better and had more of a “school” feel to it.

The music featured at the beginning and end is a tease of Peanuth O’Toole’s “Delta Kappa Gamma”. The length of the guitar track is played in the full video.

Here is a link to download the clip:

After School Special – Outtakes

How sweet does Briella look in the bed picture below!

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