Merry Christmas

I wanted to post something for the upcoming holiday. Since I did not shoot any new promotional video this year, I went back and sort of re-mastered an old clip I did with Sativa Verte in December of 2007. This includes a brief message from the beautiful young woman. I added my trademark logo and some new title cards that I was able to create with this version of Windows Movie Maker.

As far as I know, this is a pretty rare clip. It was posted at my old newsgroup. I don’t know how readily available it is elsewhere, without digging around. Hopefully it will be new for some people.

The music used is “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” by J.S. Bach, which I also selected for Holiday Hotline. This track seems to have become my default Christmas Music for Narrow-minded Productions, since it is the only seasonal baroque piece I own. The re-editing of the original clip was a little tricky as it already had the music embedded in the file. Thus, the part with Sativa speaking might sound in stereo or like there are multiple string sections playing, as I had to lay down the music again.

Here is the link to download the video file:

Merry Christmas – NMP

And below is a snapshot from the clip to enjoy. Best wishes to everyone, and look forward to lots more in the new year…

Stay tuned!

“Empty for the holidays? Fuel up with some nudity… Narrow-minded Productions!”

~Sativa Verte, December 2007

Sativa Holiday

Outtakes Video: Trick or Treat III

A little out of season, but I just put together a short 3 minute clip of some outtakes from my recent Halloween video. It was a simple and straight-forward shoot, so there was not a lot of opportunity for funny moments. However, there is a bit of extra material that has not been seen before, and she still looks great naked.

The closest we came to getting caught was outside the front of the house. It was fairly quiet, but there were some people out that night and cars drove by a few times, making me wait to capture the scene.

Below is the link to download the clip.

Outtakes – Trick or Treat 3




Holiday Hotline

After I worked with Jordana Leigh for the first time in 2009, casting her in a Halloween themed video, I decided to bring her back for another seasonal production in time for Christmas. The story would have her in the role of a customer service operator working the phones at a merchandise warehouse on Christmas Eve. She thinks it is a waste of time and no one will call at this late shopping hour, but then is surprised by the ringing telephone. It is established that she has certain bonus incentives to make a lot of sales, namely a trip to Hawaii. So upon talking with the caller, Jordana is very motivated to answer his wishes.

One of the parts I enjoyed was the alliteration in her initial greeting, “Holiday Hotline How may I Help you?” Jordana suggested she even answer the phone with the name Holly, but I was afraid that might be too much of a tongue twister.

The caller goes on to explain that he is desperate to find some gifts for his girlfriend, and of course ends up talking Jordana into selling her the clothes she is wearing! I thought Jordana did a nice job with this one-sided telephone conversation. I gave her the caller’s responses to feed off of, but she adlibbed and improvised most of her lines. Little direction was needed, other than to guide her in the process of the unfolding story. She really put herself in the shoes of the character. Well, until she sells her shoes…

Because I kind of let Jordana just run with the dialogue and build up the gradual disrobing, the full length of the video came out to be nearly 27 minutes. I would split this into 2 parts, one of the first times I had done that before switching to higher resolution files, which made more manageable chunks necessary. It was also her idea to deliver the box nude without incident and then come back and cover up with a Santa robe, only to have the caller request this item as well. This led to a double shot of Jordana’s nudity and delaying the inevitable big finish.

The embarrassing climax at the end would be when her character discovers the webcam on her computer was recording her the whole time!



Here was a nice moment of Hidden Nudity…


… And great embarrassed expression from Jordana


A little unusual, but I did not have many outtakes to make from this video. Again, this is because Jordana is very talented and has a natural ability to play the part presented to her without any trouble. There were few slip-ups or out of character moments. Once she put on that Santa hat, it was full speed ahead. So instead, I created a trailer of about 3 and a half minutes, which showcases some of the highlights of the full production.

Below is a link to download the trailer. The full video is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.

Holiday Hotline – Trailer

Poll: Video of the Year 2012

All right, let’s see how the poll function on this blog works. Vote below for the title you think should be Narrow-minded Productions Video of the Year.

Just a standard disclaimer, this is entirely for fun. And while the results are of great interest to me, it does not mean that the winner will represent the actress (or actresses) and style that I will work on next. There are many of logistics involved even in putting together a simple production. A lot of times it comes down to who is available to work, and what locations I can use.


This Poll will run for one month, with results being counted up until January 2, 2013.

2012 Year in Review

This past year was a busy one for Narrow-minded Productions. Not only in terms of content, but also in starting and maintaining this blog. It was a year featuring surprise appearances and memorable performances. With the exception of Kylee Rain and Kerri Taylor, who played antagonist characters, and Constance Perl who was just beginning to work with me, all the other young ladies were featured in two videos. Interesting how it turned out that way.

Below is a rundown of the year’s videos in chronological order. I will only give a brief write-up, as each one will be linked to its appropriate post.

In a separate update I will follow up with a poll, for those who are so inclined, to vote on the Video of the Year. And now, on to the selections:

1. Office Help

After teaming up these two for the first time in 2011, I brought back Lydia Lael and Tara Rose for their third production. To be fair, this video was shot in mid-December. But with the holidays and preparations, it would not be released until the beginning of January. In this one, Lydia plays Tara’s bumbling assistant who causes all kinds of clothing misfortunes until both women are totally nude.


2. First Day at a New School

I brought back Briella Jaden for her second video with me, and paired her against more mature Kylee Rain. The highlight of this production was using a classroom location and being able to create a teacher/student dynamic.


3. The Rules

A more scripted storyline that involves a little revenge and domination, I chose a new model named Aphrodite and worked with Kerri Taylor for the first time, casting them to play the characters of Lauren and Jessie, respectively. Aphrodite is the cute and curvy Latina, while Kerri takes on the role of the more fit and athletic college girl.


4. Anatomy of a Dare

An experimental video, of sorts, I brought Aphrodite back to go full nude in broad daylight in some public locations. These included a school playground and a quiet road. Not so much of a coherent story, but rather daring to see how long Aphrodite could be kept naked.


5. To Catch a Thief

For more character development and vaudeville like comedy, the duo of Tara Rose and Lydia Lael return as a sexy robber and rookie security guard. After being caught trying to steal from the office, Tara is strip searched. But then the hapless Lydia knocks herself out and finds her clothes removed. Only then, she handcuffs herself to the equally naked Tara, and the two struggle to make their way through the building.


6. My College Intern

An extended rental opportunity allowed me to use the same location and introduce Constance Perl for a little self-parody. Playing an intern who works for me and is assigned to review one of my videos, Constance gets a little turned on and talks herself into stripping while no one is around. After her clothes are left outside the door, and disappear, she becomes very aroused despite her situation. This video also marks the beginning of working with Peanuth O’Toole for music contributions.


7. Mystery Shopper

Unbelievably, after four years, Sativa Verte returns to create a fun video around the location of a shopping mall. Her character gets her dress caught in the car door, and she has to pull it off while sneaking around stark naked, trying to figure out how to get out of this mess. This is a classically entertaining production featuring some “impressive” public nudity.


8. Late for Work

Another newcomer, Monique jumps in with an amusing tale of what happens when she lies down after not feeling well, only to wake up later and panic about being late to get to her job. But she leaves her apartment dressed in only a blouse and heels and embarrassing childish panties. Unfortunately, these items are lost as her car breaks down and she picks her way through the woods. Finally, she sneaks through her building and returns home, completely bare.


9. Miss Me Yet?

One video with Sativa Verte was not enough, so we arranged to shoot a longer, more drawn out production at her place. In this one, Sativa has returned home after being away for several years, but has arrived at the wrong address. She does not find this out, until she has stripped off her clothes for a bath and then chats with her friends by instant messenger. However, by then, she discovers her belongings are missing and she must make an escape in her birthday suit.


10. Trick or Treat III

A special short video just for Halloween, Monique is invited to experience the Grimble Gang characters, when she is dared to go trick-or-treating in the nude. She gives in, and does the embarrassing task, but will not be getting her clothes back so easily.


11. After School Special

Almost coming full circle, this video plays off the idea and character from “First Day at a New School” with Briella Jaden. Now that she has a uniform to borrow, she is called down to see the Principal at the end of the school day. He demands the return of the clothes, and makes her strip fully nude before going home. When Briella finally collapses in her bedroom, she just can’t help but give in to the secret pleasures after her incredible day.