Poll: Video of the Year 2012

All right, let’s see how the poll function on this blog works. Vote below for the title you think should be Narrow-minded Productions Video of the Year.

Just a standard disclaimer, this is entirely for fun. And while the results are of great interest to me, it does not mean that the winner will represent the actress (or actresses) and style that I will work on next. There are many of logistics involved even in putting together a simple production. A lot of times it comes down to who is available to work, and what locations I can use.


This Poll will run for one month, with results being counted up until January 2, 2013.

15 responses to “Poll: Video of the Year 2012

  1. I’ve voted for Sativa because I love her! But I’d want to see her…in another way. You know what I mean! Sativa Verte video + happy ending (as After School Special)!

  2. I loved all your videos this year, sir! It’s difficult to pick just one, but I feel like “First Day at a New School” did it for me. Even though I really enjoyed the sequel of sorts, “After School Special,” I felt the stripping was done better in the first one. I adored Monique in both videos you’ve done with her and I’d like you to have more videos of her as well as Briella. Briella brings a cute shyness, but Monique has a very “girl next door ” quality about her that makes her feel more real. Aphrodite was ok, but her acting was a bit rough. Lydia and Tara are an awesome duo, but It pains me to say that I’m getting a bit tired of their dynamic. Sativa was a welcome reunion of sorts. Both videos were great and were similar to the earlier days of NMP, which I liked.

    All in all, a great year for you, having so many videos produced, and they are all enjoyable. I hope next year can compete!

    PS, I agree with Inaki. More “happy endings” if the models are ok with it!

    • Thank you very much, Ewong. I think “First Day at a New School” is a fine choice, and has to be appreciated for what it is. The sounds added for the other students in the classroom might have been over the top, and does require a certain suspension of disbelief. But I really liked the set up and thought Kylee fit the role of a teacher well, and Briella as the embarrassed student.

  3. Think I accidentally voted for Mystery Shopper twice, sorry.

    Not seen Late for Work or After School Special but of the rest, it was the wonder of seeing how Sativa used her body that made it my winner, that was a great enf video. Office Help would probably have been my second choice given the dynamic of the duo which clicked so well in that. Third probably First Day at a New School for the way you did “that” scene.

    • Ha ha.. that’s OK. I’m not sure how restrictive this poll widget is. We are all on the honour system here!

      There is a nice variety of productions represented, whether someone likes Sativa’s over the top solo performances, or more scripted stories with multiple ladies. Even with the Tara/Lydia brand, it is a choice between Office Help and To Catch a Thief. Some tough decisions, to be sure.

      • the mob will hunt me down!

        I agree there is a nice balance. I have always known that maybe a certain video wouldn’t be particularly to my taste but the next one would be more to my desires. It is also a nice way to freshen it up. Sometimes, one that wouldn’t, on paper, be my thing can be rather wonderful. Would say probably my first and third choice would not come under a favourite type on paper so well done for that.

  4. I would like to vote in the poll but I can not find the button/widget/app to do so. Do I just click on the links in your previous post? I am using Mozilla Firefox & Chromium (this is the open source browser that Google Chrome is based on).

    Office Help is the best because it combine a great story with 2 good actresses who have a great chemistry & are familar with the enf style of video, so there are no missing enf elements. Joint second would be To Catch a Thief or Mystery Shopper.

    • Hi Elaine,

      That is strange. Are you not seeing a big rectangle in the middle of the post, with the 11 videos listed, a circle next to each one? And then there is a button with the word “Vote” just underneath. Sounds like it could be a browser issue.

      Office Help is a good choice. If you want me to register a vote for you, just let me know. Everyone’s voice should be heard!

      • Short answer no. There is a small gap in the post as if you hit the return/enter key 6 times between paragraphs instead of the normal twice.

        I just tried Google Chrome & has the same problem. Are you using Internet Explorer 9?

      • I have just downloaded IE8 as well.

        Anybody else had problems with Firefox 17.0.1, Chromium Version 20.0.1132.47 Ubuntu 12.04 or Google Chrome Version 23.0.1271.95 on this website?

    • I am using Xubuntu 12.04 with the Cinnamon desktop added on, & my version of Firefox had the Ubuntu Firefox Modifications preinstalled. I added the extension Ghostery & it is blocking Polldaddy,
      Quantcast & WordPress Stats on this site. I also have Firefox permanently set on “Porn Mode”.

      I could understand Chromium (the main browser I use) having problems, as I installed a few privacy extensions but I had to uninstall them due to the fact they were causing more problems than they were solving.

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