Holiday Hotline

After I worked with Jordana Leigh for the first time in 2009, casting her in a Halloween themed video, I decided to bring her back for another seasonal production in time for Christmas. The story would have her in the role of a customer service operator working the phones at a merchandise warehouse on Christmas Eve. She thinks it is a waste of time and no one will call at this late shopping hour, but then is surprised by the ringing telephone. It is established that she has certain bonus incentives to make a lot of sales, namely a trip to Hawaii. So upon talking with the caller, Jordana is very motivated to answer his wishes.

One of the parts I enjoyed was the alliteration in her initial greeting, “Holiday Hotline How may I Help you?” Jordana suggested she even answer the phone with the name Holly, but I was afraid that might be too much of a tongue twister.

The caller goes on to explain that he is desperate to find some gifts for his girlfriend, and of course ends up talking Jordana into selling her the clothes she is wearing! I thought Jordana did a nice job with this one-sided telephone conversation. I gave her the caller’s responses to feed off of, but she adlibbed and improvised most of her lines. Little direction was needed, other than to guide her in the process of the unfolding story. She really put herself in the shoes of the character. Well, until she sells her shoes…

Because I kind of let Jordana just run with the dialogue and build up the gradual disrobing, the full length of the video came out to be nearly 27 minutes. I would split this into 2 parts, one of the first times I had done that before switching to higher resolution files, which made more manageable chunks necessary. It was also her idea to deliver the box nude without incident and then come back and cover up with a Santa robe, only to have the caller request this item as well. This led to a double shot of Jordana’s nudity and delaying the inevitable big finish.

The embarrassing climax at the end would be when her character discovers the webcam on her computer was recording her the whole time!



Here was a nice moment of Hidden Nudity…


… And great embarrassed expression from Jordana


A little unusual, but I did not have many outtakes to make from this video. Again, this is because Jordana is very talented and has a natural ability to play the part presented to her without any trouble. There were few slip-ups or out of character moments. Once she put on that Santa hat, it was full speed ahead. So instead, I created a trailer of about 3 and a half minutes, which showcases some of the highlights of the full production.

Below is a link to download the trailer. The full video is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.

Holiday Hotline – Trailer

5 responses to “Holiday Hotline

  1. Yes, she did really well with this and I greatly enjoyed it. It was a nice strip, it was fun listening to her consider the requests and responding. Loved the ending as well!

    • I liked the banter she had with the customer on the telephone line. Jordana’s character was clearly skeptical, but motivated by wanting to make just one more sale. It might have dragged out, but I was happy with the pacing of the story.

      • Indeed, the banter was fun and the character was perfect for it, was good watching her making the choice. On the pacing, my memory suggests it did go on a bit too long but maybe I just wasn’t used to the length.

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