Quote of the Day

“Is she serious? Oh my God… that’s just pathetic.”

~Tara Rose in To Catch a Thief

This is probably one of the funniest scenes from last year. After Tara has been strip searched, rookie security guard Lydia starts to leave the office. Not paying attention to what she is doing, Lydia open up the door right in her face and knocks herself out cold. Tara’s character reacts with priceless disbelief and bewilderment.

What really stands out for me is that on the first take, Tara was practically rolling on the floor laughing. She even had to turn away because she could not watch it play out, it was so hysterical. However, when it came time for Tara to deliver her line, she did it in a calm, dead-pan style that contrasted nicely with the absurdity of Lydia’s comical actions.




A Sticky Situation

A while ago, some people posted in the OCC forum a few ideas for potential videos. I usually don’t like to bump that thread too much without providing new content. So while thankful for the suggestions, I had not made much comment about the details. I thought I would write a little something here in reply.

Tahtorak mentioned a multiple-girl shoot, featuring two or three, who would be at a pool party wearing extremely tight bikinis. The strain would become too much, causing their bottoms to snap off. The girls seek cover in the closest location available, which would be a nearby kiddie pool. They have to wait until dark, when it is safe to leave, and eventually lose their tops on their way home.

First of all, I like this idea a lot. As it is presently below freezing where I am, nothing would please me more than a summer time shoot! I could definitely see pairing up a couple of young ladies in two-piece bathing suits that would give way… especially leading to a bottomless situation. I need to include more of that, in general, in my productions. The kiddie pool as a source of temporary safety adds a nice playful element of embarrassment. I think I could easily secure such a location, and then it would be a matter of setting up the smaller pool. The day-night cycle might prove more of a challenge. My shoots are not all day events, so unless I timed it just right, I would have to start more toward sunset and then allow for a nighttime streak home. There is of course some further development that would be required, but I think this is a pretty solid foundation for an upcoming video.

Next, e32100 suggested a further follow up with Briella’s character from After School Special. This time around, she would be getting in trouble in her gym class, and of course be without the proper gym uniform. There is great potential to bring on a strict, bossy PE teacher that could make Briella’s experience less than comfortable. Our creative contributor also suggested the use of an outdoor running track, which would provide the opportunity for some naked laps before she hits the shower.

The location for this one might prove more daunting, but not impossible. I would certainly like to get Briella outdoors once the weather warms up. Also, Tara Rose was offered as one to play the role of the strict female PE teacher, requiring her to wear figure hugging shorts and T-shirt. Teaming her up with Briella would be interesting, and could be a nice change of pace. Although I doubt I could resist Tara losing her outfit by the end as well.

Finally, shuttlecap came up with the idea for a “sticky situation”, which would involve the girl get stuck on some substance like melted marshmallows, glue or paint, etc. She would have her clothes gradually stripped off until she was fully nude. Now I haven’t had much of an opportunity to work with a messy scenario, but it is something I would try. What I am interested in is the sticky substance that acts as a catalyst for the loss of clothing. I really don’t want to get anything on the ladies. Then it would be a matter of creating a context of where, how and why this takes place.

Again, I am always grateful for the suggestions and ideas I receive for future videos. I may not be able to use some scripts right away, or there may be bits and pieces that I like to incorporate. So much of video production is dealing within certain boundaries, specifically for this kind of subject matter. But I am happy to discuss further and brainstorm and see what might be possible in 2013, for Narrow-minded Productions.

Stay tuned!

Quote of the Day

“Doesn’t people eat breakfast, too!”

~Sativa Verte in Mystery Shopper

Going back a few months ago, this memorable line from a recent video is probably one of my favorite Sativa-isms. Completely improvised and ad-libbed, I think it is charming the way she mangled her grammar.

Arriving in front of the restaurant location at the mall, Sativa’s character is dismayed to read the hours of operation, and the doors will not open until 11:30 am. I think what she was trying to express in frustration was, “Doesn’t anybody have breakfast anymore?” as in the establishment should have been opened earlier. Her motive was that she was seeking a place to hide, or perhaps find some covering, rather than being locked outside naked.

Given her character’s circumstances, I think the phrase came out perfect.


Cleaning Day (2011)

In early May of 2011, I shot my seventh video with the beautiful Amy Starr. We had been working together for over a year by that time, and I felt comfortable enough with her to use my own townhouse for a location. This was in fact a very easy shoot, a straight-forward solo performance leading up to Amy losing her clothes and running outside naked.

The premise I had, as the title suggests, was that Amy would be doing a little housecleaning, wearing only a long shirt like a frock and a pair of panties. I had not expected that Amy’s shirt would match the same color as the walls in my house.

Although it is not established, the idea was meant for her character to be a guest who would be greatly embarrassed to be discovered without her clothes. Amy’s misfortune starts when she has some trouble with the vacuum cleaner, which predictably sucks up her shirt. It is an effect I had wanted to try for a long time. It took a bit of creative editing, however I did like how the hem of her shirt was authentically caught in the vacuum’s suction hose.

Things then take a turn for the sublime when Amy walks upstairs to do some dusting. Here overlooking the balcony, I have an old electric Wurlitzer organ. I know that Amy is musically talented, from our very first production when she was playing around on a piano before the shoot. Thus I sought to put her skills to work and have her play with my organ. (Ahem) I did not expect her to start with a rendition of “Amazing Grace”, but that is what came to her naturally, so I did not interrupt.

Now for the story concept, I was thinking of the Phantom of the Opera, and some legends that have claimed his music was so passionate, so infused with emotion, it could drive women to ecstasy. I wanted Amy’s character to start getting into playing, and gradually become aroused. This, in addition to the vibrations of the organ, was supposed to cause her panties to shift and slide down her legs. Again, a bit of judicious editing on my part, allows her to complete her performance less her delicate underwear, and leaving a spot of moisture on the organ bench.

From this point, Amy’s character returns downstairs, not immediately aware that she is totally nude. Only upon hearing a ring of the doorbell does the sweet brunette realize her awkward position. In a panic, she hurries toward the sliding glass doors and actually dashes out of the house. Fleeing in her bare birthday suit, Amy runs into the woods where the video winds down. Later, in between editing, I captured on camera a couple of deer-like animals gallivanting through the woods. I squeezed this into post-production to add an element of wild nature. Perhaps there was a metaphor here for Amy’s character.

One of the things I was hoping to explore in subsequent projects, is that I was just learning how adventurous Amy might be. In the two times I put her in a public setting, or at least in a place of greater chance of being seen, she seemed to want to run further than I expected. In Legal Briefs, for example, she streaked down the long hotel hallway completely out of my camera’s sight. And then in this video, she started to run away past the deck and I believe would have crossed in back of other people’s houses. Next time I work with Amy, I think I will see how far she can really go!

The music I used was a selection called “Waltzing with a Violin”. In my mind, I had this image of her engaged in a dance with the vacuum cleaner from the beginning. I thought this tied the whole cleaning theme together.

As mentioned above, it was a pretty straight-forward shoot, so the outtakes were minimal. I do have a clip that runs about two and a half minutes, showcasing some of the funnier moments.

Below is a link to download the outtakes clip. The full video is just under 14 minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.

Cleaning Day – Outtakes







Outtakes Video: Troublemaker

This was a whirlwind of a video shoot, with much to do and coordinate according to the script. In addition, Sandra is very talkative, a real chatter-box and always offering helpful suggestions. As such, I had a lot of extra material caught on camera. So much, in fact, that I could not fit it all in this outtakes clip that runs almost 10 minutes. There were a number of retakes, although some not as interesting as others, and I left those out. This clip does include about a minute of extra video after the main shoot was finished.

I called in for the pizza delivery when we arrived at the location and Sandra was doing her wardrobe and makeup. With the inclement weather and the usual preparation time, I figured it would be 40 minutes before the pizza guy showed up. It would be perfect if it happened right when I was ready to shoot the scene. As it turned out, the delivery came sooner than I expected, before Sandra’s character even has the undressing scene in the video. So she had to strip off quick while I set everything up.

There was an earlier interruption, when my friend stopped by because he saw I left the screen door open. He knows I do video/photography, and lets me use this apartment. But he forgot I had made plans that day. It’s a good thing Sandra was not already naked! But I love her response on camera.

Again showcasing the music of Peanuth O’Toole, the introductory track is titled the same as the video, “Troublemaker”. And then I blended in the synthesizer track leading into the end, which is called “Slap Jep”.

Below is a link to download the video file.

Troublemaker – Outtakes







I am delighted to release my first video of the new year, Troublemaker, featuring the lovely Sandra.

For this production, I structured it in the style of a television sit-com. The idea came to me as I was working on the script, which would have me playing a role on camera opposite the young lady. Immediately, I felt like Al Bundy complaining to Peg about the lack of food in the house. That, and I thought it would help to underscore this as a comedy with selective audience laugh tracks.

In this pilot episode, Jenna returns home from a job interview when she is told that there is nothing in the refrigerator for dinner. It is decided that they will call in for pizza. She then leaves to change out of her clothes and take a shower. Unfortunately for Jenna, who has a history of making trouble, she locks herself out of the bathroom when she forgets her robe. It is in this vulnerable moment, when there comes a knock at the front door.

This is a fun and playful video with some key moments to watch out for. First, I included an actual pizza delivery, marking the first time in Narrow-minded Productions history an extra is used on camera. Sandra opens the door stark naked, and pays for the delivery, giving the lucky guy a nice New Year’s treat. Later, I give her a light against-the-wall spanking. There is also an extended naked vacuum cleaning sequence.

I want to give a very special thanks to the music contributions of Peanuth O’Toole. It was not just soundtracks to be used in the credits, but also sound design that was critical to achieve the sit-com feel of this video. He provided an excellent slap bass track that is reminiscent of Seinfeld episodes. I think it worked perfectly, and I could not have made this video the way I wanted without his help.

The running time is just about 10 minutes. It is available at my clips4sale store.



2012 Video of the Year

I want to thank everyone who took part in the recent poll for Video of the Year. It was an interesting exercise in measuring people’s opinion. The results are in, and I am pleased to announce that the winner is…

Office Help, featuring Tara Rose and Lydia Lael.

Tara, Lydia… take a bow!


Amazing that my first release last year gathered the most votes at 26.97% I have to say, it was probably the best script I had written in 2012.

Coming in second place, with the return of Sativa Verte, was Mystery Shopper at 22.37%

A surprisingly strong third place finish goes to My College Intern at 18. 42% I guess a lot of people enjoyed Constance Perl’s introductory performance. The good news is, I am looking to bring Constance back next month, teaming her up with a new model.

Further analysis would show that both the Lydia and Tara combination and Sativa Verte were featured in two videos each. This could have resulted in splitting the vote for their respective individual videos. However if we add in the totals for “To Catch a Thief”, Lydia and Tara still take 34.21% of the vote, while including Sativa’s second title “Miss Me Yet?” brings her up to 28.95%

This can only inform me of one thing… these three uniquely talented ladies have to join together in one epic production some time in 2013

Stay tuned!