Last Saturday was a cold, rainy wintery day with forecasts of snow, which it did by the evening. Nevertheless, I had a video shoot with a new model, a spicy Puerto Rican girl named Sandra. The significance of why I decided to work with her when she responded to my casting call is that she knows and has experience with Sativa Verte. She came highly recommended, and there was a built in trust and referral due to our mutual relationship. Now I won’t promise that Sandra is at the level of Sativa, however she is an engaging and outgoing young woman, as well as a lot of fun. I believe her performance will reflect this.

The location was the apartment of a friend, which I used once before in my video “Cheerleader”. Also, I appear on camera in the upcoming video, which I know nobody likes but there are two reasons I did so. First, there is no question the model will give a better acting performance when she has an actual person to respond to and play off. In addition, I know there are some people that find the embarrassment quality is enhanced when the woman loses her clothes in front of a man, rather than another woman. In fact, Sandra’s character had the occasion to be embarrassed by more than one.

Here are some pictures I took from the shoot. Editing of the video is moving along, and I should have the first release of 2013, hopefully pretty soon.

Sandra has appeared in the following videos:


Double Booked

Little Sister

Bare in the Park

Substitute Teacher Sandra Reyes Sandra Caught Sandra Nude Sandra Peeking Sandra Listen Sandra Bag Sandra Door Sandra Vacuum Sandra Pizza

10 responses to “Sandra

  1. Yay pizza!

    Sounds promising and, judging by the photo’s, looks promising. Quite like the comb/hair-dryer one and her listening in at the door.

    • That was her idea about letting one side of her hair hang down over a breast, and holding the comb in her other hand. I’ll say this, she was very much involved and offering suggestions about setting up scenes. I actually think she looks even better on video.

      We were able to squeeze in a number of entertaining situations.

      • I wonder if you should be worried by the pizza love 😛

        Very encouraging to hear of a person who contributes idea’s and gets involved. That is nearly always a good sign, not only for the video but for future video’s.

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