2012 Video of the Year

I want to thank everyone who took part in the recent poll for Video of the Year. It was an interesting exercise in measuring people’s opinion. The results are in, and I am pleased to announce that the winner is…

Office Help, featuring Tara Rose and Lydia Lael.

Tara, Lydia… take a bow!


Amazing that my first release last year gathered the most votes at 26.97% I have to say, it was probably the best script I had written in 2012.

Coming in second place, with the return of Sativa Verte, was Mystery Shopper at 22.37%

A surprisingly strong third place finish goes to My College Intern at 18. 42% I guess a lot of people enjoyed Constance Perl’s introductory performance. The good news is, I am looking to bring Constance back next month, teaming her up with a new model.

Further analysis would show that both the Lydia and Tara combination and Sativa Verte were featured in two videos each. This could have resulted in splitting the vote for their respective individual videos. However if we add in the totals for “To Catch a Thief”, Lydia and Tara still take 34.21% of the vote, while including Sativa’s second title “Miss Me Yet?” brings her up to 28.95%

This can only inform me of one thing… these three uniquely talented ladies have to join together in one epic production some time in 2013

Stay tuned!

5 responses to “2012 Video of the Year

    • ha ha… I had a feeling that would get a reaction from you. What I am planning is when Sativa returns to town this year, I will contact Lydia and Tara and try to make this happen.

      • I think it would be an interesting idea for a video to play with the fact that the girls/ladies are models/actresses.

        After all they must have had some interesting experiences or heard of a few stories that could be used in a script.

  1. I think the blog would break down with joy at such a concept.

    Well down Lael and Rose for doing so well. Did seem like it would between Office Help and Mystery Shopper from early on but good showing by Perl.

    • I was watching the results come in from the inital posting, and it was pretty neck and neck between the two. Seems there was a mid to late wave that pushed Office Help over the top.

      I can’t discount that possibility that some of those votes for My College Intern, were meant for Mystery Shopper, as they both start with the letters “MY”… but I believe in letting the votes stand as they are counted. Also, I don’t want to downplay Constance if she really was that well received, or her fans who genuinely want to see more of her.

      Like I’ve said, polls are fun to look at, but shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

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