I am delighted to release my first video of the new year, Troublemaker, featuring the lovely Sandra.

For this production, I structured it in the style of a television sit-com. The idea came to me as I was working on the script, which would have me playing a role on camera opposite the young lady. Immediately, I felt like Al Bundy complaining to Peg about the lack of food in the house. That, and I thought it would help to underscore this as a comedy with selective audience laugh tracks.

In this pilot episode, Jenna returns home from a job interview when she is told that there is nothing in the refrigerator for dinner. It is decided that they will call in for pizza. She then leaves to change out of her clothes and take a shower. Unfortunately for Jenna, who has a history of making trouble, she locks herself out of the bathroom when she forgets her robe. It is in this vulnerable moment, when there comes a knock at the front door.

This is a fun and playful video with some key moments to watch out for. First, I included an actual pizza delivery, marking the first time in Narrow-minded Productions history an extra is used on camera. Sandra opens the door stark naked, and pays for the delivery, giving the lucky guy a nice New Year’s treat. Later, I give her a light against-the-wall spanking. There is also an extended naked vacuum cleaning sequence.

I want to give a very special thanks to the music contributions of Peanuth O’Toole. It was not just soundtracks to be used in the credits, but also sound design that was critical to achieve the sit-com feel of this video. He provided an excellent slap bass track that is reminiscent of Seinfeld episodes. I think it worked perfectly, and I could not have made this video the way I wanted without his help.

The running time is just about 10 minutes. It is available at my clips4sale store.



17 responses to “Troublemaker

  1. Just got around to watching the full video. Once again you’ve outdone yourself. Pizza dare was beyond awesome. Sandra is great and so sexy. Got a little Selma Hayek thing going on imo. Maybe episode 2 of troublemaker can have her causing trouble for her friend, one Miss Verte? please!

    • Thank you very much! The origin of this project was the desire to shoot a pizza delivery dare, and then I built the story/set-up around that. Again, it was the dynamic between my character and Sandra, that led to the idea of a sit com. It is never stated what the relationship is, husband and wife could be implied, but I leave that up to the viewer.

      Glad you enjoyed Sandra… I like her a lot. She’s a real fireplug, which will come across more in the outtakes that I post. I think it is very likely I will team her up with Sativa since they would both like to work with each other again.

      I’ll let Sandra know about the Selma Hayek reference.

      Thanks for downloading and watching!

  2. A nice fun video that didn’t quite knit together for me, didn’t quite feel like it forms a cohesive story, more like scene by scene. I thought the sit-com idea was nice but doesn’t quite work this time though worth another shot, it took awhile for the two characters to gel onscreen for me and slight overuse of the laughter track. Actually, the last probably reflects sitcoms quite accurately :P. The bits I worried about, the pizza and the spanking, were done quite well.

    The lighting in the bathroom doesn’t reflect as well on Reyes as the rest of the house or just me? Did have problem with Reyes being a bit quiet early on.

    As for the scenes: The locked out was nice but a bit unfulfilling for me, did think a cheer sound effect would have been good when she first stripped off. I liked the pizza moment, your guest seemed very pleased, and the slight knowing glance back at the camera was a nice touch, as was the slight slow-mo. Spanking was fun with the slightly cartoony angle to it, some great ouch words! The vacuum scene was pleasant and quite liked the ending.

    Regarding Reyes, please sir can we have some more of her! Hard to quite get a view of her as an ENF actress other then shows potential. She does a decent pose, liked the hint of… Jenna’s uncertainty/unconcern at the end as she slipped out but felt like we only get brief flashes on her enf potential. Outside of that, she was a pleasure to watch. She has a spark about her, a sense of when to go over-the-top slightly, playing it for fun and with a sense of humour which all comes through the screen. Credit to her for her willingness to go as far as she did.

    • Hi, mackaie. Thank you for your comments, I always look forward to your take on a video!

      Any problems with on-screen chemistry, I would say is my fault. I’m not much of an actor, and only put myself in front of the camera reluctantly. This could easily have been a solo performance, with Sandra coming home, ordering pizza, getting undressed and then locking herself out. But it would have lost some of the feeling that someone else at home reacts to her causing trouble. Besides, I feel I needed to do more videos with multiple participants.

      The lighting in the bathroom was different, brighter, but I wonder if it was also the angle that was an issue. I was standing higher than her and shooting down, from the corner. The early parts of the house have kind of a warm, almost sepia like tone. Although the kitchen was well lit. I liked the shots by the window best, where some outdoor natural light filtered through.

      The pizza part came off as well as I could hope, it was really out of my control. I like how you refer to him as a “guest”. I think of him as the lucky fellow who was fortunate to get the call to this location. Some people, I imagine, may not care for male on female spanking. That’s why I tried to lighten it up! It was meant to be funny. It’s only make believe, and Sandra enjoyed it. (So did I… what an ass she has!) It was her idea to mix in some Spanish lingo. Loved the “Ai chihuahua!”

      I think if this was a longer, drawn out production, many of your concerns would have been addressed. There would have been more exposition to the story and more development of her embarrassed reactions. I was surprised in editing how swiftly the scenes moved along. But that is the nature of post-production. I was happy to get it at 10 minutes, which is the most I will do for a single video file.

      Should have the outtakes up next weekend. I think you will enjoy more of Sandra in those.


      • I had noticed the lighting difference in the photo’s as well so don’t think it is video angle.

        Yes, Ai chihuahua was one of the amusing lines that came to mind when thinking of that scene. I really did like the way she played that scene.

        Looking forward to seeing the outakes.

  3. I thought Sandra was great! I’m guessing the pizza delivery guy STILL has a smile on his face. Nice job on the spanking too (I guess someone has to do it LOL). As far as teaming Sandra with Sativa… Ai Chihuahua!

    • Thanks, Kevin. I think I smell a catch phrase!

      That actually gets me thinking I should point out, when I do a video like this it is really meant to be a spoof or a parody. Kind of like what I did with the game show idea in “All or Nothing”. It’s the absurdity of taking the ENF situations we enjoy and placing them in a situation comedy as if it would ever air on network television. So in a way, I’m poking fun with the cheesy laugh track, applause lines, and even a trade mark catch phrases.

  4. I liked the sitcom theme…I was thinking it is an enf video wrapped in a spanking video wrapped in a sitcom parody..or should that be the other way around?

    I liked her “elaine’ outfit. Always had a thing for Elaine. I thought the dialogue and editing worked well initially. Later I guess you sacrificed your on screen presence to focus on her. 🙂

    I didnt mind the cheesy effects. I grew up watching old US tv shows from the 60s so I got the joke 🙂

    I think the pizza scene worked great. The face shots during the spanking were perfect.

    Side note… anyone else having their downloads getting cutoff?

    • Hey, Lotfw, I was hoping with your extensive appreciation of sexy television, this video would appeal to you!

      No one has mentioned anything to me yet about download problems. I hope you did manage to get the full 9:56 and view to the end. Let me know if you cannot get a complete file.

      I remember during one of my early attempts at a spanking scene, maybe Amy and Jade, you had mentioned you like to see the woman’s face and her reaction. So I made sure to shoot a cut that would focus on Sandra in that direction.

      If Sandra’s character resembled Elaine, does that make me Kramer? Now that would have been quite an episode if it played out like this video…

      Thank you very much for watching, and for the feedback.

    • I mentioned to Peanuth, his bass tracks not only added music, but also to the sound design, which brings another whole level to filmmaking.

      Also enjoyed the selection he provided for the vacuum scene. There was no way I was going to run the noise of the vacuum cleaner in the finished video, but his track allowed me to include a great 80’s pop feel, with the keyboard. I heard a little bit of Loverboy, if anyone remembers that band.

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