Outtakes Video: Troublemaker

This was a whirlwind of a video shoot, with much to do and coordinate according to the script. In addition, Sandra is very talkative, a real chatter-box and always offering helpful suggestions. As such, I had a lot of extra material caught on camera. So much, in fact, that I could not fit it all in this outtakes clip that runs almost 10 minutes. There were a number of retakes, although some not as interesting as others, and I left those out. This clip does include about a minute of extra video after the main shoot was finished.

I called in for the pizza delivery when we arrived at the location and Sandra was doing her wardrobe and makeup. With the inclement weather and the usual preparation time, I figured it would be 40 minutes before the pizza guy showed up. It would be perfect if it happened right when I was ready to shoot the scene. As it turned out, the delivery came sooner than I expected, before Sandra’s character even has the undressing scene in the video. So she had to strip off quick while I set everything up.

There was an earlier interruption, when my friend stopped by because he saw I left the screen door open. He knows I do video/photography, and lets me use this apartment. But he forgot I had made plans that day. It’s a good thing Sandra was not already naked! But I love her response on camera.

Again showcasing the music of Peanuth O’Toole, the introductory track is titled the same as the video, “Troublemaker”. And then I blended in the synthesizer track leading into the end, which is called “Slap Jep”.

Below is a link to download the video file.

Troublemaker – Outtakes






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