Quote of the Day

“Doesn’t people eat breakfast, too!”

~Sativa Verte in Mystery Shopper

Going back a few months ago, this memorable line from a recent video is probably one of my favorite Sativa-isms. Completely improvised and ad-libbed, I think it is charming the way she mangled her grammar.

Arriving in front of the restaurant location at the mall, Sativa’s character is dismayed to read the hours of operation, and the doors will not open until 11:30 am. I think what she was trying to express in frustration was, “Doesn’t anybody have breakfast anymore?” as in the establishment should have been opened earlier. Her motive was that she was seeking a place to hide, or perhaps find some covering, rather than being locked outside naked.

Given her character’s circumstances, I think the phrase came out perfect.


4 responses to “Quote of the Day

    • Another possibility, leaving out people, is she meant to say “Don’t they have breakfast, too?” It seems like it was a conflicting thought of why the restaurant was not serving breakfast, and why people would not be interested in having breakast, that led to the line she delivered. Anyway, a fun quirky comment that kind of fits the spirit of the whole production.

    • I do my best to keep it professional. However, when I have worked with certain models over the course of a year and produced several videos, it can develop into a friendship.

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