A Sticky Situation

A while ago, some people posted in the OCC forum a few ideas for potential videos. I usually don’t like to bump that thread too much without providing new content. So while thankful for the suggestions, I had not made much comment about the details. I thought I would write a little something here in reply.

Tahtorak mentioned a multiple-girl shoot, featuring two or three, who would be at a pool party wearing extremely tight bikinis. The strain would become too much, causing their bottoms to snap off. The girls seek cover in the closest location available, which would be a nearby kiddie pool. They have to wait until dark, when it is safe to leave, and eventually lose their tops on their way home.

First of all, I like this idea a lot. As it is presently below freezing where I am, nothing would please me more than a summer time shoot! I could definitely see pairing up a couple of young ladies in two-piece bathing suits that would give way… especially leading to a bottomless situation. I need to include more of that, in general, in my productions. The kiddie pool as a source of temporary safety adds a nice playful element of embarrassment. I think I could easily secure such a location, and then it would be a matter of setting up the smaller pool. The day-night cycle might prove more of a challenge. My shoots are not all day events, so unless I timed it just right, I would have to start more toward sunset and then allow for a nighttime streak home. There is of course some further development that would be required, but I think this is a pretty solid foundation for an upcoming video.

Next, e32100 suggested a further follow up with Briella’s character from After School Special. This time around, she would be getting in trouble in her gym class, and of course be without the proper gym uniform. There is great potential to bring on a strict, bossy PE teacher that could make Briella’s experience less than comfortable. Our creative contributor also suggested the use of an outdoor running track, which would provide the opportunity for some naked laps before she hits the shower.

The location for this one might prove more daunting, but not impossible. I would certainly like to get Briella outdoors once the weather warms up. Also, Tara Rose was offered as one to play the role of the strict female PE teacher, requiring her to wear figure hugging shorts and T-shirt. Teaming her up with Briella would be interesting, and could be a nice change of pace. Although I doubt I could resist Tara losing her outfit by the end as well.

Finally, shuttlecap came up with the idea for a “sticky situation”, which would involve the girl get stuck on some substance like melted marshmallows, glue or paint, etc. She would have her clothes gradually stripped off until she was fully nude. Now I haven’t had much of an opportunity to work with a messy scenario, but it is something I would try. What I am interested in is the sticky substance that acts as a catalyst for the loss of clothing. I really don’t want to get anything on the ladies. Then it would be a matter of creating a context of where, how and why this takes place.

Again, I am always grateful for the suggestions and ideas I receive for future videos. I may not be able to use some scripts right away, or there may be bits and pieces that I like to incorporate. So much of video production is dealing within certain boundaries, specifically for this kind of subject matter. But I am happy to discuss further and brainstorm and see what might be possible in 2013, for Narrow-minded Productions.

Stay tuned!

22 responses to “A Sticky Situation

  1. For ‘sticky’ if you like Marshmellows, you could have a group of models making s’mores around a campfire. Either as part of a sleepover party, or a group of girl scouts.

    • The campers is a great idea. And it would probably be a lot of fun. Now I could see after the girls get unstuck from their clothes, they let their imaginations get the better of them… maybe thinking they hear a monster, the ladies run through the woods.

    • That would be incredible. Two of the most beautiful women I worked with, along with Sativa and Lydia’s over the top performances. In this case, I could see Amy playing the straight character in contrast to the other girls’ comedy.

  2. For the sticky video you could use the melted marshmallow or marshmallow creme, or melted gummi candy. Any of those would not cause any harm to the skin and it would wash right off with water. I think you could make a video where just the clothing gets stuck. Of course the clothes would be ruined, but you could get some cheap stuff at a thrift store. I think this is a great idea for a video.

    • I have made a detailed comment in the one click chicks forum thread about this. However the outtakes/preview could be the best yet as it would show the girls cleaning up/showering after the main shoot.

      & replace thrift store with charity shop.

    • Free a short time as he normally does – YES! But completely free is unreasonable as Helmhood/Joe has to earn a living.

      As far as feature length. Helmhood/Joe has hinted that he would like Sativa for her next video for him to be with another girl, maybe 2 girls (most poeple are guessing Lydia & Tara). I would be disappointed if it was less than 30 minutes in total. Most of the videos featuring Tara & Lydia are about 20 minutes. Giving each girl equal screen time, a good complete script with sound effects (& possibly other effects), music, indoor & outdoor scenes would mean a long video. Most people are not fans of the Grimble Gang – but it would give the girls a common enemy. I suggest my crazy idea/script that I submited in the Yahoo group (at least a few years ago) for the Trick or Treat 3 (big party, Love Potion 9 1/2 minutes, the girls switching from normal to stripper clowns to normal again switching to ultra prudes to stripper clown etc, with the Grimble Gang recording the madness to sell on the internet – ending with the girls knocking seven shades of sugar out of the gang).

  3. Well, it’s nice to know you are considering one of my pitches. As for the sticky situation idea, I’d like to throw one of my other pitches back on the table: the one with the art thief who paints herself up to look like a statue.

      • I will post my office idea in a comment in an old blog post, because I think it is so obvious that I surprised you have done it already – I just have to stare at it another few times to make sure it makes sense.

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