Double Booked

Featuring Sandra and introducing the beautiful Danielle, this story is about what happens when a hotel books two women in the same room. Sandra is not happy with the arrangement and she is not shy about making her displeasure known. On the other hand, Danielle is sugary sweet and would like to try to get along. She never expected the dark-haired lady with a fiery temper to go so far as strip the clothes right off her body and toss them out of the room! However, from there, things only escalate as Sandra seeks to shame the young woman into leaving.

The theme of this video follows closely what I wrote in my post almost a year ago, about Girls bullying Girls. Although playful in spirit, the relationship between the two characters is very much Sandra dominating Danielle, who is more submissive in her reactions. The nudity is one-sided for almost the entire production until the very end.

There is a twist, of course, and both ladies will find themselves locked out in the hallway without any clothes.

While shooting this video, there were multiple takes for every scene throughout. Also, there are stretches of minutes that go by with the three of us discussing how to approach the dialogue and best play out the actions. The result is that by the time I was reaching the exciting potential for more public nudity, my camera’s memory capacity was near full. I could not have recorded more, even if I wanted to. There are a lot of outtakes for me to work with.

The full music soundtrack was provided by Peanuth O’Toole, featuring a number of varied pieces. Opening up to the strumming of a Spanish style guitar, the track called “Ay Caramba” reminded me of a Mexican stand-off, a gunslinger duel in the old west. I used this as a theme for Sandra, and whenever her character is manipulating the other girl.

Danielle’s entrance is accompanied by a track called “Angel Country”. This has a folksy, down home on the farm type feel to it, meant to reflect her character’s simple and unassuming personality. As I was working with it, this music also reminded me of those old Motel 6 commercials with Tom Bodett (“We’ll leave the light on for ya.”)  and that fit perfect with the hotel location.

Finally, as things start to heat up toward the end, Peanuth composed a spicy bass and horns number called “You Lovely Island”. This is the music that takes the video into its dashing conclusion and the credits.

The full video runs about 12 and a half minutes. I have broken it down into 2 parts, and it is available at my clips4sale store.





I would like to introduce the lovely Danielle, a cute and fun brunette, who I worked with on a new video shoot today. She was teamed up with Sandra Reyes, who returns to play a bossy and assertive business woman annoyed at finding the hotel has booked her in the same room as Danielle. This results in Sandra trying to take matters into her own hands, while Danielle struggles to maintain an optimistic attitude, hoping to make the best out of their situation.

As always, it can be a challenge when I bring on a new model and then cast her in a role opposite someone she has never worked with before. I think both girls did a fine job for what they were asked to do in this video. Sandra probably gives the stronger acting performance, but then, she had the more dominant character. Poor Danielle had to play a more submissive in nature young lady, who must endure her clothes being taken, which leads up to greater embarrassment.

This was a scripted production, and the takes for each scene ran longer than I expected. The payoff at the end, I hope in the finished video, will be well worth it. Although I have to say, Sunday afternoon at this hotel was not the best time to shoot this kind of video. In addition, only one elevator was working, which happened to be right around the corner from our room. So there was some concern about other guests in the area. Nevertheless, both Danielle and Sandra get to spend time outside the room, without any clothes on.

The pictures below are kind of a tease. Working with two ladies and directing the shoot, I did not take as many still photos as I normally do. But I think these came out nice. Have I mentioned, Danielle is really cute? Although she has some tatoos, I was quite taken by her angelic face and wonderful legs. She brought a female friend along to the shoot, and although I did not get her to appear on screen, Danielle’s friend does have a speaking role to help add an extra character in the middle of the story.

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I couldn’t resist… I came across this image while I was reviewing the raw video. I have just started editing and putting this together.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Just wanted to share with everyone, an image that was sent to me on behalf of one of the lovely ladies who has been an iconic favorite of Narrow-minded Productions.


For those who might not have been keeping count, this is my 100th post on this blog.

Enjoy the day!

Change of Plans

So earlier this week, I was confirming with Constance for the upcoming shoot, when she had an unfortunate scheduling conflict arise. She was not going to be able to make it out here for the date and time we had planned on. I’m afraid fans of Constance are going to have to wait a little longer to see her in our next production.

Immediately, I contacted Sandra Reyes who was of course eager to shoot with me again. No longer shooting late at night, I decided that I would also bring on the new model I have wanted to work with. I reached out to the young lady, and after juggling some days that would accommodate everybody, we came up with next Sunday. I am all set with Sandra, and I am just waiting to hear from the other girl that the time is good for her.

I have a fun idea for a story and I am starting on the script. It should be interesting to see how these two will work together for the first time. Sandra, I could see as more of an antagonist maybe flashing her hot Latin temper. And the other girl is really so adorable. (Sorry, no pictures yet, you will have to take my word for it.) In the end, I see something like “enemies” or rivals who wind up together in an embarrassing situation.

Obviously, I am no longer shooting late into the night as I first mentioned. Instead it will be on a Sunday afternoon. Hopefully this will open up opportunities for scenes in public places where no one is around.

On a side note, today we were buried under 30 inches of global warming. I’m sure by next week the streets will be cleared and power restored in those areas affected. However, it is not helpful when I’m trying to ask the girls to go outside while there are mountains of snow drifts around.

But I will keep my fingers crossed for a nice easy shoot, and hopefully have some preview pictures to share next weekend.

Stay tuned!

Narrow-minded Snow

February Update

I am scheduled to shoot my next video this month. I am bringing back Constance Perl, who I worked with for the first time back in June. She has contacted me since then, but I have had to pass up earlier opportunities to shoot because of conflicts. So when she was going to be out here again in February, I wanted to accommodate her travel schedule.

The catch is that she is going to be coming in from a distance and will not be arriving until late in the evening. In fact this might well be the latest I have ever started on a shoot. There is a certain interest I’ve had in a late night production. Similar to how outdoor locations can be deserted very early in the morning, I think there is potential to shoot some daring scenes at this later hour. It will only be a matter of the weather cooperating.

Also, I am going to contact Sandra Reyes and see if she is interested in joining us for this production. I have been eager to work with her again since last month. Again, it is just the timing of the late night shoot, I am not sure if she will be available to make it out here. If I can team up Sandra and Constance, then that will influence the story I go with for the video, which would naturally be more scripted. Otherwise, a solo performance with Constance will be pretty straightforward and focus on how much of an interesting location I can use. Also, the video will likely have a happy ending.

There is another new model who contacted me back in December, and I am wanting to work with her as she is quite beautiful. However I had already booked Sandra at the time, and was committed to Constance for this upcoming shoot. But I hope to have more videos lined up, and will go into more details when that happens.

I’m glad to leave January behind. Expect me to plod along in the early months of the year, and then see a burst of activity when the seasons start to turn. That groundhog better not see his shadow tomorrow. Spring cannot get here soon enough.

Stay tuned!