February Update

I am scheduled to shoot my next video this month. I am bringing back Constance Perl, who I worked with for the first time back in June. She has contacted me since then, but I have had to pass up earlier opportunities to shoot because of conflicts. So when she was going to be out here again in February, I wanted to accommodate her travel schedule.

The catch is that she is going to be coming in from a distance and will not be arriving until late in the evening. In fact this might well be the latest I have ever started on a shoot. There is a certain interest I’ve had in a late night production. Similar to how outdoor locations can be deserted very early in the morning, I think there is potential to shoot some daring scenes at this later hour. It will only be a matter of the weather cooperating.

Also, I am going to contact Sandra Reyes and see if she is interested in joining us for this production. I have been eager to work with her again since last month. Again, it is just the timing of the late night shoot, I am not sure if she will be available to make it out here. If I can team up Sandra and Constance, then that will influence the story I go with for the video, which would naturally be more scripted. Otherwise, a solo performance with Constance will be pretty straightforward and focus on how much of an interesting location I can use. Also, the video will likely have a happy ending.

There is another new model who contacted me back in December, and I am wanting to work with her as she is quite beautiful. However I had already booked Sandra at the time, and was committed to Constance for this upcoming shoot. But I hope to have more videos lined up, and will go into more details when that happens.

I’m glad to leave January behind. Expect me to plod along in the early months of the year, and then see a burst of activity when the seasons start to turn. That groundhog better not see his shadow tomorrow. Spring cannot get here soon enough.

Stay tuned!

7 responses to “February Update

    • I really hope I can get them together and work some on-screen chemistry.

      Just to be clear, the new model would not be part of this upcoming project. That is still something I need to arrange, and would likely be an introductory solo shoot.

      So it is either Constance and Sandra Reyes, or just Constance alone.


    • While everyone certainly has their favorites, it is important to me to keep things fresh and introduce new talent throughout the year. If I am fortunate enough, every now and then I discover someone special who can shape the direction of future productions.

      We will see…

      • I certainly agree with you and A new girl could be the best ever. There are many beautiful girls out there.

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