Change of Plans

So earlier this week, I was confirming with Constance for the upcoming shoot, when she had an unfortunate scheduling conflict arise. She was not going to be able to make it out here for the date and time we had planned on. I’m afraid fans of Constance are going to have to wait a little longer to see her in our next production.

Immediately, I contacted Sandra Reyes who was of course eager to shoot with me again. No longer shooting late at night, I decided that I would also bring on the new model I have wanted to work with. I reached out to the young lady, and after juggling some days that would accommodate everybody, we came up with next Sunday. I am all set with Sandra, and I am just waiting to hear from the other girl that the time is good for her.

I have a fun idea for a story and I am starting on the script. It should be interesting to see how these two will work together for the first time. Sandra, I could see as more of an antagonist maybe flashing her hot Latin temper. And the other girl is really so adorable. (Sorry, no pictures yet, you will have to take my word for it.) In the end, I see something like “enemies” or rivals who wind up together in an embarrassing situation.

Obviously, I am no longer shooting late into the night as I first mentioned. Instead it will be on a Sunday afternoon. Hopefully this will open up opportunities for scenes in public places where no one is around.

On a side note, today we were buried under 30 inches of global warming. I’m sure by next week the streets will be cleared and power restored in those areas affected. However, it is not helpful when I’m trying to ask the girls to go outside while there are mountains of snow drifts around.

But I will keep my fingers crossed for a nice easy shoot, and hopefully have some preview pictures to share next weekend.

Stay tuned!

Narrow-minded Snow

14 responses to “Change of Plans

  1. If the new girl (i trust you when you say she`s lovley ) is the only one naked that would increase the emberrassment for her character. What about doing that?

    • That is true as a way to play of the embarrassment angle. One sided nudity is always fun.

      The consideration I have is that since Sandra is comfortable doing nude scenes, it is difficult to pass up the oportunity to get both models naked on camera. I see this being more like one of my Tara/Lydia videos, where one girl is stripped first, and then they both end up being stuck naked.

  2. Your models have such a sweet sense of humor. Certainly, your direction has a lot to do with that. I had to change computers again. That means that I’ll have to repurchase your videos. No problem. I’m happy to help you make money. I promise, I’m convinced that you’ve earned it. But I did ask about whether the sound was available for Weekend at the office, And some of the others. If not I understand. Just wondering. 🙂

    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you, I appreciate that. I do remember you asking about the original version of Weekend at the Office. I would like to upload some things, the problem is once I get started with a new project, it gets put off. Right now, I am in the middle of editing the new video. Then after that, I have to put together the outtakes. If you can follow up with me and post a reminder after the outtakes for the upcoming production, I will try to get the older stuff up there.

      Also, I will send you a private e-mail regarding the previous videos.

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