I would like to introduce the lovely Danielle, a cute and fun brunette, who I worked with on a new video shoot today. She was teamed up with Sandra Reyes, who returns to play a bossy and assertive business woman annoyed at finding the hotel has booked her in the same room as Danielle. This results in Sandra trying to take matters into her own hands, while Danielle struggles to maintain an optimistic attitude, hoping to make the best out of their situation.

As always, it can be a challenge when I bring on a new model and then cast her in a role opposite someone she has never worked with before. I think both girls did a fine job for what they were asked to do in this video. Sandra probably gives the stronger acting performance, but then, she had the more dominant character. Poor Danielle had to play a more submissive in nature young lady, who must endure her clothes being taken, which leads up to greater embarrassment.

This was a scripted production, and the takes for each scene ran longer than I expected. The payoff at the end, I hope in the finished video, will be well worth it. Although I have to say, Sunday afternoon at this hotel was not the best time to shoot this kind of video. In addition, only one elevator was working, which happened to be right around the corner from our room. So there was some concern about other guests in the area. Nevertheless, both Danielle and Sandra get to spend time outside the room, without any clothes on.

The pictures below are kind of a tease. Working with two ladies and directing the shoot, I did not take as many still photos as I normally do. But I think these came out nice. Have I mentioned, Danielle is really cute? Although she has some tatoos, I was quite taken by her angelic face and wonderful legs. She brought a female friend along to the shoot, and although I did not get her to appear on screen, Danielle’s friend does have a speaking role to help add an extra character in the middle of the story.

Danielle appears in the following videos:

Double Booked

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

The Date

Higher Education

Spirit of the Night

Narrow-minded Productions Christmas 2013

Hope Springs Eternal

Broken Lease

Musical Thoughts

Twin Trouble





I couldn’t resist… I came across this image while I was reviewing the raw video. I have just started editing and putting this together.


24 responses to “Danielle

    • Thanks! I think she is very photogenic, and has a quality in beauty I’ve been looking for. Sandra looks pretty hot, too, in her nightgown.

      It should be a fun and playful video.

      • I was foolish not to mention Sandra too. The sassy look she gives in the last photo is great. And I second your comment about her nightgown.

      • Oh, that’s all right. I think Danielle will steal the show with her nudity… it’s always fun to see a new model unveiled for the first time. While Sandra plays a pretty good antagonist.

    • heh, you know, the sequence of photos kind of happen in a chronological order. By the time Danielle was fully naked, I sort of forgot about the digital camera and focused totally on shooting the video.

      I wish I had taken a still of the two girls when they were out in the hallway and near the vending machines. But I will have screenshots to post when I release the video!

    • Hey, mackaie, I know what you mean about the “undies” of Sandra. The funny thing is, she was not wearing panties under that flimsy nightgown, which even surprised me, when she bends over at one point.

      This is a tough job…

  1. One of my favorite ENF scenerios has always been the locked out naked in a hotel . Can’t wait to see this one! Danielle is a cutie and it’s good to see Sandra back again also.

    • I really like the hotel lock-out as well. Just want to temper expectations… that is toward the end of the video, not the whole production.

      It should still be pretty exciting.

    • Me, too. I feel that I had not captured the tone of this upcoming video with the other photos, except for maybe the last one of Danielle and Sandra. So I was pleased when I came across this screengrab, it is a cute scene.

    • Thanks! I was so happy to hear from Danielle this morning, she says she had a lot of fun and looks forward to working on another project. Now I just hope she will enjoy the finished video…

    • If I post it Sunday night, does that still count as the weekend?

      I do need a little more time for editing, so I am aiming for Sunday, although it could be pushed to Monday. I would say keep watching this site for the next few days. It should be soon.


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  4. Danielle is the best model you have and its nice to have more and more video of her. Can you people share her full name and some info about her ?

    • Hi silicon,

      I thank you for your enthusiasm about Danielle. I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but Danielle had been doing model work a while ago, and then got out of the business for a little bit. She started up again this year. I have to keep her privacy in mind, so I don’t think I would give out her full name. But I can ask her about her other websites and if she is OK with people seeing her work from a few years ago.

      I will also try to find other current projects she is working on, and see if I can share those.

      Here’s something from a local radio show she just did:

      Hopefully you enjoyed the new photos from the shoot today, and will look forward to the finished video.


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