Double Booked

Featuring Sandra and introducing the beautiful Danielle, this story is about what happens when a hotel books two women in the same room. Sandra is not happy with the arrangement and she is not shy about making her displeasure known. On the other hand, Danielle is sugary sweet and would like to try to get along. She never expected the dark-haired lady with a fiery temper to go so far as strip the clothes right off her body and toss them out of the room! However, from there, things only escalate as Sandra seeks to shame the young woman into leaving.

The theme of this video follows closely what I wrote in my post almost a year ago, about Girls bullying Girls. Although playful in spirit, the relationship between the two characters is very much Sandra dominating Danielle, who is more submissive in her reactions. The nudity is one-sided for almost the entire production until the very end.

There is a twist, of course, and both ladies will find themselves locked out in the hallway without any clothes.

While shooting this video, there were multiple takes for every scene throughout. Also, there are stretches of minutes that go by with the three of us discussing how to approach the dialogue and best play out the actions. The result is that by the time I was reaching the exciting potential for more public nudity, my camera’s memory capacity was near full. I could not have recorded more, even if I wanted to. There are a lot of outtakes for me to work with.

The full music soundtrack was provided by Peanuth O’Toole, featuring a number of varied pieces. Opening up to the strumming of a Spanish style guitar, the track called “Ay Caramba” reminded me of a Mexican stand-off, a gunslinger duel in the old west. I used this as a theme for Sandra, and whenever her character is manipulating the other girl.

Danielle’s entrance is accompanied by a track called “Angel Country”. This has a folksy, down home on the farm type feel to it, meant to reflect her character’s simple and unassuming personality. As I was working with it, this music also reminded me of those old Motel 6 commercials with Tom Bodett (“We’ll leave the light on for ya.”)  and that fit perfect with the hotel location.

Finally, as things start to heat up toward the end, Peanuth composed a spicy bass and horns number called “You Lovely Island”. This is the music that takes the video into its dashing conclusion and the credits.

The full video runs about 12 and a half minutes. I have broken it down into 2 parts, and it is available at my clips4sale store.




28 responses to “Double Booked

  1. Just a quick comment about “my camera’s memory capacity was near full” is it possible to use the eye-fi sd cards in your camera. You could try transmitting the contents of the sd card to a laptop (using wi-fi) & reuse the now empty card.

    Of course the even simpler options – buy a bigger card or have lots of spares encase you have a faulty one.

    Still downloading so can not comment on the video, but it sounds like a great story.

    • Sure, I have an sd card for the camera somewhere, I just did not bring it with me. Since I have been shooting with this camera in 2010, I have yet to need it. Despite the hardware limitation, this was more the case that I did not manage the time well between recording usable footage and extraneous material.

      • Can the sd card be used to back up the video at the same time as recording. Sir Seph recently had a sound failure & he only found out about it when he went to edit the video. Plus he was unable to reshoot as the model/actress he used was not available for over a month afterwards.

  2. I’ve been waiting for a new production, this promises to be another good. Downloading now. A question to ask you, what other forms of payment from another country can do to buy their videos. I speak from South America and no credit card.

    • Hi McENF,

      Thank you for downloading, and I hope you will like this production.

      I have had many international orders, including from South America. But if it is a credit card issue, is it possible to consider PayPal as an option? You can e-mail me if you want to discuss further:

  3. I’d suggest buying a couple of 32GB SDHC cards (assuming your camera supports SD cards), they’re less than $30 on Amazon. Just leave them in your camera and swap them out when one is filled.

    I’ve been following your work for a while now, and one of the things I keep noticing in your videos are jump cuts. I find them very distracting, and I think they hurt the quality of your work.

    I’m sure they are bound to happen because of your tight filming schedule, but there are ways to minimize the number of times they have to appear in your work.

    I’m not trying to badmouth you or your videos. I usually enjoy what you shoot and I’m grateful that you’re willing to share it with us for free, I’m just trying to offer you some constructive criticism on how you could improve.

    • Thanks! I’m always interested in improving. What are the ways to minimize the number of jump cuts, when I usually have to stop after each line, sometimes editing in alternate takes and piecing the whole thing together like a jigsaw puzzle?

      • I can think of two relatively easy ways to minimize the number of jump cuts in your videos.

        One would be to use longer takes, so you don’t have to piece multiple clips together. I know time is an issue for your shoots, but in a lot of the outtake videos, it seems like you’ll film things one line at a time, cutting after each line and then instructing the actress on what to say next. If that is what you’re doing, maybe try things out like that once, as a rehearsal, and once you’ve figured out what lines/actions you want to happen, then record the entire thing in one shot.

        Another thing you could do would be to minimize the number of times you need to combine multiple clips together from the same angle while the actress (or actresses) are on screen. Instead have them walk out of the shot, or have them obscured so the viewer can be given the illusion of continuity.

        If you must cut a shot while an actress is on screen, instead of editing it with another shot from the same angle (which results in visbly jumpy editing, because the actress wont be in the same exact position/pose), try switching to a different camera angle,

        Another thing I’ve noticed from watching your clips is the sound of you moving the camera around on a tripod or stand. It usually makes a creaky/grinding noise whenever you move it. Is there some way you could silence it?

        If you can’t, and I don’t know how heavy your camera is, you might consider just holding it instead. A camera usually doesn’t need to be perfectly still for a shot, as long as the person shooting the footage doesn’t move the camera too much or too quickly.

        I’m not sure if I’m explaining any of this well. Is any of this helpful?

      • Rehearsals are out, and I don’t expect the girls to memorize their lines. They are not trained actors. So feeding them one line at a time works best. When I have been able to shoot longer takes, it is because of an inspired performer like Lydia or Sativa who can take a basic idea and run with it, improvising their own lines.

        Generally, I do shoot the girls from different angles, switching for each line. In fact that happens quite frequently. However, I do need to contrast this with scenes when both characters are in view. The risk, as you mentioned, is that in between takes, they might not resume in the same position. But for the most part, all of us are cognizant of this, and try to keep it pretty close. I don’t expect it to be 100% precise without an assistant director, production assistant, or script supervisor as other larger scale projects would have.

        I like to use both free-hand camera and the tripod, which actually is featured in this video as well as previously. My video “Endless Summer” was recorded entirely with me holding the camera. Whenever there is a lot of action, or if the characters are moving around in a public location, I definitely want the greater mobility from holding the camera. But I still like framing stationary shots. The problem is when one of the actors starts to move away and I attempt to quickly follow them, or if I try the occassional pan. This has absolutely been an issue, but thankfully does not occur throughout the entire video.

        When I started out, I had used a full music soundtrack with dialogue done silent-film style, and I did not have to worry about picking up background noise. Since people prefer to hear the ladies speak and deliver their own lines, that is a sacrifice in quality that I have made.

        Thanks again for your interest and feedback!

      • Always wondered about the jump cuts. Never occurred to me that you were doing lines on the fly. Understandable for the reasons you mentioned. I imagine multiple angles get tricky in small locations like hotels rooms. One other thing I liked about this video was the tease with danielle undressing.
        Keeping things under wraps until a more climatic point in the story is a positive in my book. If you trust your editing skills I would try more closeups framing some of the models assests while undressing. The shirt front while she unbuttons, the zipper on the skirt etc

      • I love the idea of close-ups of the girls unbuttoning and unfastening things as they disrobe. It’s no secret that I don’t have a background in photography, although I enjoy the creative process of assembling a video like building blocks. So suggestions about what to focus on or highlight, or types of shots people would like to see, are much appreciated!

        I’ll have more insight into this production when I post the outtakes over the weekend.

  4. Downloaded but won’t likely see till next weekend. Gives me something to look forward to! Thanks for a photo on the lovely outfit, enjoy the look of haughty pride in the last photo.

  5. Overall a nice video. Some things I really liked. The professional type initial outfits were quite sexy (would have liked to see a bit more of them). Sandra’s nighty was very hot. I like the forced strip (would have liked to seen a bit stronger reaction from danielle). I liked the ‘lost clothes’ premise. The nude running was very hot.
    The spanking seemed a bit out of place. Both models are very sexy..

    • Hi, Lotfw, thank you very much for the feedback! I was thinking about your comment about the starting outfits, which were very nice. I would also like to take the time to develop characters in such wardrobe, but I always wonder how soon I should get to the parts that involve the loss of clothing.

      Agree, Danielle is new to this ENF concept, and it shows. I need to spend more time with her one on one, I think.

      The spanking came off a bit wierd, and was in fact an after thought. I needed to fill in some content, as well as push the whole humiliation angle. I was having reservations about how much I could do outside, and kept most of the action confined to the room. This was my least favorite hotel I have used for a shoot.

      Glad you liked the girls, and should be seeing more of them in the future.

  6. Like the catchy music and the opening outside shot. I liked the way the two characters differences were shown: Reyes striding with a permanent frown and disappointed in the room, Danille exuberant and smiling even before her excitement at the room. Even the choice of pyjama’s, the comparison made Reyes seem more confident and businesslike compared to Danille’s relaxed innocence.

    First part was fun, slowly setting up, nice phone conversation and some nice interchanges between the two, particularly the final moments. It was simply fun to watch with fun characters, nice stripping and helped by the music. Second part? Doesn’t quite click together for me. Starts off nicely (might have given a way too tiny towel to Danille personally) with that usual exchange then… door scene just feels a little slow and not going anywhere. Spanking did have the feeling of being a throw-away idea, mass streak went along nice and quickly but the scenes don’t get into a cohesive whole. The banter/exchanges in the second part where still good and still liked the music.

    One or two scenes where, and this hit both ladies, where one or other seems unsure how to react so either just stood there or looked at you. Both seemed to be a little slow to react (example Danille to the spanking), we have all had days like that though. Editing/jumping was an issue with this one, some seeing scenes edited in very quick succession with the jolting effect that has on the viewer.

    Enjoyable performances by the cast: Reyes did give the sense of arrogance, bossiness and slightly evil lady. Her frowns, her evil little grins, her voice. Just one or two lines in first half where she was a little flat but otherwise, fun. Danille also inhabited her role, she gave the sense of happy/naive, go lucky lady, she had a warm grin. When required to be unhappy, she had a good sad face or expression of concern. At the moment though, and I’m sure she will get better at this, she doesn’t sell the enf part as others have said but I did enjoy her performance.

    • Hey, mackaie, I’m delighted you were able to watch and for your feedback!

      I will be going into a little more in-depth discussion on the outtakes post. But needless to say, I pretty much agree with all your points. The contrast between Sandra’s character and Danielle was something I wanted to push, and I’m glad you appreciated that.

      My big regret more than anything, is the time factor. Part 2 has a less satisfactory feeling to me because it is short. This leads to an unbalance in the overall production, and I think contributes to some uneven performance. If I could do it again, I would have wanted to capture another whole 4 minutes of Danielle running further through the hotel. She would have been up for it, and I did scout out some potential areas earlier in the day.

      But that’s something to look forward to in a future video!

  7. I liked how Sandra tosses the items “out the window”, as I focused more on her actions than the fact that a few items could be seen under the blinds. Danielle is quite cute, but she needs to work on her ENF reactions. she comes off as more aloof than naive or sunny. She comes of as…well, normal I guess? Not embarrassed or even shocked at being stripped. She covers herself to retain some modesty, but doesn’t seem to be trying. Sandra grabs her arm to pull her over her knee for a spanking, and Danielle doesn’t fight or struggle, but complains as Sandra beats her bare bottom. Both are lovely ladies, but neither really have the acting chops to do this sort of thing. Sandra at least is able to sell her uppity attitude. Danielle needs some work, but I hope she can be more bubbly or shy.

    • Hi ewong,

      Thank you for your comments and thoughts about this production. I definitely see Danielle as a work in progress!

      A different story set-up, or not having to play off a character like Sandra, might also suit her better.

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