Blog Anniversary

This month marks one year since I started this blog. Technically, my first post was on March 3. But I am planning to release the outtakes from my latest video tomorrow, and did not want to make two posts in one day. So this is close enough.

Over the last twelve months, I have made 102 posts. There have been close to 700 comments, which do include my own responses. The total views, according to the site stats, are 119,020. An interesting bit of blog trivia, the most active day was back on September 17, 2012. That was when we were in the frenzy of Sativa’s return, and I also introduced Monique who was received quite enthusiastically.

I am very happy with the move to this format. From the beginning, I had set out to catalogue all my previous videos and the models I’ve worked with. Obviously that meant a lot of retrospective articles. Now I think I have posted everything, with a few exceptions, and can focus on new content. Although I do enjoy sprinkling in the “Quote of the Day” posts. Every now and then I go back and review an older production, and find a line or scene that strikes me as particularly clever or noteworthy.

Finally, I wanted to draw attention to a link I just added for a site called “Funny Fanny Cartoons”. This features ENF style artwork and animations. It’s really good, cute with a fun sense of humor. I encourage everybody to go check it out!

This promises to be another busy year, here at Narrow-minded Productions. There will be a lot more exciting surprises in store moving forward. Let’s see where the road takes us…

Stay tuned!


6 responses to “Blog Anniversary

  1. Didn’t realize you started the blog on my birthday. It’s a sign, just not sure of what 😛 Lovely way to end the piece.

    Also partly used this blog to remember to check loftw’s forum and will be using it for the cartoon blog. I remember being unsure about your change to blog but this has been much better, feels easier to discuss things here. Also I very much enjoy the photo’s.

    • Well, I am going to have to wish you a happy birthday tomorrow!

      As far as I recall, the photos here allow me to upload the highest resolution and able to be viewed by readers, more than at yahoo groups. Also, no one has to wait around for their comments to be approved.

      Thank you for following the blog.

  2. I would encourage people to post comments over at Funny Fanny Cartoons
    It is sad to see an exciting site without much feedback. I see they are selling things now so hopefully that will keep their material coming.

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