Hello Kitty and embarrassing clothing

The subject came up today of the Hello Kitty panties I have featured in a few of my videos. I first purchased them last year, in preparation for The Rules in which curvy Aphrodite would have the honor to wear them.  This wardrobe item was very much part of the scripted storyline, that had her being intentionally embarrassed by Kerri Taylor’s character seeking to get some revenge. This included making the other college girl change into such childish underwear.

The concept of embarrassing clothing is something that is part of the whole angle to make the character look ridiculous, and played for comic effect. It’s the idea that a grown woman would be seen in these, which in some circumstances could be worse than getting caught naked. That was the case with Aphrodite, and why she was showcased in the Hello Kitty panties for quite a bit.


I had wanted to use this element again in a later video, but really ought to have expanded to purchase another cartoon theme like Winnie the Pooh or the Care Bears. However, I never got around to ordering another set. So last September, when I shot my first video with Monique, I brought out this freshly washed pair again. This time, in Late for Work, the character in the story is getting dressed and discovers the childish underwear are the only clean pair she has. Rather than the result of another woman’s scheming, Monique has brought this upon herself. There is a bit of dramatic irony in that she thinks it will be OK since no one will see them under her skirt… only to later fall asleep and rush out of her apartment, forgetting to put on the rest of her clothes!


And most recently, I trotted out the Hello Kitty panties last month in Double Booked. Here it was used strictly as a prop, never even being worn. They are an item found in Danielle’s suitcase by Sandra, meant to add an extra level of embarrassment. Although Danielle gives a whimpering explanation, “they make me feel cute…” she is only mocked by the other woman, before the underwear is discarded. (Along with the rest of her clothes!)


Our worthwhile contributor, e32100, had linked me to a post in a thread about reluctantly exposed women, showing one lady is dark sexy stockings, but worn out slippers on her feet. Such an incongruous wardrobe statement, it certainly fit the description of making the girl look absurd. This could be a possible theme to explore in future videos, combining sexy and silly outfits on the way to our female character’s total disrobing.

I am wondering if there are any other ensembles folks would like to see, or perhaps something people would like to see more of? Keeping in mind, I’ve always been more of a fan of full nudity. Once a woman starts being stripped, she eventually loses everything. Here would be a good place to discuss wardrobe items, especially if they can be worked into a storyline with light-hearted embarrassment.

23 responses to “Hello Kitty and embarrassing clothing

  1. I feel like granny panties or some sort of more conservative underwear could work, like slips or something. I feel that in terms of women’s underwear, it’s more acceptable to wear something that doesn’t cover as much, like thongs or at least bikini-type panties. When they’re caught with granny panties, it’s something more embarrassing. I remember an episode of That 70s Show, when the guys found out Donna was wearing granny panties, they laughed at her. As for slips, I feel like it sort of relates to that. I don’t know many people who wear slips, but I’d imagine people might view it as a more old-fashioned kind of clothing and would wonder why they were wearing it. Also, it drags out the embarrassed feeling, sort of like (for lack of a better term) a slow torture. That’s just what I think about it.

    • Thanks, NG, those are good points! I actually had my start in this genre of filmmaking by playing with the whole “bloomers” and slips and laughing at a woman’s choice of undergarments, as seen in Babysitting Without a Net.

      Later on, I would use the slip and conservative underwear hook one more time with Sativa in “Nice Girls Finish Last”. This seems to follow a formula of having other actresses who are there to make teasing remarks at the woman wearing these items, just like you mentioned in That 70s show.

      I agree about dragging out the embarrassment and as a prelude to further humilation. I’ll have to work this into my videos again at some point.

  2. Hopefully will be a very intresting discussion.

    I’m a fan of, while on the way to nakedness of course, of embarrassing clothing that makes the journey just that much worse. Childish clothing, like a girly t-shirt or hello kitty/winnie undies, that she would be humiliated to be seen in. Bunny slippers perhaps? Things that one may be comfortable in at home but which damages your authority, your adultness if one was ever spotted in it.

    On a similar theme to the above paragraph: A school uniform/cheerleader outfit when character is meant to be older and such things behind her but difficult to see how that could be fitted in.

    NG’s granny panties is a good one. There does seem to be something worse about wearing non-sexy/old lady undies then conventional underwear. I would love to see slips and there are ways to have fun with it (perhaps as a mini/emergency dress but where she is uncomfortable and things peek through?) however I’m not sure it works in the same way as granny panties. I don’t think it has the same embarrassment factor though might be other older underwear works in the way NG says.

    I’m afraid I’m currently lacking in ideas to add more to the topic.

    • Well you touched on the aspect of undermining a woman’s authority. That is very good for those types of stories, and requires establishing a relationship between characters such as teacher and student, or boss and employee. In such a case, I could see how a woman dressed inappropriately would be mortified in front of the “younger” girls.

      Another vote for slips! I think Sativa had purchased or brought along her own that time. Probably for these kinds of wardrobe items, I need to work with someone who can provide the necessary items. I hate going shopping for women’s wear! But yes, I could also see a more developed video with a woman reduced to her slip, running around trying not to get caught, only to lose that covering as well.

  3. First of all thanks for “worthwhile contributor, e32100”.

    Secondly I of course agree with NG & mackaie “granny panties is a good one.” Slips can be sexy depending on coverage (not just length but how much cleaveage or thin straps or how wider shoulder area covered), colour, new or well worn, flimsy lace or thicker cotton. Just look how great Sandra looks above. Or https://narrowmindedproductions.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/sandrasexy.jpg?w=549

    Another way to make the embarrassed person seem more embarrassed would be, that when she realises that she is about to be completely naked makes a desperate grab for any item to cover herself – similar to “The Little Lost Mermaid” https://narrowmindedproductions.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/the-little-lost-mermaid/ https://narrowmindedproductions.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/sativa10.jpg . But for example instead of grabing a large beach towel she grabs face cloth with a childish/girly cartoon character.

    Another possible way to try & cover her embarrassment would be to hide behind another girl (also in a similar state of undress) – of course in her desperation to stop the the other girl from moving away she might grab onto the second girl’s breasts, leaving the second girl to cover her pubic area or run away screaming! This of course depends on how comfortable the models are with each other. http://thumbs3.oneclickchicks.com/3/0/7/6/5/3/3905068.jpg found here http://forum.oneclickchicks.com/showpost.php?p=1202953&postcount=45 .

    • I love the idea of a cartoon print on a face cloth or place mat, and this is the only thing the woman has available to hide her modesty. Kind of reminds me of the photo of Amy holding the rubber ducky in front of herself. In this sense, the last few things you mentioned have as much to do with hidden nudity. But having a second girl use her hands to cover up another, or switching positions to hide behind one another, that would be exciting. Sounds like something Lydia and Tara could pull off flawlessly.

      It does seem like it would require another spectator, or perhaps it is something I could improvise at the end. Like the girls are wandering around a backstage area, and then walk out into the open, in front of an (implied) audience. They then go through a series of coreographed movements trying to shield themselves in embarrassment.

      Of course, I would have to have Tara in a slip or granny panties before hand, just to keep on subject.

      • Well I did have that photo of Amy as my desktop wallpaper for a while.

        There are a few videos on dailymotion featuring group on stage nudity & switching places with another member of the group or objects.

  4. Ah yes, bloomers. I think you and NG have found a good route to go down but generally, one lady teasing (within limits) another’s choice of dress sense/underwear or something similar is fun anyway.

    Didn’t realize I had gone down the loss of authority route (though that would be fun), meant it to be more generalized point but both work. I think slips look nice, whether the conventional pure white almost dress or the more sexy Sandra example e32100 brings up. Underwear outside the basic, whether ultra sexy/drab or childish bra and panties, or something unusual like a shift can allow for extra embarrassment or scene potential. Of course you have to go with what is at hand most of the time and can’t blame you for not wanting to buy woman’s underwear.

    I like e32100’s hidden nudity for embarrassment. The use of items, like indeed the famous duck, to shield modesty can be used for many things. Teasing, sexy, amusement, dashing her hopes (when said item is too small like a tiny hand towel) and yes, embarrassment. Like the childish things e32100 mentions or similar “embarrassed to be seen” clutching to cover herself.

    • When I think of a slip, I do picture the traditional white, almost dress-like number. I see Sandra’s example as more of a “nightie”.

      That could be embarrassing in itself, simply by changing the location from a bedroom/sleeping environment. I imagine if Sandra was in that piece (the only item she was wearing) and suddenly found herself in an office, her character would not be as confident.

      • For some reason thought e32100 was calling it a slip and assumed he was accurate. I agree on both counts, when I think slip then I do think white nearly dress.

        Yes if Sandra’s character (by magic/nightmare/sleep walking/prank) found herself in an office or such like, it would be embarrassing and make for a good euf situation, leading onto enf. Suddenly perhaps feel too short for one. Slightly off topic: It is a lovely nightie by itself but perhaps also stood out for being a different type of underwear from usual. It suited her confident character well in the video (as I said at the time, the two set of nightwear helped set the tone for the characters) but indeed, could be used for a less confident character.

  5. Do they still have edible underwear? That would be embarrassing, don’t you think? I can hear Tara asking Lydia is that edible underwear? Where exactly were you going tonight?

    • Whenever I see ads for edible floral arrangements, I always think of the edible underwear concept.

      That would be a funny exchange… especially if Lydia had to grab pieces of fruit or whatever, to cover herself quickly.

  6. many years ago there was a short lived comedy starring tia leoni
    She ends up in possession of a wonder women outfit and wears it under her clothes to make her feel powerful. she ends up losing her shirt at one point embarassing herself

    • Cute, but doesn’t quite work for me. I would need a lady dressed up like that, but then she shows off for the wrong people… like she walked into the wrong room or building or something.

  7. Sorry, Elaine, your other message was deleted by accident. You wrote:

    This is a separate comment because it is slightly of subject but you would be a super hero/villian if you could get a model to do this (unless you own the empty building!) http://thumbs3.oneclickchicks.com/7/6/6/4833316.jpg http://thumbs2.oneclickchicks.com/7/6/6/4833317.jpg found here http://forum.oneclickchicks.com/showpost.php?p=1438877&postcount=148 .

    What are the limits you would ask the models/actresses to do? I am asking as a viewer – I live too far away from New York – encase anybody is unclear.

    • I am certainly up for the most risky public nudity possible, if we could get away with it. Even to the point of allowing the model to be caught/seen. I think if she was comfortable enough, we might pull that off.

      As for the handcuffed in the elevator, that would be fun. I would hope to work with a woman more appealing than in those images, however.

      • Thats ok, I thought I hadn’t posted it properly as I took a while thinking should I post it or not.

        As for the woman in the lift. It could have been worse. I remember a young male escape artist on television, Channel 4 (UK) (I think). Who set up a trick where he was locked in chains & handcuffs, inside a lift at the top floor & on the bottom floor was a party with his parents (& other friends & family). The lift would take less than a minute to travel from the top floor to the bottom. To make it even more of a challenge – he was naked, so had to pull on a top & pants before the lift doors opened. Unfornately, he only half escaped the chains & handcuffs.

  8. This is a very interesting topic, and a favorite one of mine since while full nudity is great I think its the journey there that makes the reveal all the more special. I relished the use of Hello Kitty panties in Late for Work and hadn’t even known you had used them in The Rules (got to check it out).

    I think your idea of employing them again or with other similarly embarrassing characters is a winning idea. Something that’s really feminine and childish, especially used in contrast with an authority figure, like a manager or a teacher in a business type suit, tops of the inversion that comes with unraveling clothing. Other suggestions in this vein includes things like print panties-those with strawberries, hearts, bear or cute animals, checkered pattern, polka dots etc. Potentially combine this with still having the necktie or something to accentuate their embarrassment and old fashioned nature further!

    Another set of suggestions, and one I must admit comes from the Ann Berrybush stories, is having a girl wear something that doesn’t quite fit. Like having them wear a too tight tank top or really small panties (although that sort of falls under the childish panties), like either as a punishment or a measure of last resort,where in the latter doing so one feels just as naked. And the other is possibly having them wear mens briefs or boys underwear but that seems more sexy than embarrassing, I guess i’m having a harder time deciphering haha.

    I had something else but I think this plenty for late reply.

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