March Video Shoot

It took us a while, but we finally had a nice enough day to shoot a new video. Not as warm as I would like it, but the sun was shining and I was able to work in some outdoor photography.

For this project, I brought back the simply lovely Danielle from Double Booked. She graces the video with her warm smile and affectionate misfortune, soon finding herself running around outdoor public places in her bare birthday suit. The primary objective of this production was to try and capitalize on a few daring locations.

This was during a Wednesday afternoon, right in the middle of the day. Granted, it is Easter/Passover week, and I wasn’t really sure what level of mobility we would have. Thankfully, Danielle was accompanied by her girlfriend again, who did a nice job playing lookout and holding the young lady’s clothes in between scenes.

The fun really starts when we used an interior shopping mall location. This is not some super tricked out packed and crowded place. Rather it is a small, mostly vacant building. While other stores have closed down over the years, there are still a Planet Fitness as well as a pizza parlor, and a vision care office, I think. Mind you, these specific establishments were not the focus in the video.  More so, I had Danielle roaming through the concourse and speaking some dialogue to set up the story. Then there was one side of the building that was safe enough for her to take off her clothes.

The narrative, such as it is, has to do with Danielle’s character walking to the stores on an early spring day. However, in the process of changing in a clothing store, she loses all the items she was wearing. From there, it is an embarrassing hike back home.

I have seven photos posted below. The video, once I begin editing it, will likely show some context of the many people who were out and about today. There were some near misses, but we were never exactly caught in the act of shooting the nude scenes.  Still, it was a lot of fun.

Stay tuned!









9 responses to “March Video Shoot

  1. Danielle looks awesome. If this video is half as good as the pics then all I have to say is edit this one fast and hard. LOL

      • “I’m hoping to have it ready next week.”

        Any word on a release date? “Next week” is almost over 🙂 The model, the story, the location…this could easily be my favorite shoot you’ve done, and I’ve almost seen ’em all! Can’t wait!

      • Hi Mark,

        I will post the video tomorrow, late afternoon on Friday.

        Hopefully it will be worth the wait, and lives up to expectations!

      • Good! Then I will be able to download it before I switch ISPs – the last time I did there was a gap of about a week without the internet.

    • Hi Lotfw,

      The dressing room idea is used as a premise to explain how she lost her clothes. Danielle’s character talks about this after the fact. In other words, I did not get to actually shoot inside a store and show her getting changed, it is only implied.

      I just wanted to clarify so people know what to expect. Most of the video will focus on her running around and hiding after she is already naked.

  2. Nice pictures, particularly the one with the green branch as covering. Glad your luck held and look forward to the video

    • I like that photo, too. It has the potential to be an iconic ENF image. What’s great is, I did not plan to capture a shot like that. We were shooting on the side of a building with those trees nearby. The branch was in a perfect position, so I had Danielle slip behind and use it for partial cover.

      Thank you, mackaie, for your comments!

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