In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

Recorded at the end of March, I titled this video “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb”, featuring the always photogenic Danielle. The expression has to do with how the month usually starts all fierce and blustery, but then ends more mild and Spring-like. But it also reminds me of Danielle’s character, in a way, as she starts out the story confident and full of optimism, but finishes quite humbled and in the most pure and vulnerable state… completely bare!

The story is pretty much a celebration of the new season, beginning with Danielle commenting on what a beautiful, sunny day it is. In fact, so beautiful, that she decides to walk to the stores to do a little shopping. However, once she is at the mall, she has an unexpected misfortune when she undreses in a changing room. All of her clothes have disappeared, perhaps stolen like some April fool’s prank, and she is left with no other option but to sneak outside to make her way back home.

I want to mention, the scene where she presumably takes off the items she was wearing happens off camera. It is implied action, but done more so as a matter of practicality as there was no actual clothing store at the location, and it would be challenging to get away with shooting this in front of other customers.

But also, after the scene fade-in and exciting reveal, Danielle does have a line about her clothes gone missing. She even references some mysterious girl who might have snuck off with them. Unfortunately, the angle I shot at when she gives that line, showed her dress and flip-flops and everything right on the side. It was too much for me to allow her to talk about losing her clothes, when they are in plain view. So I had to cut that scene. It will be featured in the outtakes video.

More to the point, shooting the scenes in a very public location was not without risk. Even when she starts out and walks into the mall in her nice dress, I was aware of people watching, cars slowing down in the street. During the first instance when she is naked, a couple of people seemed to be taking an interest from the middle of the mall plaza. I was grateful to have Danielle’s girlfriend along again, as she intercepted and kept them from bothering us. She was a pretty helpful look-out during this shoot.

Another concern is that nude scenes taking place outside in broad daylight tend to go pretty quick. In other words, I do not have the luxury of lingering around and giving Danielle the chance to break into some long-winded monologue. We did capture some wonderful moments, to be sure. This is just to say, we had to shoot each scene, pack up and then get out of there. As a result, the running time for the whole video is not as long as I would have liked it, and I did stretch out some establishing shots to help fill the gap. These are complimented by suitable spring-time sound effects.

An obvious and fair comparison can be made between this video and the one I shot in September, Mystery Shopper. They both use a shopping mall as a centerpiece for the location. However, with Sativa, we shot on an early Saturday morning and limited our scenes to just outside the doors of various places. In this video, we were able to walk through the inside of the tiny mall, even squeeze in a bit of nudity before running outside. From there, the story takes Danielle to other scenic spots along the road as she tries to run back home.

Sativa of course is a better actress, and was able to include more improvised quips and comments, even getting in some classic physical comedy. But I think Danielle hit her stride about midway through the outdoor scenes, and she does come off as plenty cute, in my opinion. The other consideration is that this video was shot on a Wednesday afternoon with people around. Some of these “extras” do appear in the video, as well as numerous cars passing. I hope this element adds some excitement to make the production a fun one to watch.

The music featured was composed by Peanuth O’Toole. Opening up with a pastoral movement of strings and melodic woodwind accompaniment, I wanted to evoke the feeling of spring’s renewal as Danielle starts her day. This track is used in a couple of places in the first half, leading up to when she first loses her clothes. At my request, Peanuth also provided an alternate version that replaces the wind instrument with electric guitar. Soon the bass and drums kick in for a more upbeat and invigorating track. I use this at the climax of the video, leading into the end credits.

The running time is just under 9 minutes and it is available at my clips4sale store.



26 responses to “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

  1. At last. I’ve been waiting for days out of his new production. Downloading immediately and see this, I see that promises a lot, she is very beautiful.

  2. Loved the video! Danielle projects such a sweet innocent persona. She is adorable. How did she feel about being naked outside with so many people around? Did she dive right in or did you have to talk her into it?

    • Thanks, Kevin! I have to say Danielle is naturally fun and had no problem doing the outdoor nude scenes. I think she was careful enough to not want to get caught, only because it might cause trouble. But other than that, she would go further, I think, if I asked her.

      If her character in the video conveys some nervousness or shyness, then that shows she does have some acting potential. It’s more her spoken lines that need a little work to get more creative.

  3. Love the title.

    It is a pleasant video with a pleasant tone, though not one that will stay in my memory I suspect, nice touch using the basketball players for dialogue. I liked O’Toole’s quite cheerful music, prefer the opening music to the ending tune but the latter was nice, and the pretty scenery (our spring was cold with a touch of snow so paint me jealous) was good to see. Decent set up, liked the bird sounds and I enjoyed watching Danille scamper around, glad she didn’t get caught and her friend was there to help. She was indeed shaky at the start, first scene she seemed very off with her delivery but she quickly improved as the video went on and I liked her enf during the second half. There was a… sulky/unhappy tone to her voice that added to the feel. It was fun to watch the video, it did hold my attention throughout which is unusual for that type of video.

    I know my review is lacklustre in terms of content but can’t think of anything more to say other then you Helmhood, Danille and O’Toole.

    • Not lacklusture at all! This was a pretty simple shoot, and I think you covered all the points nicely. It took a few takes for Danielle to get the feel of the opening scenes. Probably she was into it by the time we move to the couch, so those first moments of trying to give a narrative about what a nice day it was, came off a bit stiff. After working withe her twice now, I am starting to have a feel for how to get the most out of her. It is almost like she needs to warm up before performing.

      I’m glad you enjoyed her running around and acting uncomfortable. I only wish she was quicker on her feet in terms of thinking of things to say. Although, later on, her observation about the basketball players and hoping they don’t recognize her, was her own idea.

      Thank you for downloading and watching!

      • Indeed, she may well need a warm-up. Hopefully with more experience and time, she will get more comfortable and more creative.

      • mackaie, I was sorry to hear about your cold spring. Ours hasn’t been much better. Only a tease of nice weather here and there.

        Your comment made me wonder if you noticed the left over drift of dirty snow in one shot. Right after Danielle has left the mall naked and before she comes into view. That was snow left over from the storm in February!

    • Hey, who said that was Danielle’s friend! You have a good eye for detail, Elaine, and catching little things like that.

      Unfortunately, the bed photo was bonus shot I took, after we returned to the starting location. I had wanted to do more of a conclusion, naturally showing Danielle run through the building and back to her room. But as a matter of fact, her friend had to get to work that day, so we running a tight schedule. Once we finished with the outside scene at the end, I had to shut down the production.

      Again, I did manage to squeeze in the one photograph of Danielle lying on her tummy on the bed, before she gets dressed. Just because it is a cute position to find her in.

      • I had to watch the video twice, as for some reason my O S opened the file using Totem instead of my default media player, Gnome Mplayer. Therefore it was very jerky picture, the first time but alot better the second.

  4. hola disculpa esque estos videos que estas sacando ahora ya perdieron su magia las acctrises son talentosas y hermosas pero la escritura del guion es saltada y sin emocion no tienen la humillacion o la perdida de ropa adecuada los videos que tenian esa magia que me iso una vida divertida fueron Nice Girls Finish Last , Weekend at the Office , The History Report , Salad Au Natural , Holiday Hotline, All or Nothing por favor son unos grandes escritores an tenidos grandes logros pero por favor que el nuevo video que agan tenga una gran aventura como estos titulos anteriores se los pido de rodillas ustedes son muy talentosos y pues tambien tengo unas ideas de humillasiones buenas por favor si se los pido muchas gracias

  5. hello esque apology’re getting these videos now lost his magic the acctrises are talented and beautiful but the writing of the script is skipped and no emotion no humiliation or loss of clothing videos that I had that magic iso a life funny Nice Girls Finish Last were, Weekend at the Office, The History Report, Salad Au Natural, Holiday Hotline, please All or Nothing are great writers held an great achievements but please agan the new video that has a great adventure these titles above the knees ask you are very talented and also because I have some good ideas humillasiones please ask if they are thank you very much

    • I think I understand what you are saying. However, I believe a video like this has a magic of its own kind, simply because it has some exciting public nudity with an actress playing an embarrassed part.

      From some of the videos you listed, I think what you like is the actual stripping, the woman taking off her clothes. This video did not have that, since I cut right to the part when she is already naked. Some of my videos have had the actress completely nude from start to finish. I like both kinds of stories. (A slow revealing strip, or getting to the nudity quickly.)

      In the future, I will go back to showing more of the removal of clothing, especically when there is another actress involved.

      Thank you for your interest in these productions!

  6. Cool video..not bad. But I miss the magic of the past… And I miss those amazing happy endings you used to shoot!

    • It takes the right kind of model to do that type of scene. I would very much like to work with Danielle long enough that she will feel comfortable being sensual on camera. I will consider asking her that in her next video.

      Definitely, Briella I would have her do it again. Possibly Sandra, too. So I do plan to work on a project that has a happy ending, or maybe incorporate such a scene into part of the story.

  7. Danielle is the most beautiful model you have till now and her beauty force me to get her video from clip4sale. Looking forward for more videos of her with nice interesting story.

    • Thank you very much, and I agree that Danielle is pretty incredible. I adore her. My plan is to bring her back for the next video, if she is available.

      The interesting thing about her modeling career is that she took a break for a while, and only just started to get back into it. We all hope to see more of her!

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