Quote of the Day

“I guess you should have worn underwear today.”

~Shira Arielle as Natalie Noir in Eye Spy

In the first round of this spoof of rival espionage agents, Shira’s character gets the better of Melissa Blanc by slowly unraveling her short white dress while she is eating lunch at an outdoor café. Now Paige was far from the best actress I’ve worked with, but I did enjoy her expression of concern as she keeps her legs crossed and covers her breasts. Shira delivers the line mocking her enemy, and pats her on the head with sarcastic empathy.




4 responses to “Quote of the Day

      • I’m glad to hear that you liked this one. I agree that both ladies were attractive, and I have written about how Shira in particular had a lot of potential.

        Sadly, I don’t think either of them were right for this kind of work.

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