Quote of the Day

“I have got to learn to be more careful…”

~Alicia Sirabella in Mindy at the Gym

The immortal refrain of McSkyy’s Mindy the Exhibitionist, a character who often finds herself in embarrassing trouble or caught in events spinning out of control, further than she had planned.

This is the first video I put together with the intention of using a full musical score to create a more finished production. So how can I have a Quote of the Day if the model does not speak any lines herself? Well, brief moments of dialogue were given the silent film treatment through the use of title frames with text. It helped create an almost story-like quality, which of course was the inspiration for these videos.

The line, therefore, is read rather than heard, delivered after the stark nude brunette has arrived back home only to find she has lost her keys. Her expression is one of resignation, knowing that she has gotten herself into it, again.




Little Sister Warm Up

I put together the outtakes for my recent video a little differently this time. As a result, I like to call the clip “Little Sister Warm-Up”. The reason is because one of the complications I ran into with this shoot is that Maya was late. She was supposed to take the same train as Sandra earlier that morning. But the taller girl was not familiar with the Long Island Railroad and combined with having difficulty following directions, she messed up the schedule. At one point, I thought she even got on the wrong line completely. Oh well, at least it gave me some time to spend with Sandra before starting on the production.

I decided to take advantage of the situation to capture some extra video of the spicy young lady, having her strip down to just sneakers while we waited. For anyone who felt Sandra was not seen nude enough in the finished video, this clip contains 2 and half minutes of her wearing very little.

One a more professional, serious note, I do think making some preparation time before the actual video had a very positive effect on her acting. She was able to get into the mindset, put herself in the character’s shoes, literally. I believe this has been her strongest performance of the three times I have worked with Sandra. In a sense, this was like an acting warm-up just like an athlete does before a game.

After this fun bonus segment, I share some outtakes of when the girls are at the table playing strip beer pong. Now I’m sure everyone knows Sandra did not make perfect shots as it shows in the video. I thought the quick edit came out well enough, with her doing a good job holding her arm position. But I wanted to reveal a stretch of attempts where she missed quite a lot, with amusing reactions. These are outtakes in the truest sense, kind of like the old bloopers from television, movies and commercials.

For most of the rest of the video, there are hardly any other outtakes worth adding in. Most of my direction was pretty straight forward, and working with Maya to get her to understand what I wanted her to do. Sandra was helpful, almost like an assistant director, and at times like a Spanish translator! Also, I was conserving memory space and battery life, after my experience with Double Booked, and did not have the camera recording much between takes.

However, I do have a cut from the outdoor scene, where I substituted the music soundtrack in the finished production. Here, you can watch and listen to us get Maya to sneak out from behind a wall and into the parking lot, not far from view of a busy roadway.

The introduction titles to this clip remain the same and feature Peanuth O’Toole’s steady “hip-hop” beat version of Ay Caramba. And at the end, I give a sample of the moving piece “Maya on My Mind”. In follow up discussions with our composer, we talked about how I probably should have finished this video with that track. But I had my heart set on some punk rock guitar.

The clip runs almost 5 minutes in length and can be downloaded at the link below:

Little Sister Warm Up


The Grimble Scouts

This is a breaking Narrow-minded News update.

Some of you across the ocean and in other parts of the world may not be aware, as of today, the Boy Scouts of America no longer exist.

In a move of breathtaking cowardice, a minority in leadership positions betrayed the overwhelming wishes of its membership, bowing to political and media pressure. In doing so, the organization has ceased to be of any relevance.

No matter. Into this vacuum, Bananas of the Grimble Gang has stepped up to announce the formation of the Grimble Scouts. Open to all male youths who will uphold the traditions and values, and time-honored duty of helping damsels in distress, often leaving them stripped completely naked.

This is of course entirely on-topic to the genre of ENF and light-hearted stripping nudity. The scenarios featuring Scouts in such a position are numerous. From the Benny Hill sketches where he dressed up as an earnest young scout, to the famous drawings of the artist Biker in his Jenny comics. And of course, the enjoyable sknnydiping scene from the 1994 movie “I Love Trouble” where Julia Roberts is caught by Scouts.

The Grimble Scouts promise to promote these kinds of outdoor activities and teach a new generation of boys the joy of helping beautiful women out of their clothing. 

Look for upcoming productions this summer!

Little Sister

I have just finished my new video featuring Sandra and introducing the tall and slender Maya.

It is a story of love and revenge. This is what happens when a younger sister has finally had enough with how her older sister treated her when growing up. Holding a grudge over one specific incident where Maya embarrassed Sandra in front of her friends, Sandra has decided it is time for some payback. A few years have passed, and the young women have not seen each other for a while. Maya is surprised when her little sister stops by for an unexpected visit, giving Sandra the opportunity for some mischief.

I hope people will not have trouble with the sister relationship. I have done stories that involved friends and rivals, employer and employee, and even cops and robbers. But this is a theme I wanted to explore, two sisters who have a history of playing pranks and teasing each other. This leads to a natural role-reversal, as the little sister finally takes control, which is the driving motivation of the character in this video.

Sandra was her typical enthusiastic self. She mangles her words some times, but it is done with her Brooklyn/New Jersey accent, which kind of has its own charm. Overall, I think her acting is much improved and I was pleased with her performance. Maya, however, was a challenge to work with. Her English is not so good, and communication was an interesting experience sometimes. She does have her moments, and generally does a good job. She is from Argentina, yet I found her accent and the inflection the way she delivered her lines, came off more as some faux European, almost Zsa Zsa Gabor like. I hope this isn’t too annoying.

There is a progression to the story as the girls start off with an awkward reunion, their characters having not seen each other for a while. Sandra of course is scheming to get back at her older sister. This leads to her suggesting a game of beer pong. The catch, however, is that missing the glass results in losing an article of clothing. And Maya is only wearing two items. From there, the younger sister takes on a much more dominant role, manifesting in the second part of this production. There is not one, but two spanking scenes. I’m glad the video ended up being split this way. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy light female spanking scenes can watch the first part on its own. The second half, however, does include some outdoor nudity as the humiliation escalates.

Also, I want to mention that this video idea was in development since April. I did not find the location that I would have liked, although I think the rooms served well enough for the indoor scenes. We were literally right across the road from a high school, which worked out perfectly. Because of the nature of what was involved, I was looking for specific actresses to be a part of this project. I had some in mind, but they were not available. Maya was the only acceptable model who responded to my casting call in April. Normally, she would not have been my first choice. While attractive, I find her too tall, and I had concerns about the potential language issues. Nevertheless, once I hired her for the part of the older sister, I knew that Sandra would be ideal for the opposite role. Visually, I think they make a great pair of sisters.

As always, music is an important part of setting the tone and accompanying the story. I am grateful for the contributions of Peanuth O’Toole. For the opening track, he took the piece called “Ay Caramba” that was used in Double Booked, and added a neat hip-hop beat. I believe this version used in the background of the opening wet and damp exterior shot, gives an urban feel to the atmosphere.

Then he provided a track called “Maya on my mind”. This has a slinky, infective bass line and is used twice. Once in the first half, during a flashback to when Maya had embarrassed Sandra when they were younger. And then again in the second part of the video, as Sandra is making her older sister take a naked walk.

Finally, the video’s last moments flow into the end credits with a punk rock type track, featuring a teasing melody played on distorted guitar. It is called “Turning the tables”, which is most appropriate.

The full running time is approximately 15 minutes. It is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.



May Video Shoot

I finished a video shoot earlier this afternoon. It is a story that will bring back the spicy and energetic Sandra Reyes, while introducing a tall statuesque model named Maya. They will be playing the parts of sisters, with the concept being about the younger looking to get some revenge for pranks that were played on her by the older sibling.

The shoot itself involves indoor and some outdoor photography. Unfortunately, it was not as nice and sunny today as I would have liked. We missed the really good weather by one day.

Below are some pictures I took during the shoot. I will be starting work on editing the video. The release will likely be toward the end of this month.

One thing I did come away with is my growing admiration for Sandra as a true professional. I know she can be quirky sometimes, and her style is perhaps not to everyone’s tastes. (She does have a great ass!) However, she is also easy to work with and fun to bounce ideas off of, and come up with interesting takes.

Stay tuned!






May Update

All right, folks, believe it or not I have been busy the past month making plans for a new video. I am just waiting for all the pieces to fall into place. Whenever starting a new project, the key logistical factors are location and models. And then there is the story to consider.

I have a script that I have been working on, that will require casting two new ladies. Now the first step I tried to take was to book a suitable location. I wanted to find a nice private home to rent with lots of property to run around, especially as it is getting nice outside. However, perhaps it is the time of the season, but vacation rental homes do not seem willing to accommodate photography shoots this year.

So with a fall-back location in mind, I have gone about casting for the parts. I do have a few ladies that I wanted to work with and reached out to them a little while ago. Unfortunately, we were not able to coordinate our schedules. Due to the nature of the script, I don’t want to bring back Sandra or Danielle for this one, and certainly would not pair them together. Doesn’t mean I won’t shoot solo videos with them later this month.

I have been casting for two new models, hoping to find the right combination of talent who will be able to act and fulfill the requirements of the role. Hopefully, I can be ready to shoot before the middle of the month.

Regardless of that project, I do have Constance Perl booked to come in on May 20. It will be a shoot later in the day. I am thinking about even reaching out to Danielle, if she is available at that time. It would be interesting to team her up with Constance. Obviously, there is still time to work out the details.

On another note, for those who are interested, the month of April was very successful for Narrow-minded Productions, the best of 2013 so far. It was driven by the interest from my most recent videos. “Double Booked”, was released officially at the beginning of March, followed by the outdoor shoot with Danielle later that month, and subsequent release at the beginning of April.

I am well-positioned to start multiple projects and enjoy the rest of this spring, heading into the summer months.

Stay tuned!