May Update

All right, folks, believe it or not I have been busy the past month making plans for a new video. I am just waiting for all the pieces to fall into place. Whenever starting a new project, the key logistical factors are location and models. And then there is the story to consider.

I have a script that I have been working on, that will require casting two new ladies. Now the first step I tried to take was to book a suitable location. I wanted to find a nice private home to rent with lots of property to run around, especially as it is getting nice outside. However, perhaps it is the time of the season, but vacation rental homes do not seem willing to accommodate photography shoots this year.

So with a fall-back location in mind, I have gone about casting for the parts. I do have a few ladies that I wanted to work with and reached out to them a little while ago. Unfortunately, we were not able to coordinate our schedules. Due to the nature of the script, I don’t want to bring back Sandra or Danielle for this one, and certainly would not pair them together. Doesn’t mean I won’t shoot solo videos with them later this month.

I have been casting for two new models, hoping to find the right combination of talent who will be able to act and fulfill the requirements of the role. Hopefully, I can be ready to shoot before the middle of the month.

Regardless of that project, I do have Constance Perl booked to come in on May 20. It will be a shoot later in the day. I am thinking about even reaching out to Danielle, if she is available at that time. It would be interesting to team her up with Constance. Obviously, there is still time to work out the details.

On another note, for those who are interested, the month of April was very successful for Narrow-minded Productions, the best of 2013 so far. It was driven by the interest from my most recent videos. “Double Booked”, was released officially at the beginning of March, followed by the outdoor shoot with Danielle later that month, and subsequent release at the beginning of April.

I am well-positioned to start multiple projects and enjoy the rest of this spring, heading into the summer months.

Stay tuned!

12 responses to “May Update

  1. As cool and kind as you’ve been with me, you’re girls can do birdcalls and I would be happy. I’m not the guy to seek constructive criticism from. But, for what it’s worth, I look forward to each video with happy anticipation. Keep up the good work and you’re never be worried about unemployment.

    • Thank you, I didn’t want that part to sound boastful or anything. Just a status report sort of, and how I am pleased with the results of the last two videos.

      I also wanted to let people know, the delay in April is because I am taking my time finding the right models and location for the next production. But I don’t want to wait too long!

  2. I wanted to let everyone know, I am scheduled to shoot a new video this Saturday. It will feature 2 models.

    I might not have time to write a post before then, so my next update should hopefully be about the shoot with some photos.

    Stay tuned!

      • You mean mackaie is not selling generic prescription drugs over the internet? Just kidding!

        I’m not a fan of yahoo, and the way e-mails are hacked so easily and compromised is pretty embarrassing. This happens all the time at the yahoo groups. In fact right now, there is a spammer at the Embarrassing Situations group actually using the administrative e-mail.

        Anyway, I am finishing up the video, and should be able to release it this weekend. Maybe even tomorrow!

        Stay tuned…

  3. Sorry to you both for the spam emails.

    Yeah, had seen the embarrassing situations group problem as well but that group does seem to have a few spam problems at the moment and known one or two other people who have been hacked. Still, never nice thing to happen.

    Looking forward to it

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