May Video Shoot

I finished a video shoot earlier this afternoon. It is a story that will bring back the spicy and energetic Sandra Reyes, while introducing a tall statuesque model named Maya. They will be playing the parts of sisters, with the concept being about the younger looking to get some revenge for pranks that were played on her by the older sibling.

The shoot itself involves indoor and some outdoor photography. Unfortunately, it was not as nice and sunny today as I would have liked. We missed the really good weather by one day.

Below are some pictures I took during the shoot. I will be starting work on editing the video. The release will likely be toward the end of this month.

One thing I did come away with is my growing admiration for Sandra as a true professional. I know she can be quirky sometimes, and her style is perhaps not to everyone’s tastes. (She does have a great ass!) However, she is also easy to work with and fun to bounce ideas off of, and come up with interesting takes.

Stay tuned!






12 responses to “May Video Shoot

    • The thing that kills me is that today already looks like it will more pleasant, sun is out and blue skies. And Friday had felt like summer. The one day I had to shoot with no way to reschedule, Saturday was the worst of the weekend.

      Now it wasn’t as bad as an ice sheet creeping across the shores of a like. But somehow, I feel like cloudy skies and drizzle puts a darker cast on the mood of the production. Also, I would have spent more time outdoors if conditions were better.

  1. Love Sandra’s look- Naked except footwear. And I always look forward to new talent. Looking forward to the video’s release.

    • I know I normally go for the barefoot and totally nude look in my videos. And that is of course featured as well. But I have to admit, I do have a soft spot for a girl wearing nothing but sneakers.

      I need to get around to putting that in context of a girl jogging and she loses the rest of her outfit. For now, that shot of Sandra, especially from behind, is probably my favorite of the set.

      I would like to have the video finished by next Sunday. However, if it rolls into the following week, I am supposed to be shooting again. With a lot of stuff going on and the amount of time to edit a production with two actresses, I want to be safe and estimate 2 weeks. Hopefully sooner than that.

  2. I do indeed like the first photo. I am sorry the weather was poor and hope your next shoot is more fortunate.

    Looking forward to seeing the new actress Maya and your new video

    • Thanks, mackie. I have been busy editing the video but so far looks pretty good. It should be a fun story, and I don’t think the outdoor parts will suffer too much because of the poor weather. I’ll look forward to your thoughts on the finished production.

      • Thanks helmhood.

        Well I’m glad the weather hasn’t been that damaging then. What you said to loftw sounds intresting, looking forward to seeing how it comes out.

    • Hey, lotfw… I had this thought yesterday as I was working on the video. Between the two of them, I think this is going to have the feel of a Spanish daytime soap opera, like what you might find on Univision. But it’s meant to be a comedy, so maybe something like those Mexican cinemas from the 80’s.

      Definitely, there’s an artsy foreign film vibe going on here. I hope people will enjoy it!

  3. regarding the barefoot/sneakers, I wish that your videos would showcase pantyhose or socks as well. I think it adds to the excitement (at least for me) of it being another layer of clothing removed leading up to full nudity. I guess that’s why I consider “Salad Au Natural” my favorite of your videos. Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Hi Dino, you’re right about the drawing out of the clothing removal. I enjoy that, too. And I was just talking to someone the other day how a girl in just socks can be a very cute look. I think for me to bring back a model in pantyhose, I want to do another office type setting. I’ve always liked the workplace storylines, now I just need to find an appropriate location.

      • I have 2 ideas that use an office as a location. One I think would suit your style & the other is too weird, so I will keep that to myself for a while. Do you want me to post it here or occ?

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