Little Sister

I have just finished my new video featuring Sandra and introducing the tall and slender Maya.

It is a story of love and revenge. This is what happens when a younger sister has finally had enough with how her older sister treated her when growing up. Holding a grudge over one specific incident where Maya embarrassed Sandra in front of her friends, Sandra has decided it is time for some payback. A few years have passed, and the young women have not seen each other for a while. Maya is surprised when her little sister stops by for an unexpected visit, giving Sandra the opportunity for some mischief.

I hope people will not have trouble with the sister relationship. I have done stories that involved friends and rivals, employer and employee, and even cops and robbers. But this is a theme I wanted to explore, two sisters who have a history of playing pranks and teasing each other. This leads to a natural role-reversal, as the little sister finally takes control, which is the driving motivation of the character in this video.

Sandra was her typical enthusiastic self. She mangles her words some times, but it is done with her Brooklyn/New Jersey accent, which kind of has its own charm. Overall, I think her acting is much improved and I was pleased with her performance. Maya, however, was a challenge to work with. Her English is not so good, and communication was an interesting experience sometimes. She does have her moments, and generally does a good job. She is from Argentina, yet I found her accent and the inflection the way she delivered her lines, came off more as some faux European, almost Zsa Zsa Gabor like. I hope this isn’t too annoying.

There is a progression to the story as the girls start off with an awkward reunion, their characters having not seen each other for a while. Sandra of course is scheming to get back at her older sister. This leads to her suggesting a game of beer pong. The catch, however, is that missing the glass results in losing an article of clothing. And Maya is only wearing two items. From there, the younger sister takes on a much more dominant role, manifesting in the second part of this production. There is not one, but two spanking scenes. I’m glad the video ended up being split this way. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy light female spanking scenes can watch the first part on its own. The second half, however, does include some outdoor nudity as the humiliation escalates.

Also, I want to mention that this video idea was in development since April. I did not find the location that I would have liked, although I think the rooms served well enough for the indoor scenes. We were literally right across the road from a high school, which worked out perfectly. Because of the nature of what was involved, I was looking for specific actresses to be a part of this project. I had some in mind, but they were not available. Maya was the only acceptable model who responded to my casting call in April. Normally, she would not have been my first choice. While attractive, I find her too tall, and I had concerns about the potential language issues. Nevertheless, once I hired her for the part of the older sister, I knew that Sandra would be ideal for the opposite role. Visually, I think they make a great pair of sisters.

As always, music is an important part of setting the tone and accompanying the story. I am grateful for the contributions of Peanuth O’Toole. For the opening track, he took the piece called “Ay Caramba” that was used in Double Booked, and added a neat hip-hop beat. I believe this version used in the background of the opening wet and damp exterior shot, gives an urban feel to the atmosphere.

Then he provided a track called “Maya on my mind”. This has a slinky, infective bass line and is used twice. Once in the first half, during a flashback to when Maya had embarrassed Sandra when they were younger. And then again in the second part of the video, as Sandra is making her older sister take a naked walk.

Finally, the video’s last moments flow into the end credits with a punk rock type track, featuring a teasing melody played on distorted guitar. It is called “Turning the tables”, which is most appropriate.

The full running time is approximately 15 minutes. It is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.



15 responses to “Little Sister

  1. Downloaded and looking forward to it, either tonight or next weekend. Like the wild hair look on Reyes in first photo

    • Thanks! That scene takes place in an “earlier” version of events. So Sandra did her hair up in ribbons to appear younger. I think the wardrobe changes in this video were a highlight.

      Hope you enjoy when you have a chance to watch!

      • I’m either a day late and should be punished or so early that you should build a shrine to my awesomeness. I vote the latter 😛

        Not a fan of the opening music I’m afraid O’Toole, felt like it was bit too much of a mix between the two different types. The Ay Caramba music underneath and the big loud hip hop beat on top. Or possibly found that big loud beat too loud. I quite liked “Maya on my mind”, gently quiet and adds to the atmosphere both times. “Turning the tables” has a nice anthem quality for the ending.

        Personally had no issue with Maya’s accent, perhaps helped by having Reyes accent alongside. Got used to the accent within seconds. No issue with height, she is quite an attractive lady.

        Lots and lots of notable jump from scene to next scene, could tell when one shot had ended and another shot put next to it. For first part, briefly gave an impression as if listening to little snippets rather then whole conversation, but it wasn’t a problem. My mind noted the jumps but it didn’t ruin a scene or anything like that. Just an observation. Was it related to communication with Maya? Only time was an issue was during last spanking scene as they discuss colour of Maya’s bottom, conversation seemed to get cut and restarted.

        Part 1:

        First thought was nice house, second Maya has a nice long distance gaze as she waits. I thought Reyes and Maya clicked, like sisters or friends so that worked well right from the start. I enjoy their quick fire conversation, the little teasings, the little questions and the way Maya tried to gently assert some authority while Reyes does look younger in the way she waggles her eyebrows at Maya’s possible love life or… scrunches up as Reyes says she is good (or later at “I have an idea, just before mothball scene). I liked Reyes trying to point out she is a big girl though Maya’s answer is a rare off note, talking about shirt colour just seemed to be off subject. Or the little celebrations at potting her first ball. Nice view at the fridge and again, the beer pong conversation is nice and fun.

        Like the little screen swirl for fading into the memory, like young Reyes outfit, her warm smile to her friends and love her awkward expression as pants were tugged down. Bit off for the next few moments for me… bit static as stripped perhaps or perhaps expression doesn’t quite work (though made for good photo) but as she tries to wriggle away, Reyes accent seems to shine. Was fun watching her trying to escape then flee for the door, Maya had a good grin and laugh about it. Enjoyed Reyes complaint about it and Maya’s amused reaction, then Reyes smug revenge threat. Oh and Maya’s look when she failed and then amused growl as pressured, rather cute. Then the half finishes with more amusement: Reyes bouncing glee at her success and smugness, Maya’s chuckling at her own failure and Reyes thinking about the offer.

        The first half hadn’t been great for enf perhaps, Reyes had been more about the escaping and Maya hadn’t given much sense of embarrassment yet. However it was entertaining: the two did seem to click together, the set up was good, nice conversations that set up the two characters, nice little pieces of banter and enjoyed the beer-pong. Plus Reyes escape was fun. Excellent cliff-hanger ending.

        I’m not going to say the two actress were perfect: Maya slightly flubb never done beer pong line and once or twice was a little flat. Reyes looks to camera once or twice in opening scenes while her standing enf didn’t work for me. Yet the first half was a strong showing from both, the two were good choices for the sisters. Maya did a good job for the most part, getting the expressions and tone right, she seemed the more mature one. Reyes had that sense of fun, of a little mischief, a little bit of flair about it, she seemed to know (most of the time anyway) when to go over-the-top and when to be a little more toned down. Her acting on the whole was good bar arguably that enf moment.

        Part 2:

        I liked the confidence of Reyes as she drags her sister about, the initial confusion, anger on Reyes face as she punishes Maya and I liked Maya’s disbelief laughing as she faces her spanking. She seemed slightly amused by the whole spanking to be honest. I liked the set-up to the outside scenes, Maya confused and Reyes with her eyebrows. Car scene worked when Maya was being… not sure how to describe. Slightly petulant and argumentative? Before she takes off her panties, I liked the way she did it then. The words afterwards seemed very flat.

        Streaking is rarely my thing but loved Reyes dancing around with an evil cackle and how she later takes utter control, including the way she tells her sister they will go home. Maya from concrete thingy to glass door didn’t seem to think she was being filmed or something, that she was meant to be enfing then. She uses her body quite well, the slightly limp hand protection over her body, holding her bouncing chest and she has a dainty scamper. Expression seemed a bit blank, a little pouty but not really embarrassed.

        Again like Reyes control in the last scene, her sense of command, liked Maya’s first protests but both performances slightly tail off in the last few moments, a little flat in the delivery particularly Maya on her redness. I found the heart shaped screen at the end to be very sweet.

        Second part was never going to be as high as first part as the first part suited my tastes more. I liked the characters still, seeing how the power had really changed was intresting and liked the first spanking. Reyes continued to do well, I liked that sense of authority she displayed throughout, that sense of control. Maya started part 2 well, amused and confused, pleading and complaining and my thoughts on her streaking are above. She seems a good actress, just not sure about the enf.

        Overall, I had fun with this and enjoyed the video. I loved the interactions between Maya and the flamboyant Reyes, the contest and the way their relationship changed. Thought pacing was excellent (loftw’s comment reminded me), as he says, “Large enough you could get the different scenes without it feeling too small.”

        Thank you helmhood, Reyes, Maya, O’Toole and everyone else involved for a fun video.

      • I would say you are exactly on time, Mackaie! What a wonderful write-up of the video, thank you.

        I’m pleased with the way this one was divided into two parts. Although in a perfect world, the second half would be the same length. As it stands, part 1 can almost be its own self-contained story about two sisters playing a stripping game. There is context and development, motivation and plus we get to see Sandra naked!

        Once more, I am relieved that people enjoyed the performances of both ladies. This was a difficult shoot, and I will go more into that in my next post. But yes, many of Maya’s lines required multiple takes. To be fair, however, she did concentrate and deliver some sweet moments on her own. It was more hit or miss working with her.

        I may have mentioned already, the flashback was my favorite part of the editing. I liked using the screen ripple and showcasing the contrasting wardrobe changes. It was a bit awkward to shoot the first part of that scene with the door open, and I was mindful of making too much noise in the hallway. A Saturday afternoon and all that. The pantsing was therefore a bit clunky, but we eventually got the job done.

        One of the things I enjoyed about Sandra’s over-the-top acting is how at some points she would be laughing during the game, a kind of annoying almost childish laugh, and then switch to a no-nonsense tone… “So what the hell are you waiting for?”. She really got into the role of the younger sister.

        You pretty much nicely describe how this one plays out. I too, think the second half is not as strong as the first, but has more themes such as spanking and outdoor nudity. Those parts are probably worth the view.

        As always, appreciate your comments. Thank you for downloading and watching!

  2. Accents do have their own kind of charm. All kinds. She has an accent that would make the coldest iceberg melt. I loved it. Of course, as cool as you’ve been with me, I couldn’t make myself be critical even if your models did a video of bird calls. Keep up the good work. Just don’t look to me for constructive criticism. Thank you, Mike. 🙂

    • Thanks, Mike. That is very encouraging to hear you enjoyed the accent. I was worried about it would be too much.

      I might have to try a video some time with a girl making bird calls, if I can think of how to fit that into a story!

  3. Loved Maya! Also thought the accents were sexy. My ONLY criticism is that Sandra wore her clothes for FAR too long LOL Overall a great video. Thank you.

    • Hey, Kevin, just so you know… I have some extra video that I will be sharing soon that has Sandra wearing a lot less clothes.

      Thank you for the feedback!

  4. Very good video, I congratulate you, another great production, however, I always thought that you could use to make the videos a little more durable, especially when the girls are naked, is all that I ask. 🙂

    • Thank you, McENF

      When you say more durable, do you mean you wish the videos would be longer especially once the girls have lost their clothes? I agree with that. I will try to plan out a story that will allow for longer exposure.

  5. I liked this one. Overall quality I think was good. You and Sandra are working together better now. Maya I think played the part well. Her dialogue and acting were not a problem for me. Great job of directing her.
    Loved the prank on Sandra (good editing here). Maya came across as someone too skinny for my liking at first but after seeing her naked I think she has a nice body :). I liked the overall storyline Sandra took to her role and carried the story well. It was a good room too. Large enough you could get the different scenes without it feeling too small.
    Were you doing more hand held cam work in this one?

    • It’s good to know that Sandra and Maya clicked. I think it is due to their characters, and both ladies played their respective parts well. I am not sure about any chemistry between them. But this is what I was talking about Sandra showing her talent as an actress, and really getting into the part.

      For some of the camera work, this is something I tried in my last video with Danielle. I still have the camera on the tripod, but when I want to move around, I pick up the whole stand, and refrain from using the lever to pan up and down. Even when going mobile outside, I carried the camera around attached to the tripod. I’m not sure this is a good solution, but I tried to reduce the sqeaky noise.


  6. I agree part 1 mostly stands alone, it is a very entertaining eight minutes, but the ending is such a tease that it is hard to think of someone not watching part 2. I am sorry Maya was hit and miss so making it difficult but you managed to show the hits on the screen.

    Ah yes, screen ripple, that was the term I was looking for. I did like Reyes younger jogging costume.

    I think you hit it on the head on Reyes performance and why I liked it so much. She got both sides of the character and did them very well.

    Thanks for making it.

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