The Grimble Scouts

This is a breaking Narrow-minded News update.

Some of you across the ocean and in other parts of the world may not be aware, as of today, the Boy Scouts of America no longer exist.

In a move of breathtaking cowardice, a minority in leadership positions betrayed the overwhelming wishes of its membership, bowing to political and media pressure. In doing so, the organization has ceased to be of any relevance.

No matter. Into this vacuum, Bananas of the Grimble Gang has stepped up to announce the formation of the Grimble Scouts. Open to all male youths who will uphold the traditions and values, and time-honored duty of helping damsels in distress, often leaving them stripped completely naked.

This is of course entirely on-topic to the genre of ENF and light-hearted stripping nudity. The scenarios featuring Scouts in such a position are numerous. From the Benny Hill sketches where he dressed up as an earnest young scout, to the famous drawings of the artist Biker in his Jenny comics. And of course, the enjoyable sknnydiping scene from the 1994 movie “I Love Trouble” where Julia Roberts is caught by Scouts.

The Grimble Scouts promise to promote these kinds of outdoor activities and teach a new generation of boys the joy of helping beautiful women out of their clothing. 

Look for upcoming productions this summer!

2 responses to “The Grimble Scouts

  1. If I had the Grimble Gangs’ abilities the world could just kiss my @#* LOL Good to hear they may be making a comeback.

    • I think so. I feel the time is right for the Grimble Gang to use their powers as a force of goodness in the world.

      (And by force of goodness, I mean involving embarrassed female nudity.)

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