Little Sister Warm Up

I put together the outtakes for my recent video a little differently this time. As a result, I like to call the clip “Little Sister Warm-Up”. The reason is because one of the complications I ran into with this shoot is that Maya was late. She was supposed to take the same train as Sandra earlier that morning. But the taller girl was not familiar with the Long Island Railroad and combined with having difficulty following directions, she messed up the schedule. At one point, I thought she even got on the wrong line completely. Oh well, at least it gave me some time to spend with Sandra before starting on the production.

I decided to take advantage of the situation to capture some extra video of the spicy young lady, having her strip down to just sneakers while we waited. For anyone who felt Sandra was not seen nude enough in the finished video, this clip contains 2 and half minutes of her wearing very little.

One a more professional, serious note, I do think making some preparation time before the actual video had a very positive effect on her acting. She was able to get into the mindset, put herself in the character’s shoes, literally. I believe this has been her strongest performance of the three times I have worked with Sandra. In a sense, this was like an acting warm-up just like an athlete does before a game.

After this fun bonus segment, I share some outtakes of when the girls are at the table playing strip beer pong. Now I’m sure everyone knows Sandra did not make perfect shots as it shows in the video. I thought the quick edit came out well enough, with her doing a good job holding her arm position. But I wanted to reveal a stretch of attempts where she missed quite a lot, with amusing reactions. These are outtakes in the truest sense, kind of like the old bloopers from television, movies and commercials.

For most of the rest of the video, there are hardly any other outtakes worth adding in. Most of my direction was pretty straight forward, and working with Maya to get her to understand what I wanted her to do. Sandra was helpful, almost like an assistant director, and at times like a Spanish translator! Also, I was conserving memory space and battery life, after my experience with Double Booked, and did not have the camera recording much between takes.

However, I do have a cut from the outdoor scene, where I substituted the music soundtrack in the finished production. Here, you can watch and listen to us get Maya to sneak out from behind a wall and into the parking lot, not far from view of a busy roadway.

The introduction titles to this clip remain the same and feature Peanuth O’Toole’s steady “hip-hop” beat version of Ay Caramba. And at the end, I give a sample of the moving piece “Maya on My Mind”. In follow up discussions with our composer, we talked about how I probably should have finished this video with that track. But I had my heart set on some punk rock guitar.

The clip runs almost 5 minutes in length and can be downloaded at the link below:

Little Sister Warm Up


3 responses to “Little Sister Warm Up

    • Hey, glad you liked this, Kevin. I remember on the finished video, you mentioned Sandra had worn her clothes for too long. I was hoping the extra video makes up for it!

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