WWF Retrospective

OK, a little off-topic post, but maybe not so much if anyone cares to stick with me.

I wasn’t going to say anything on the matter. Really, I wasn’t. However, I go onto google this morning to take care of some business, and what am I greated with?

Proud to Love! Celebrate Pride with YouTube

What an obnoxious, offensive bunch of bullshit. Doesn’t matter that many people are upset and do not agree with what has happened this week, google, AOL, Yahoo and others are going to keep right on pushing their homosexual agenda.

For the record, there is no pride in any man kissing another man, or screwing in some disease-ridden apartment in the East Village or San Francisco. And it certainly has nothing to do with love. Not to mention, how this depraved lifestyle is connected with the abuse of young children. But goggle, yahoo, and AOL will never talk about that part.

The purpose of Narrow-minded Productions is to celebrate beauty. And nothing could be more ugly than this agenda being forced upon people who want nothing to do with it. What happened earlier this week was tyranny on parade. Oh yes, it was.

So that brings me to my WWF retrospective. Anyone remember the feud between Rowdy Roddy Piper and Adrian Adonis from 1986? At the time Adonis was made into an over the top “bad guy” who dressed up in women’s clothes, with make-up and the whole effiminate persona. It was this fued with Adonis that brought Piper back to the WWF after being away for several months.

In October of 1986, there was a live Piper’s Pit, a talk show in the middle of the wrestling ring, at Madison Square Garden in New York. I remember that clearly like it was yesterday. I was twelve years old at the time, and a big wrestling fan. Piper was always such a great entertainer and performer.

His line from that epic Piper’s Pit in front of a packed house, still resonates today. He went on to exclaim, giving his reasons for his return to wrestling:

“I got tired every morning… Saturday, turning the TV on and watching some fag in a dress talk about how tough he was!”

The crowd erupted. This was Madison Square Garden, the heart of New York City. Piper went on to continue, referring to Adrian’s rival talk show, “So I broke his arm. You will not see the Flower Shop anymore.”

That is very much the attitude of Narrow-minded Productions. I am tired of seeing an agenda contrary to what I do here, shoved down people’s throats under the fiction of “love” or “pride”. You will not see gay men in my videos, not ever. And I won’t even pretend to act like such a life-style choice is normal or something to be celebrated. By the way, how does someone’s sexual preference suddenly count as a civil right?

Google, yahoo and AOL have their rainbow banner flying territory of the Internet. I will make use of my small corner and speak up, since no one else will.

To the United States Supreme Court, I say hell no. To Eleanor Kagan specifically, I say hell no, sir.

Narrow-minded Productions will stand for heterosexuality and the celebration of beautiful women. The world can change, but I will never stop doing what I do and for the reasons I believe in. For those who can appreciate that, count on it.

Quote of the Day

That’s something my little baby cousin would wear.

~Aphrodite as Lauren in The Rules

When Jessie, a character played by Kerri Taylor, presents the next items in humiliating the curvy young woman, she comments on the blue striped ankle socks with anchors stitched on the side. Lauren responds with a complaint, expressing how inappropriate they are, an indication of her imminent embarrassment.

I’ve always liked this line because Aphrodite came up with it on her own, it was not part of the script. I imagine she was drawing on her own family relationships, that she probably has a little cousin who she was referencing. In fact, the blue striped shirt and little girl socks were provided by Aphrodite. It was a good wardrobe choice when I asked her to bring along some things that she would be forced to put on by the other dominating woman.

It’s always great when the actresses can truly get into the character and react to events, coming up with additional dialogue. I thought this was one of Aphrodite’s finer performance moments.



Outtakes Video: The Date

I have put together a clip of outtakes from my recent video with Danielle. These include a few scenes I could not use in the finished production, because her friend was caught on the camera. Still, I was glad to have her around because she would prove useful as a look-out. There were some fun and funny moments between takes.

The day of the shoot started out overcast with rain showers, which would not clear until later in the afternoon. I was actually growing anxious that the plan for a full outside video would be spoiled. At one point, it does begin to sprinkle a little, and Danielle comments on this. Fortunately, the weather held with even a bit of sun peeking through the clouds.

The clip runs approximately 5 and a half minutes. I used the introduction to Peanuth O’Toole’s music soundtrack, “My Sweet Heartland Date”, and a snippet again at the very end.

Below is the link to download the outtakes:

The Date – Outtakes


Danielle’s expression seems to say, “But don’t you like me?”


And because I can never get enough of this girl’s bottom…



The Date

I have finished a new production featuring Danielle.

Enjoying a summer-time early evening date, the video opens with the always cute brunette making herself comfortable in a car’s passenger seat. She is feeling good and has had a few drinks. Danielle begins to grow more playful and flirtatious, which leads to her removing all of her clothes in front of her date. Things take an unexpected twist, however, when she is asked how daring she could be… would she actually step out of the privacy of the car? Her date is up for some fun and games, and uses the opportunity to put Danielle is an embarrassing situation for a little while.

One of the chief motivations when I was developing the idea for this video, is that I wanted to explore the emotions of a young woman going from a state of arousal to potential humiliation. A juxtaposition of being sexy one moment, and then bashful the next. To the degree that Danielle was asked to meet these demands, I thought her performance was good. Although I would have liked her to be more expressive, the monologue narrative that builds the set-up is strong, and then gets a little lighter toward the end.

For the purpose of this story, I have Danielle giving a Point of View delivery. Her date is never heard and is left off camera, but essentially this puts the viewer in that role. She was instructed to look and speak directly toward the camera, as if another person was really there in the driver’s seat. This was my intent of framing the first half of the video, and I hope it works. For some reason, near the end, her character speaks toward her date at a side angle. There is a break in the thread of the story, and I think she might have lost her feel for the POV perspective.

I was pleased that this production actually came out longer than In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb. In fact, I had extra background scenes, and a few takes needed to be deleted because Danielle’s friend was caught in the camera frame. But there was no reason to stretch this one out to 11 or 12 minutes. And I decided it was better to create one whole clip, rather than split into two parts. I will showcase the extra material in a bonus clip, which will have some additional fun moments.

We used Danielle’s car in the establishing scene, because she was excited about recently purchasing it, and wanted to drive us to the location. That was fine with me, since I already used my own car in my previous video. I found it interesting that Danielle and I both have black vehicles with grey interior.

For those with a discerning eye and good memory, you might recognize one of the woodland trails naked Danielle walks as the same from my video with Monique, Late for Work. I had wanted to return to this spot as I thought it would make a good setting for this video. The trail leads up an incline, which then opens out to a wide athletic field. However, much to my frustration, there was some kind of soccer match or other game going on at 7:30 pm on a Monday night, and the space was too visible to risk shooting the continuation of the scene.

So we packed up in Danielle’s car and drove down the street, where around the corner we found another wooded location with a bike path. We were close enough to roads, that traffic nearby can be overheard. Birds and other creatures are in full form here, providing their own running soundtrack, and making it a pleasant spot to shoot.

Music was provided by the esteemed Peanuth O’Toole with a track called “My Sweet Heartland Date”. Drawing influence from the style of early John Cougar Mellencamp, this is just the tone I was going for. As I was working on this video, the lyrics that came to mind were from the classic refrain:

I need a lover that won’t drive me crazy

Some girl that knows the meaning of a, hey hit the highway

This also ties in with the initial piece of music created for Danielle in February, called “Angel Country”. Not that I’m suggesting Danielle is a farm girl, but her appearance and demeanor does lend itself to such a quality. It was my desire to reach into the theme of the heartland, and I think Peanuth delivers. Once again, I am grateful for his talent and composition, which I believe brings the whole concept together.

The full video is 10 and a half minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.

Also, I wanted to add my wishes for a Happy Birthday to e32100 who will be celebrating this Monday.



More Beautiful than a Sunset

That is my conclusion of Danielle after working with her again on a new video involving some outdoor photography. We started out a little later in the day, although of course during this time of year, we still had lots of light. There were even some glimpses of a setting sun behind the clouds.

The stage is set for this one around Danielle starting off in a car. It is not long, however, before she finds herself stranded without any clothes. She has to sneak through some trails before a break of luck gives her a chance for a ride home.

At the heart of Narrow-minded Productions is the elevation of female beauty. This was a somewhat simple shoot, but one to enjoy Danielle in states of undress and completely bare. I’ll have more details to go into when I post the actual video, which should hopefully be finished soon. In the meantime, here are some photos that I snapped and I am delighted to share.

Stay tuned!