More Beautiful than a Sunset

That is my conclusion of Danielle after working with her again on a new video involving some outdoor photography. We started out a little later in the day, although of course during this time of year, we still had lots of light. There were even some glimpses of a setting sun behind the clouds.

The stage is set for this one around Danielle starting off in a car. It is not long, however, before she finds herself stranded without any clothes. She has to sneak through some trails before a break of luck gives her a chance for a ride home.

At the heart of Narrow-minded Productions is the elevation of female beauty. This was a somewhat simple shoot, but one to enjoy Danielle in states of undress and completely bare. I’ll have more details to go into when I post the actual video, which should hopefully be finished soon. In the meantime, here are some photos that I snapped and I am delighted to share.

Stay tuned!








12 responses to “More Beautiful than a Sunset

  1. More beautiful than a sunset? The sunset never stood a chance! The third pic of Danielle naked in the car is just priceless. Oh, and Happy Birthday to e32100.

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